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From Hair Fair 2015 — Zibska Titan

Zibska Titan 1j

If you want something that looks futuristic, two places to go to are sYs and Zibska.  With careful choices, the avant-garde selection of clothes at sYs will fill the bill quite nicely, while still be wearable day-to-day around the Grid.  And Zibska…well, most of Zib Scaggs’ wigs and makeup are definitely on the rising side of the fashion curve — as in “attaining escape velocity.”

Here’s a nice mix of goodies for your consideration, including one of Zibska’s new hairstyles available at Hair Fair 2015.  As for the outfit, the Hesiod pants are constructed of Neoprene — wetsuit rubber, in other words, and nicely fitting, with a button fly.  The pants are paired in the set with mid-sleeved crop tops in luxuriant materials.  And these sandals have heels that I love:

sYs shoes

I’d hate walking on these for a long term in RL, but they’re magnificent in Second Life.

Zibska Titan 2j

The focus for now, of course, is Hair Fair.  We move to Zibska, then, and her Titan style, one of five available.  It comes with a box of hairbases; considering some of the scripted colors available, you’ll want it.  I went conservative in this case, and stuck with blonde.  And how does one get your hair wound up into a pair of chain-link strands?  Don’t ask me, man; all I know is that it looks great!  I added on Zibska eyeshadow, which may or may not still be available, as Zib staged a clearance recently, and my usual (not available) Liquid Glaze liner.  Not a bad look overall for someone who is off duty on a space station!


The details:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (brightblue)
  • Hair: Zibska Titan (available at Hair Fair 2015)
  • Attachments: Slink hands (Casual) and feet (High); Broken Ankle Fix – Ankle Lock v2.0
  • Nails: La Boheme Industrial Steel mani/pedi
  • Outfit: sYs Hesiod shirt (blue) and neoprene pants (black) (separates)
  • Shoes: sYs Opyum wedges (black/gold, SLink)
  • Earrings: Dahlinks Stage and Screen diamond and gold studs
  • Makeup: Zibska Ire (Red); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed Lime; no longer available); Buzzeri Gem lipstick (Tigers Eye)

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From Hair Fair 2015 — sYs Micha

sYs Micha hair 1j

Hair Fair is among us again, and the crowds should have eased a little by now. I, however, was one of the foolish, uh, brave ones who plunged into the thick of things on the first night and worked my way, walk or cam, through all four sims. I came up with several items, among which is what I have on my head now, from sYs.

…When at dawn she sighs, and like an infant to the window
Turns grave eyes craving light, released from dreams,
Beautiful she looks, like a white water-lily
Bursting out of bud in havens of the streams.
When from bed she rises clothed from neck to ankle
In her long nightgown sweet as boughs of May,
Beautiful she looks, like a tall garden lily
Pure from the night, and splendid for the day….

sYs Micha hair 2j

If I’m going to be wearing fresh hair, I might as well be wearing fresh clothes, and so I dropped into Junbug. Their region has a large pond in the middle with a board walkway circling it. There is a great supply of water lilies and waterweed there, which gave me the idea to look up a poem involving lilies.

…When her mother tends her before the laughing mirror,
Tying up her laces, looping up her hair,
Often she thinks, were this wild thing wedded,
More love should I have, and much less care.
When her mother tends her before the lighted mirror,
Loosening her laces, combing down her curls,
Often she thinks, were this wild thing wedded,
I should miss but one for many boys and girls….

sYs Micha hair 3j

A concern: I wish I could remove the pin in the wig which you see here, at least at times. A minor objection, but I hope Systi will consider making this “disappearable” in future.

…Cool was the woodside; cool as her white dairy
Keeping sweet the cream-pan; and there the boys from school,
Cricketing below, rushed brown and red with sunshine;
O the dark translucence of the deep-eyed cool!
Spying from the farm, herself she fetched a pitcher
Full of milk, and tilted for each in turn the beak.
Then a little fellow, mouth up and on tiptoe,
Said, “I will kiss you”: she laughed and leaned her cheek….

Excerpts from “Love in the Valley,” by George Meredith (taken out of order)


The details:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Hair: sYs Micha (currently available at Hair Fair 2015)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (brightblue)
  • Nails: ZOZ Summer 2015 French Polish (currently available at Fashiontropic)
  • Attachments: SLink hands (Casual) and feet (High)
  • Gown: Junbug Tomoe-San (Earth)
  • Shoes: R.icielli Thayla High Heels (Fuschia)
  • Jewelry: Dahlinks Stage and Screen diamond and gold stud earrings; Maxi Gossamer Valentina cross necklace (short size)
  • Makeup: Buzzeri Gem Lips (Tigers Eye); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed Silver); SlackGirl 90s – 2 (shade 1)

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Lost in Hair Fair

Christmas is probably my favorite time of year in RL.  In Second Life, it’s gotta be Hair Fair.  This may be the biggest of the annual designer fairs, at least on my calendar; and the lag is always atrocious for the first few days.  So I’m actually hanging out in the sims right now, and not budging or doing photography until I finally emerge.

