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Hallowe’en 2014 — Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman 1

Raven hair* and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices in the night
She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

Woo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eyes

3 more photos and the rest of the song if you read on….

Happy Hallowe’en

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Hallowe’en 2012 — Modern Sorceress

Harper presents an enchantress for the 21st Century

The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Faith (sunkissed, nude, light eyebrows)
  • Hair:  PurpleMoon Exa (black, with hairbase)
  • Nails:  Mandala HUD nails (medium length)
  • Gown and fur:  Jador Divina
  • Shoes:  N-core Soul pumps
  • Makeup:  {DA} Glam eyeshadow (noir); Glamorize Feel it! eyeshadow (royal); Glamorize Dirty Babe lipstick (Black Beauty)
  • Jewelry:  Finesmith Aria suite; Finesmith Cybergirl earrings; Finesmith Gloria jasper ring

WindLight settings:  Torley Linden — NIGHT:  Our together

Photographed at my home

“…to reign in Hell….”

…Is this the Region, this the soil, the clime,
Said then the lost archangel, this the seat
That we must change for Heaven, this mournful gloom
For that celestial light?…

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Looking for Pictures of Magic Makers

I may not be able to afford the prize fund for a Hallowe’en photo contest this year, but I’m still interested in seeing pictures of witches, wizards and things that go bump in the night.  It is Samhain, after all.  As the character Brigit O’Donnell said in the Beauty and the Beast episode, “Masques,”  “It’s a time when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth.”  We seem closer to the land and its power — and, perhaps, Powers — than we are at other times.  This is why I look for such photographs at this time of year.

I run groups for such pictures on both Flickr and Koinup, called (more or less) Wizards, Sorceresses and Creatures and Places of Fae.  All you need is an account on one or both, and then join the group if you’re not already a member, to add your shots and share them with us all.  I hope you will!  Just visitors are also welcome, of course, to admire our work and leave lovely comments, tweets, faves and likes all over the place.

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Hallowe’en 2011: The Chill

The woman stood and contemplated the fire burning low on the hearth.  It gave off little heat, was there more for the light than anything; she had no need for the heat, not since the day he had come and touched her lips and heart.  Moon-pale she had always been, some said.  Not as pale then as now, though, others replied.  A few of the servants had spied from behind doors and curtains, as servants often would, and they all swore that they could see the color draining from her face, the red of her lips replaced by the black, some claimed, of the grave.  Her people had served her faithfully before — now they feared to leave her, lest she come seeking them some night, and bring them back to her halls, changed as she was….

Keep on reading after the break.  Fair warning:  lots of pictures.

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No Hallowe’en Photo Contest This Year

I hate to say this, but there will be no 2nd Annual Hallowe’en Photo Contest this year, due to a (hopefully) temporary lack of RL liquidity causing a corresponding lack in SL.  I always aim in my photo contests for a minimum of L$6,500 in prizes, but I won’t be able to do that until I get the bank account built back up.  (Looks like I’ll need to control my shopping sprees for a month or two here.)  I hope to have things improved by January, when it will be time for the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, so watch this space for details.

Update 2 on Hallowe’en Photo Contest

With about a week to go before the Hallowe’en Photo Contest closes, I now have 49 entries on the Flickr Wizards and Sorcerers group, and a whopping 68 entries at Koinup.  I can see quite a range of talent demonstrated here, and choosing the winner may take a little longer than anticipated.  Please don’t be surprised or dismayed if the winners aren’t announced before, say, November 3 or 4.

There’s still time to get an entry in.  Please read my original article, and then go for it.  You’ll have until 12:01 a.m SLT (Pacific Time) November 1 — or until I check the groups and close the contest on the 1st — to get your photo in.

Hallowe’en Photo Contest Update

Entries are coming in for my Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest.  So far, I have 16 submissions in the Flickr group, and 33 in the Koinup group.  And there are some definite keepers in the selection — I won’t say which ones are catching my attention just now; you’ll find out when the judging is over.

There’s still plenty of time to come up with a masterpiece and win the contest.  Read the rules here if you haven’t already, and get cracking.  (Or shooting, actually, as in with a camera.)  Remember, there’s some L$6,000 in prizes for Second Life entries, and fame and glory for all contestants from the various virtual worlds!

2010 Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest

We had such success with the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest back in the first part of the year that I’m gonna do it again, but on a new theme!

It’s mid-September, and we’re heading down toward Samhain, that time when “when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth. A night of masques and balefires, when anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems.”  At this time of the turning of the year, we lean more toward the magical; the sorcerous; sometimes, sadly the demonic.  A lot of the photography in the various Grids echo the tendency, and so this photo contest will be centered on Hallowe’en and mages and spirits of the land.  The rules:

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