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“Oh, for a muse of fire ….”

“Always be a poet, even in prose ….”

Charles Baudelaire

Many Second Life bloggers, including us at Around the Grid, do more than just shoot pretty pictures of pretty clothes or wonderful builds. We also try to talk about what we’re photographing, and we like to add quotes to further help along the story.

The first blogger I recall using quotes was my friend and “namesake,” Harper Beresford. She hasn’t published very regularly since about 2016, as far as I can see; but, when she does, there’s usually a quote of some kind in the text that catches your attention. Many other bloggers have done so over the years; for instance, Anne Daumig at The Wanton Wardrobe makes the quote her entire text, aside from the product list.

One source we’ve been using lately at AtG is the Web site for Poetry Magazine. I’ve known about Poetry for years in print form (I’m a trained librarian, remember, and I worked at college in the periodicals department), but I’ve visited their Web site on occasion since about 2012, when the magazine celebrated its 100th anniversary. They did a cover every month of that year with Pegasus, the symbol of divine inspiration; I chose the January issue to keep on my desk (so to speak [grin]) as a reminder that Real World arts reaches into the Second Life, and that the humanities is more than just prose and visual arts.

Poetry is just a few years shy of its 110th anniversary now, and it’s outlasted any other attempt made to publish interesting verse in the English language. For years, until a bequest by the estate of Ruth Lilly, its finances were, to say the least, living on a tightrope — writing and publishing poetry has never been an insanely profitable enterprise, even in the days of the bards. The publishers and editors have persisted like Elizabeth Warren, though, their mission to bring to attention the best in verse, both old and new, and to show there’s more to poetry than 19th-century romanticism, especially in America. You can learn more of the magazine’s history at their site.

The publishers have done a truly excellent thing, which draws me back time and time again to their site — they have placed their entire issue archive online for free. This brings an extraordinarily deep reservoir of work out into the widest possible availability, and I’ve been using it lately for my pieces here on the blog. I encourage you to stop by their site and browse through this collection, as well as searching by keywords for poems that may strike you as useful … or just for your own personal reading and enrichment. Remember that Goethe said, among the things we should do each day, is read a good poem. It gives you something to think about besides the depressing cadences of the news and Facebook.

Anima Nera

I’m in my usual summer phase right now, when I can’t get in as often as I’d like; so here’s one of the best items I’ve seen so far in recent days, from another lady named Harper. Looking for a fierce party outfit? Look no further!

A Passion for Virtual Fashion

Anima Nera

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” ~ Coco Chanel

Anima Nera

Today’s entry is named after a licorice-flavored liqueur from Italy—Anime Nera, meaning “black soul.” I would not say my soul is black but I am certainly rocking the color or absence thereof. First with this great little dress from SamanthaSJones, which comes with a system top and a great little mesh skirt. With a corseted high waist and studded leather skirt, this dress will get you to any club in style and is on sale TODAY. Add to it my gorgeous jewelry from Maxi Gossamer, who has included, as she does with all her jewelry, a color change option so you can wear it all in black.

Anima Nera

Sachi Vixen’s Brooke makes me look glamorous and dark without being…

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Reblog — Harper Beresford’s 1,000th Article!

As most of you know, there’s another Harper in Second Life. Well, there’s actually several, I think, but Harper Beresford is the best known in my circles, and by far the more consistent publisher of blog. This reblog of her latest article marks a milestone for her — 1,000 articles. I still have a little way to go before I hit that level; with persistence, I’ll make it as far as my friend here.  You go, girl!!

A Passion for Virtual Fashion

Number 1000

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

Number 1000

This is post 1000. I never thought I would get here, even at post 900. I was going to push, and I certainly did with the KittyCats posts and Barely’s help (I almost feel guilty but I did some large posts of my own recently). I remember I was so amazed at getting to post 500. And here I am, on such an auspicious day.

I wanted to wear something glamorous and fashionable, so I threw this together from elements I had to make a spectacular, albeit dark, holiday outfit. First there is this sexy little peplum mesh leather dress from Ivy Burner, who is the queen of sexy and little. I shrugged on a little jacket that LeeZu Baxter had made a couple months ago for a limited edition event, so don’t go looking for this…

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Over L$5.25 Million Given in Fashion for Life

L$5,341,847, to be exact.  Want to see how Harper Beresford, one of the organizers of FFL, took it?  Read here!

Some Suggestions from Fashion for Life Bloggers

Writing from Kissimmee, Florida.