When I do, WOW!!!! There’s some seriously fantastic ‘dos this year!!!!

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Hair Fair Outrageous Styles 2

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the more extreme or just plain interesting styles I found while traveling this year’s Hair Fair.  The ordinary stuff has its place, but sometimes you just gotta wig out, ya know?  I hope you’ll enjoy these; let me have your comments!


Before I launch into pictures, a touch of news from the Hair Fair blog:  the organizers plan on extending the Fair by two days.  This will be due, they say, to the Über-crash that slammed the Grid during the first weekend of the Fair, and took two days to clean up the pieces from.  So now the Hair Fair will close at midnight July 6.

Bandana Day is still on for July 3.  Please remember to purchase a bandana from a vendor (there’s at least one vendor in each region of the Fair), and wear it all day in place of your regular wigs as a visible reminder of who we are doing this donating for.

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Hair Fair Outrageous Styles 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the more extreme or just plain interesting styles I found while traveling this year’s Hair Fair.  The ordinary stuff has its place, but sometimes you just gotta wig out, ya know?  I hope you’ll enjoy these; let me have your comments!


Kiss Kira

I suppose the case could be made that Kiss’ Kira style (a freebie at her booth) isn’t that extreme or over the top.  The main thing here is that I love the ornament on the right side.  The little silver flower is cute, and I enjoy the dangling chain as well.  One has to wonder if those are handcuffs attached to the flower, not rings; but your mileage may vary here….

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SL Hair Fair Off To a Hairy Start

The opening guns have fired, and the hordes of coiffuristas have been let loose.  Hair Fair is now on!

Well, actually, it’s been on since Saturday; I’ve been busy trying to work my way through the lag.  I had to smuggle this report out via secret courier, who made a deal with the minions at the borders to let him/her cross into unlagged regions and telegraph it to my editors in London–


Okay, okay; sheesh!  Can’t let an avatar have some fun….  Anyway, I’ve actually been shopping since I managed to make it in, or make it across a region boundary to the next sim.  I’m on the third region now out of four, which is great progress for the early days of something as big as Hair Fair.  The lag can still be punishing at times, and so I’m usually sitting on one of the red cubes that the organizers have left lying around for avatars to use, and moving that about with the edit controls.  Much faster than trying to duck-walk through molasses; not quite instanteneous, but the next thing to it over short distances.

The Fair covers four regions.  This year, continuing with the extraordinary shapes of the other recent clothing fair for Relay for Life, all four regions are built and decorated like something out of a candy junkie’s fantasies.  Even the ground texture resembles something out of Candy Land:


Map of the Hair Fair regions

The huge chocolate-chip cookies are the landing pads for teleportation; the rest of the decor is candy canes, lollipops, gumballs and gobstoppers, etc.  Several people I’ve talked to in the Fashion Emergency group — I am not making this up — have said that they are getting a major munchie attack after making it in to the Fair.

A better view:

Even the roads look like ribbons of dark and white chocolate

Even the roads look like ribbons of dark and white chocolate

The selection of designers is excellent so far.  I’ve seen at least some of the big names, such as Analog Dog and Diversity Hair (which is a branch of Digit Darkes); and many others who I have enjoyed in the past, such as Tekeli-li, Tukinowaguma and Kiss Hair, are also present.  Many of the styles are fairly typical hair, of course; but there is always the occasional extraordinary piece, some of which I’ve been picking up.  Much to the sorrow of my in-world budget, I should say.  However, some of these pieces are also placed in donation vendors, which means that at least half of the purchase price is going to the Fair beneficiary, Locks of Love.

Well, I guess I can stand it once a year….


So, what does a stylish avatar wear to a function like Hair Fair?

Nothing…except your skin.

Now, before you let your imaginations get the better of you, look at this:

Fantastic texture!

Fantastic texture!

None of this is not system; it’s simply a well-textured skin.  Not a single prim on me, from the eyes to the soles of my sequin-spangled feet.  And no scripted attachments, either.  Admittedly, when I walk, since I’m not wearing an AO, I move like a galvanized duck.  But I’m doing most of my moving around on a cube, as I said, which is much quicker at this stage than walking.  All of this results in an Avatar Rendering Cost of … 1. Yes, folks, ARC does matter, and it would make life much easier for all if we all forbore from trying to grab attention for events like this, when it seems half the Residents of the Grid are trying to rush in here.  It would allow us to move easier, let the buildings — and vendors! — rezz faster, and let us finish our shopping that much quicker so someone else can have a chance to get in.  Be kind…and strip (grin).

