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Bandana Day in Prism

Prism and Bandana at Hair Fair 2013 blog

With all the activity surrounding other events, we shouldn’t forget that the big event of the season is still running, and wrapping up today.  It’s the last day at Hair Fair 2013 — your last chance  until next year to gorge on tresses from the great designers while doing lots of good for kids with hair problems.  And, since it’s the last day of the Fair, that means it’s Bandana Day, when we shuck those delicious locks, one and all, in remembrance of what the Fair is truly about.  I’ve done so here, and am wearing my bandana from my good friend, Gidge Uriza.  You can pick up a bandana easily at the booths in the Fair sims.

I’m being stylish while I’m about it here.  The dress is from Prism, and is brand new.  Journey doesn’t do just knitwear, please note; this lovely bit of mesh jersey is decorated with a spray of hibiscus, and comes in several colors.  There are several other new (and lots of old) delightful things throughout Prism’s store, so I hope you’ll drop in there after finishing up at Hair Fair — but while still wearing your bandana, remember!


The details:

  • Skin:  [PXL] Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flakes (sapphire, m)
  • Hair:  Gidge’s Bandana Day 2013 Bandana
  • Nails:  Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails (green)
  • Outfit:  Prism Aruba Hibiscus (mesh; blue)
  • Shoes:  SSUS Stacked Wedges (blue) (no longer available)
  • Makeup:  *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed silver)
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady Emerald Wedding Ring Set (platinum), and Stage & Screen stud earrings; EarthStones Gemstone Palette Watch (Spectrum/Gold); DDL onyx/gold ring


Hair Fair 2013 — Truly Outrageous

As promised, here’s a glance at the wigs I purchased from Hair Fair that — take a little work to describe, shall we say?  This will be a long one, but it’s mostly pictures, so stay with me.

Hair Fair 2013 - Stringer Mausoleum Fingers Fortune (fair gift)

The first style I found was from The Stringer Mausoleum, and is their gift to booth visitors; called Fingers Fortune, the name kind of says it all — multiple fingers splaying out in a series of layers.

More hair through here….

I’m Fair-ly Done

Hair Fair 2013 blog

I’ve completed my first run-through of Hair Fair 2013, and there’s a lot of good work here.  Some of the good work is in this year’s build, which is definitely square, but has a charm to it.  I wasn’t sure at first if I liked it or not, with all those primary colors around; and I’m still afraid the Danes are going to invade the four regions of the Fair, demanding royalties for a certain company based in Billund.  But it does the job, and has a definite air of fun for an event aimed at benefiting children.

Others have been focusing on the more standard hairstyles.  If I get the time tonight and tomorrow, I’ll give you a look at my love from Hair Fair — the extreme wigs.


Cajsa Lilliehook On How to Enjoy Hair Fair

hair fair 2013

Hair Fair will be opening in about 90 minutes from when I’m writing this. And, like many years, advice abounds on how to work your way through this most popular of SL fashion events with a minimum of stress. Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion has, like me, seen five of these events, and will be attending her sixth now. And Cajsa’s article has some excellent, easy advice. If you read that, you’ll make your life much simpler as you walk the Lego-strewn paths of this year’s Hair Fair.


Hair Fair 2013 — Updated

hair fair 2013

It’s hard to believe, but Hair Fair is upon us again!  It sneaked up on me this year; I usually look forward to this event each year, but the summer has been active beyond belief with getting my daughter squared away for her freshman year at college (and figuring out how to arrange the budget to pay for it; but that’s another story).  In any case, the time is here; the fair opens on Saturday, July 13, and the Hair Fair Demo group is delivering demo boxes now to members, so you can check out the styles in the quieter, less laggy place of your preference.  Not everyone has served up yet, but I’d say for a starter to check out some of the offerings from Slink, sYs and cheveux.  Remember, if you join the demo group, you can catch up on demos that have already been delivered by going to the Notices tab of the group in your viewer and clicking on each message present, then click on the attachment button below there.

And remember, too, that monies received goes to benefit Wigs for Kids, which provides wigs for children with various hair conditions.  Last year’s Hair Fair took in almost L$2.8 million, a RL contribution of nearly $11,000!

The Fair will run from July 13-28.  I hope to see you there.

SUPPLEMENTAL, 12:48 p.m.:  That other Harper (some chick name of Beresford, I think) has put up some shots of items, and a map and sim list.


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