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Norine is Tameless!

A quick note here on a lovely asymmetrical bob hairstyle I received for review recently.  Tameless is a salon I have not hear of before, but this Norine style, wavy and moving in the breeze as you walk, is an excellent wig for any who enjoy short styles, or want a more practical hairdo for some circumstances, like getting ready to go into a combat situation.  It can stand up to formal wear as well, though, as you see here, and you’ll see on my New Year’s Eve card tomorrow.

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At Home, In Sascha and Finesmith

Here I am at home in my new apartment, enjoying the sunset and listening to a concert on SCPR.  (That’s Second Life Public Radio, incidentally.)  It took a while to decorate this living room, and I dipped into the backstock of my store for the art hanging on the walls — as well as a little private stock; see that rather familiar artwork for a book cover there past the dining set?  But it was worth it; I even had the landlord say “Wow!” when she stopped in to set up my door locks.

The focal point of the room is probably this huge redwood and slate fireplace in the living area, which gives me a cheery blaze as the days slide into winter.  And there’s a surprise or two as well; though the room is mostly Art Deco, one of my favorite styles, visitors who come in the front door may expect at first to be seeing something a little more modern than that.  I have two of my original “Metallic Princesses” self-portraits hanging in the entry vestibule.  (You can see one hanging over my shoulder there as I meditate by the fire.)

The gown I’m wearing is a hunt goodie I picked up from Sascha’s Designs a month or so back at a discounted price.  The kicker for getting this green version of Malicious was that you had to hunt through the entire first floor looking for the individual pieces, assisted by clues provided by Sascha’s assistant.  And baby, it was a hunt indeed, looking for those tiny little boxes.  But I think you’ll agree that this luscious gown’s fabric and lay are worth the work.  It’s done in what I’d call a metallic green foil or lamé print, judging by the gleam off the bodice here.  Spaghetti straps go around your neck in a halter, but I think you can leave them off as they’re a separate part of the dress.

Finesmith’s Alexandra suite came out about the same time, and I paired this exceptionally large set of earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring with the dress.  I’m still trying to make up my mind if this was a good choice, or if I should have gone with something more conservative.  Any opinions out there?  I kept the makeup light this time in exchange, relying on my own “natural” lip color, and just a touch of eyeshadow.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy SK SE, Red lips, light eyebrows
  • Eyes:  Poetic Color Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair:  W&Y Model Hair 25 (scripted, all colors)
  • Nails:  Mandala medium HUD nail set
  • Gown:  Sascha’s Designs Malicious (green)
  • Shoes:  N-core XtremeHeel II Slingbacks (silver)
  • Jewelry:  Finesmith Designs Alexandra suite
  • Makeup:  Amacci Divine (sage, with lashes)

Ich bin Berliner — Berlin Wall, 50 Years

For years, the Brandenburger Tor, or Brandenburg Gate, was the image of Berlin in the imaginations of people.  Constructed in the late 1700s, it originally served as an actual gate to the city of Berlin, and stood at one end of the Unter den Linden, a monumental avenue of linden trees.

Then came the events of World War II and the Cold War.  The Gate became a symbol of Nazi Germany, and then eventually a symbol of the division of Germany into Western and Communist blocs, focused on Berlin.  And much of it has to do with a wall.

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Your Baby Really Looks Good in Blue

Say it ain’t true
The things that they’ve been saying
They say that you’ve found
Someone new
But don’t break my heart
‘Cos your baby never looked good in blue
Your baby never looked good in blue

     — Exposé, “Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue”

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Hair Fair 2011 has Begun!

One of my two favorite time of year in Second Life has arrived.  It’s Hair Fair time, when we fight insane amounts of avatars in the quest to fill our Inventories with lovely new hairstyles.  I’ve already worked through one region, and am planning on finding a box again tonight and trying to hit the next.

Whimsy Winx has written an excellent article at the official HF blog on how you can reduce your lag, which is similar to the one I reblogged recently.  Please go and read one or the other, and take the advice.  It may make for a far less interesting visual experience, but it will improve your shopping experience tremendously.  As for myself, I did some pre-shopping by joining the Hair Fair Demos group and receiving a mess of boxes of demos, most of which I tried on.  It gave me a sense of what to prepare my budget for, though there’s always something else.  And I followed the advice myself, dressing very conservatively before working my way into a chink in the sim population.

What you see above isn’t the ultimate in festival dressing; you can get yourself down to just 1 ARC by putting on a “system leotard,” which can be as simple as a cunningly created skin, and going bald, as I did a few years ago during the “Candy Land” Hair Fair.  The picture above comes very close, though, with only the simple sandals tipping the scale over to a still-green 365 ARC.  Frankly, since I rode around on one of the boxes left for use by the organizers for edit-flying, I could drop the sandals as well; after all, I wasn’t going to even get any virtual sand from the beach-themed pathways in my shoes.  Doing that, wearing only primless system-level clothing and a tattoo-layer hairbase, the ARC can be 100 or less, unless you move.  I left my AO off as well; what little walking I did was duck-walking, but it was for a good cause.