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How to Store Hair!

So you’re back from Hair Fair.  You’ve spent at least an hour of every day, and every linden in your wallet, in the place just buying hair for your avatar.  (And hopefully purchasing items that contribute a percentage of the price to the Fair’s beneficiary, Locks of Love!)  Now you’ve got more hair than the dumpster of a RL salon at the end of a 12-hour day, and you don’t know how to keep track of it all.  Your wallet’s empty while your Inventory’s groaning from the weight of yet more hair, half of which you’ll wear only occasionally if you bought fatpacks.  What’s a body to do???

Well, you could buy an Inventory manager, such as the ever-popular THiNC boxes, and shovel it all in there.  But these things have an upper limit, and you don’t usually have a way of knowing what the item you’re pulling out looks like.  Ah, but there is still hope, and for only L$10 a package!  Am I selling it?  No, I deal in art, not inventory control.  But this came to me while I was thinking about what to put together to make prints for my store.

No, I’m not selling my hair, either.  (I couldn’t if I wanted to (grin).)  This is the solution.  Just rezz up a cube, and stuff all the colors of one style into the contents tab.  Name the cube with the style name and creator, and upload a good picture of what the style looks like to use as the cube’s texture.  (With five visible sides, you could even paint each side a different view, but I think one or two views is probably enough for most styles.)  Then delete all the hair you’ve just saved into the cube out of your Inventory, and Take the cube in.  Voila! After you empty the trash, you’ve gained back any number of slots — often at least 10 to 20, quite often more with multiple-color fatpacks — and put all your precious hair in a container that lets you see what it is inside.

Oh, when you Take the cube into Inventory, you are remembering to file it in a properly categorized folder, aren’t you…?

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Analog Dog at Hair Fair

Nice poetry there for that title, but it’s a sheer accident — or is that “shear,: which would be appropriate for a hairstylist?

Any road, a few minutes after I logged in last night, Queue Marlowe sent out a message for the Analog Dog Hair group, saying that she had finally gotten a chance to set up her booth at Hair Fair with five fresh styles and a freebie pack.  Knowing the quality of Analog Dog, I dropped my immediate plans to jump to the Abyss for a fact-checking session, and jumped back to the Red section of the Fair.

And there, I found these….

1-3:  Fleur is the contribution piece here; 50% of the take on this style goes to Locks of Love.  The hair itself is a standard upsweep, and can be worn that way.  But then you add in the goodie that comes with the style pack — and is available in several colors itself! — and you have a coiffure that changes theme dramatically!  I liked it enough that I went ahead and purchased all the colors.

4-6:  This style is called Digit, and is the most extreme of the three I purchased.  Unlike Fleur, this style needs the accessory, which channels wavy curls to all four “corners” of your head.

7-10:  Parallel is working on a different theme:  parallel horsetails.  The question is, how do you get those two tails?  The answer is, again, an included accessory — this time a “pipe” that guides the hair through its tracks to hang straight down your back.  You again have a required set of pipes to guide your hair.

Each style carries on Analog Dog’s penchant for bangs, but the Fleur packs have the bangs as an integral part of the style.  You can, of course, try some interesting color combinations with the bangs in the other packs, and blow the minds of everyone around you (grin).

Each pack runs between L$350-400, and is well worth the price if you like eccentric hair.  Go for it!

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Hair Fair Photo Contest

I’ve actually been back from my RL vacation for several days now (and I announced it in my own inimitable way on my business blog, Harper’s Art).  Press of other matters, including getting the kids geared up for the start of school, has kept me from saying anything over here.

But I’ve also been busy with some more idle pursuit.  For one thing, I’ve enough pictures on my Flickr account that I’ve had to either purchase a Pro package, or be limited to the most recent 200 at any time.  So I spent most of this morning reorganizing Flickr to suit my overactive tendency to organize information.  (I can’t organize my house, but I can organize my data; go figure.)  Go in to the thing and check my collections and sets; you’ll find it subdivided quite nicely now.  And, when I had a few free moments, I’ve been up to something else on the Grid and Flickr.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the 2008 Hair Fair is coming in August, and the organizers have opened up a Flickr group for avatars to compete on who has the most interesting or best or whatever style.  You’re allowed 10 different shots total; the winners will be announced during Hair Fair.  (More details at the group.)  Men and women are welcome.  Come on and let’s see what’s sprouting from your follicles!

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