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Omega Point Reopens in Second Life

I was distressed when I got the group announcement a few months ago that Omega Point, the dark-fantasy region built by Sweetlemon Jewell, was mostly closing for a substantial rebuild.  Her stores, KWZ and Omega Point, would remain open, but the rest of the sim was getting a thorough makeover.

The rebuilding, I’m glad to say, is now done, though mists still hang about the middle reaches of this strange region, almost a dream — or nightmare — out of Lovecraft or Giger.  The results can be explored starting here, the telehub landing point.  (All internal teleports take you back to the hub, so don’t worry about Emerald point-to-points on double click.  I’m suspecting double-click autopilot will work.)  For an initial taste:

New Omega Point, long view

Unfortunately, I’ve had little time to give it a real exploration; I hope to take care of that on the coming Monday.  Initial impression:  those who remember the original build will recall that it was much larger, and I’m hoping that Sweetlemon and her friends will add more onto this area.  It has great potential, with many of the familiar winding stairs, the same delicious textures, and the wonderful cyber shop of Omega Point, as well as the more playful-Goth (yes, I used that term deliberately) KWZ store. A few other fresh features, such as a “genesis” section — and it looks like that may be the proper term here, judging by the pods I saw projecting from the ground — give promise of more ideas to come.

Sweetlemon, in the meantime, is working on a neighboring sim, called Alpha Point.  There’s one fragment open for general inspection currently; be prepared!

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Something for All SL Tastes at KWZ, Omega Point

The sci-goth region of Omega Point has plenty to explore, and lots of fascinating — sometimes a touch disturbing — visions scattered about.  But at the heart of this Giger-esque world is — you guessed it — a store.  KWZ is not a large store as such things go in Second Life, but it has plenty of possibility.  I’ve shopped in it several times, picking up something almost each time that was either perfect for a cyber look, or just plain charming to wear to parties or around the house.

For instance, take this for gowns for a pure party:

Anje White 1 Anje White

The gown is named Anje, and comes in several colors.  I like the gold accents on the skirt, bodice and gloves; beauty and luxury together, as an evening gown should be.  Something great for a romantic evening!  But, if you’re in the mood for something darker, more goth:

Black_006 Black_011

Here’s Anje again; but this is the only version available with a bustle skirt.  Now the gold looks not just luxurious, but positively decadent!  And the only thing to go with such a goth outfit is black jet or black pearls; lots of both!  (If you don’t want the 105 octane drama version of this gown, there is one sold separately with the same skirt as the white version.)

But it would not be KWZ without something not just over the top, but deliciously over the top.  You know; like Cher’s feathered headdress at the Academy Awards with Don Ameche all those years ago.  And so….  (Chocoholics and lovers of strawberries and cream, beware!)

art deco_001 art deco_002

art deco_008

How about a slice of this Chocolate Cake?  For normal wear, of course, it’s a couturière’s disaster; but for fun, for costume parties, and for just about anywhere in Second Life that goes for “orbital” fashion, it’s brilliant.  When I jumped into the offices of It’s Only Fashion to use their photospheres, Cajsa Lilliehook was there, and I think I heard her jaw creak as it dropped open.  (Okay, she wasn’t that amazed, but she was impressed by the costume.  Coming from one of the best fashion writers on the Grid, that’s a compliment indeed.)  Both the full and mini skirts are included with this package, as is that prim bra that reminds me of a far more tasty version of Madonna’s famous cone bras from one of her many reinventions.

Check out KWZ at this SLurl.

(Sad to say, it seems that I’ve lost all the other details, who did my hair, etc. Some of this can be recreated, and I’ll work on it and announce an update when I manage to get it all figured out. Until then, sorry….)

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