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Happy hunting and adventing! (via Through Salamander’s Eyes)

Moniq Salamander offers some options for people preparing for their Advent, Christmas and New Year’s partying, but don’t want to break the budget in the process. The Holidays do tend to bring out lots of celebration sales and hunts; here’s your chance to build a stunning wardrobe for very few lindens.


Happy hunting and adventing! With so many advents, subscribers and hunts, it’s easy to make yourself pretty for the holidays without plunging your balance to zero. So today I show you two fab dresses from the Happy Holidays Hunt, a hair attachment from the Glam Affair hunt, jewelry from Dark Mouse which I got from the lucky chair while picking the advent gifts and a Mango, Mango skin that was sent as gift for subscribers. First up, Cheerno Femme. I can’t decide if this dress … Read More

via Through Salamander’s Eyes


Refusing to Shed My (Snake)skin (Skirt)

Once in a while, you gotta have something not part of a single dress combination.  As Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion are so fond of showing, and as we all know in real life, mix ‘n match is the way to go.  Of course, these days it’s called a mashup, but (shrug).

I saw this skirt on a shopping run one afternoon, and knew I wanted it.  I’d never wear snakeskin in real life; snakes have their rights, after all, except maybe for invasive-species pythons in the Florida Everglades.  But here in Second Life, snakes are far from an endangered creature; they’re just another texture on a prim.  To go along with this, I dug until I found this halter top from League, and added a belt to the ensemble to make the waist look right.

Since it was a midi skirt, I could wear boots with no problems; and so I pulled out an old favorite, my pair of the original model of Biddle black boots.  Bax Coen is all the rage right now, but Biddle still has fine boots, and I’d never delete these babies.

The jewelry is a set (purchased as separates in this case) of what looks rather pre-Columbian themed pieces:  a collar, cuff bracelets and earrings from alaMood.  And the hair!  I didn’t know that Miamai did hair, but now I do.  I had to mess with this to get a fit, but it adjusts quite readily, with no scripts.

The details:

Shape/skin:  my standard Type 1, except for: Atomic Bambi’s Lana Sunblush skin (Siren eye makeup, gloss lipstick)

Hair: Miamai Teresa (ginger)
Top: League gold halter top
Skirt: Nardcotix Eve snakeskin skirt (green)
Belt: Wide Waist belt (gold)
Shoes: Biddle Sculptie Boots (black)
Jewelry: alaMood Akhal Teke collar, cuffs and earrings

Fashion Review — Bikinis by Musashi-do

Shiryu Musashi (of Milan), the owner of Musashi-do, dropped a box of bikinis on me recently, and I gave some of them a test run.  Shiryu’s been studying at a fashion academy in addition to his in-world work, and I think the product, here and in some smashing dresses he has, show the effects of that study.

These are my six best photos from my session.  Notice, by the way, picture 3 (the last on the top row).  No, I didn’t make a mistake there; those are tan lines.  This series includes “garments” that simulate tan lines at three different levels of intensity.  Each different package also includes all the layers you could possibly desire for any situation, as well as any needed “hardware,” such as rings, laces, etc.  This was the one problem I had, the rings on the first bikini needed to be tweaked into position — a not uncommon situation, though.  (Do note, however, that the ring on the top in the Seaside Crescent series uses an attachment point sometimes used by necklaces.  You may need to work around this, depending on what jewelry you wear.)

Each bikini style comes in a variety of print colors, and also in solids, as you can tell from just the small sample I put here.  I think my favorite out of the batch might have been picture 5, but I also like No. 6 as well.  Ah, joy; more  and more in the inventory….  When will I ever get it cleared out, what with all the good stuff I have in there, like these bikinis…?

Teleport to Musashi-do here, and enjoy your time at the beach!

The items:

Standard shape/skin, type 1

  • Pictures 1-3: Seaside Crescent bikini (Azure Orchid)
  • Pictures 4-5: Summer Shy bikini (Golden Hearts, Purple Hearts)
  • Picture 6: Wave Flow bikini (solid red)
  • Hair: Sinsation Emma
  • Jewelry: EarthStones Crystal Elements (Water, gold)
  • Inspired Style Hawk sunglasses (pictures 4-6); glasses in pictures 1-3 may no longer be available (created by SuluMor Romulus)

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Shopping for Vinyl in Creamshop

How many have been to Creamshop region?  It’s a struggle to move around in there sometimes, as it’s an Openspace region (I thought I was going to get away from writing about these, but….)  I’m reluctant to post a landmark, but I’m trusting people won’t flock there, so to speak.  Any road, if you do go there, you’ll find an experience that beggars words to describe.  Designed with wonderful artistry and craftsmanship, the rainy moodiness of Creamshop somehow fills you with longing and joy at the same time.

Of course, the eternal drench pouring down from the skies, as eternal as the Dantëan rains of the third circle of the Inferno, can get oppressive at some point.  When I visited the other day, I ran for some shelter — being careful to watch out for the cabs in the street — into a small record store across the way from the actual Creamshop store.  In there, it was fascinating to go digging through the shelves and bins for goodies.  If I ever get a stereo capable of playing vinyl — and if the owners of the region keep it going — it might be nice to jump back and pick up some titles.

Creamshop store itself has some nice stuff, and I’m wearing some of it in these pictures.  The one problem I could have is with the muffler, which you have to edit by script.  I’ll experiment with it in future, but I’m fighting for cycles with the other half in Real Life; Kit’s (ahem) acquiring a few lectures at the moment.  So I’ll reserve judgment on that aspect for now.  In any case, enjoy!

Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour
Skin:  GemCorp Wendy (no longer available)
Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal Green
Eyebrows:  Digit Darkes (high/high point)
Lashes:  Alady free prim lashes (included in skin package)
Hair:  Mirada Sarita (silver)
Jacket:  stock V-neck sweater (formerly available in Dublin region; I don’t think the store is there anymore)
Pants:  Last Call Jeans (burnt sagebrush; no longer available)
Gloves:  LeeZu Baxter Nif Nif (black)
Shoes:  Biddle Boots black ankle boots
Accessories:  Creamstore Glam Bangle (white); Creamstore Linen Stole muffler scarf (blue); Creamstore Silent Bamboo earrings (metallic red)

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