Remember to be at least a little loose with your wallets when you shop at these events.  The Accessory Fair in June was for the Relay for Life; as is traditional for Hair Fair, contributions (either direct or in the form of cuts on purchases) will go to purchase wigs for children with hair-loss problems, often through disease or chemotherapy.  The full details can be found at Wigs for Kids, the organization receiving the donated money.

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Prim Hair is So Much Fun

Especially when you are wearing a longer style.  Like this one, which I found while I was cleaning Inventory tonight:

I won’t name it, and there’s no real need to, as the phenomenon can’t be helped.  If you’re gonna wear hair that long, and your head sways from neutral — as most heads will if you wear an AO — you, too, will suffer from occasional Hairy Boob Syndrome.

However, there is hope!  Virtual scientists and researchers are even now working on a cure.  I am accepting donations to further the good work in this quest.  Minimum donations of L$10,000 may be sent to my treasurer, Irving Lipschwitz, care of Jackson State Penitentiary.  (Or is that the state prison in Starke?  They keep moving him.)


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Low-Lag Charity Festivals — A Primer

Harper Beresford republished this today at A Passion for Virtual Fashion, taking it off the old FFL blog, and granted kind permission for me to republish this in full as well.  As we’re going through Accessory Fair right now, and Hair Fair, the really big shew of the summer (to me, at least [grin]) is coming up, I think it deserves republishing as much as possible.  Most of us bitch about how laggy fairs are, without taking the time to do the things we can do on our side to minimize that lag — not just for us, but for everyone around us.  Let’s take these steps, and have a good time as well as helping out good causes. 


In running Fashion for Life, one of our biggest concerns was approaching the issue of lag. Lag is like the US Federal deficit—it seems to be getting worse and worse and definitely impinges on our enjoyment.

A lot has been written about lag, and there are a lot of myths and half truths. We have tried to get to the core of what we have control over and we want to explain to you what you can do to make your visit more enjoyable.

First, let us say that any sim that has 50 or more avatars moving around and doing things is going to experience some lag. It’s that simple. Add to this that Linden Lab has been messing around with the server code and that has made things worse in general.

There are ways we can counteract this from the Fashion for Life end, and below Syngen will tell you what we are doing to make it better. But there are things you can do as well.

First off, and we hate saying it’s you but it really is you. The biggest portion of lag comes from the user’s end. It comes from having a lower-end graphics card, a slower computer, a slower internet connection, and a poor set up. We can’t give you all new computers and better internet connections. (Gosh, would we love to.) But we can give you some hints to make it all work better.

In short, our tips for making your time at Fashion for Life (and everyone else’s) more enjoyable are as follows:

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Travels in Egypt (via It’s Only Fashion)

The 2011 Accessory Fair is going on now in two special sims. When I visited the other night, it was remarkably lag-free, and I found some several interesting things I may write about myself in the near future, though I was mainly looking in vain for some classic Egyptian queen’s crowns and couldn’t find them this time.

For now, though, consider these tasty items that Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion found for herself, along with some wonderful black-background photography!


Travels in Egypt The Accessory Fair has gone to Egypt where a river of inspiration resulted in beautiful jewelry and accessories worthy of a Pharaoh or a Pharaoh’s Tomb. One of the first places to visit there is Mood featuring jewelry by Jori Watler. Mood is where you go for modern classics, designs that look au courant forever. This set is th Egiziano Dea Ensemble. This closer look shows how rich the texture work is in Mood Jewelry. The Mood Dakhla set for Relay … Read More

via It’s Only Fashion


What Was Lost Has Been Found

I’ve been sorting through my Inventory in odd moments lately, partly to just clear out over three years of deadwood, demos and Stuff I Can’t Believe I Bought.  But it was also to find things I’d lost or forgotten about.  And I have been successful.

The backward horns you see on my head in the above are not horns; they are my hair — well, as much as anything is really my hair in Second Life.  But it’s one of the earliest wigs I still own, and one of my most prized — Covet by Sinsation. You all know my love for wild hair if you’re long-time readers of this blog. Well, Sinnocent Mirabeau, now CallaLily Munster, was one of the reasons I started going for the wilder styles. Her old store, sadly now closed for a year or so, had some of the most amazing hairstyles I’ve ever seen, and the ones I own are prized keepsakes.  Sinny took the idea of looped braids here in Covet, and basically set off a stick of dynamite in each braid, while containing the explosion inside a set of hoops.  To some, it looks like I’m wearing three old tires on my head; to me and to all True Coiffuristas, the effect is fantastic and exotic.

There is one small drawback, though, that comes when I’m sitting in something like a conversation pit, as I was at the University of South Denmark:

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Leather Cinderella (via A Passion for Virtual Fashion)

I love it when someone does a great piece of writing. Harper Beresford’s fashion taste is great here, too. Go forth, and enjoy!


Leather Cinderella Once upon a time in a homestead sim far far away (probably Zindra), in a stately sculpty chateau lived a widowed gentleman and his lovely daughter, Cinderella. While he loved his daughter, he was concerned for her well-being—he thought she needed a mother to teach her how to tweak her shape and position her eyelashes. So he partnered a woman, HotMama51 Paine,  who had two daughters—Squeakieee278 Resident and 2Fly4U Afterthought and gave her … Read More

via A Passion for Virtual Fashion


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