Fashion for Life has been spectacularly successful so far this year.  The report from the sidebar counter at the event blog is at least L$4.3 million — that’s better than USD $16,000 contributed, with better than four days left in the event.  Not bad, people!

If you’re looking for some ideas, let me throw these at you.  The links go to six articles at three of the best fashion blogs out there:  Michelle Hyacinth’s Weblog, Cajsa Lilliehook’s It’s Only Fashion and Harper Beresford’s A Passion for Virtual Fashion.


Your SL Evolution (via A Passion for Virtual Fashion)

Harper Beresford has been a guest fashion expert at the Second Life Forums recently, and the other day, she asked a question. Read the fruits of that question here….


Your SL Evolution I asked a question on the SL Forums the other day about how people had changed over the years in SL, and I got quite a wonderful response. Marianne Little provided a sort of format that allowed people to see her evolution over her time in SL and many people chimed in in like fashion, and it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of amazing avatars out there. (Above was my hastily assembled filmstrip and what’s amazing is I can tell you almost everythi … Read More

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The N’dali (via A Passion for Virtual Fashion)

Writing from Battle Creek, Michigan:

I’ve had to focus resources on other things besides the computer for a while, so my tower isn’t repaired yet.  (I hope I get it repaired in time to pay my rents in world!)  Once again I’m borrowing one of the family netbooks, which can’t run Second Life, to put something up on the blog and keep it alive.

But what I’m putting up is fabulous. Take a look at this encyclopedia entry from Harper Beresford!


The N'dali “The N’dali of the temperate forests and hills of Southern Peninsula of Melanasia are an independent tribe of traders and craftspeople. They are most noted for their fine metalwork and technology in working with exotic creature skins and feathers such as those of the phoenix and dragon. Their people are homogenous with genetic markers such as pale fine caucasian skin, thick dark black hair and most amazingly, golden eyes, which appear ubiquitousl … Read More

via A Passion for Virtual Fashion



Leather Cinderella (via A Passion for Virtual Fashion)

I love it when someone does a great piece of writing. Harper Beresford’s fashion taste is great here, too. Go forth, and enjoy!


Leather Cinderella Once upon a time in a homestead sim far far away (probably Zindra), in a stately sculpty chateau lived a widowed gentleman and his lovely daughter, Cinderella. While he loved his daughter, he was concerned for her well-being—he thought she needed a mother to teach her how to tweak her shape and position her eyelashes. So he partnered a woman, HotMama51 Paine,  who had two daughters—Squeakieee278 Resident and 2Fly4U Afterthought and gave her … Read More

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Happy Rezz Day, Harper! (The Other Harper, That Is)

Yes, there is another Harper in Second Life.

Before you go running screaming into the night, you may rest assured that Harper Beresford is nothing like me (for which there are probably many in the virtual world who are giving much thanks).  In fact, there are a few other Harpers back and forth on the Grid.  But Harper Beresford is is one of a kind.

Copyright 2011 by Harper Beresford

She is an incredibly regular fashion blogger — her A Passion for Virtual Fashion is one of a handful of blogs of any kind that I read regularly.  She is also the business manager for the House of RFyre and RP Couture, both owned by Raven Pennyfeather.  Her sense of style is dead on almost every time (well, there’s always something two people won’t agree on, but most of the time I love the stuff in her articles).  And I’m glad to say that we’re friends in world.  You can find out more about her from an interview for Avenue magazine for January 2011. (See page 58.)

If you see Harper in world today, if you follow her tweets or plurks, check her Flickr stream or read her blog, stop a second and wish her a Happy 4th Rezz Day.

More Knitting (via A Passion for Virtual Fashion)

Those of you who’ve read a previous article or two, or who look down my sidebar, will know that I’m a knitter in RL. This isn’t unusual; there’s an active group on Ravelry of knitters and crocheters who are also avatars, and at least two in-world groups exist (though not exactly active in chat or meetings).

A recent convert to the craft is my friend Harper Beresford; here’s her latest exploits in the Land of Fiber:


More Knitting I know you’re all dying to know about my forays into knitting. Well, it’s been… dangerous. No, I didn’t poke myself in the eye. I went to the knitting store down the block and the other one a few miles from my house and was caught rubbing the skeins against my face. And then I was forced (*forced* I tell ya) to purchase a skein of angora wool that came in variegated shades with a deep blue base (called, appropriately, “Neruda”). So I have started … Read More

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