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Contact Sheet 28 — Lost Worlds

Contact Sheet is an irregular column of selected photographs and portraits from Residents of Second Life and other virtual worlds. All rights to featured images are reserved to the artists under appropriate copyright laws. Click on the links as necessary to go to the required blog, Flickr or Koinup page. Please go to these artists’ pages in any case to leave comments, (as well as comments here), if you have an account on the appropriate service.

Suggestions are appreciated; please send descriptions and links to me by in-world IM, notecard, E-mail to, or leave a comment below.

NOTICE: Some of the photos/links may contain nudity. Viewer discretion advised.


Lost Worlds are sims or builds that have disappeared from Second Life for one reason or another — often because the owner/builder can’t afford tier.  Sometimes the owner just loses interest and tears the build down.  Other times it’s only a temporary site or exhibit, as in artworks or the temporary sims done for various fairs.  But for whatever reason, they are gone, with nothing left for us but the photos taken of them.

Let’s take a retrospective of some places that are now gone….  If you know who built some of these places, because it isn’t always clear to me who did them, please leave a comment below for all of us.


Hitomi Mokusei has documented many lost places, especially the builds of AM Radio, in a Flickr group I’m a member of.  She took this shot of gargoyle fountains near a bridge at night in Sanctum Sanctorum back in 2007.  The builder appears to be Baron Grayson.


Raul Crimson showed us the Unicorn Gardens in Deizha.  You almost expect to see a maiden here feeding them.


emvee cuba was a very popular location, made to resemble some streets in old Havana.  Petr Vanbeeck gave us this shot of a fruit stand near the waterfront.


Stephen Venkman worked this shot up as an experiment, if I follow him correctly.  The original was taken in La Reve.


Getting back to AM Radio, Brie Pinazzo gave us this shot of the train in The Far Away, perhaps AM’s most remembered build.  This engine mired in a wheatfield was always interesting, and the secret it held never failed to amuse.


Torley Linden stepped aside from his eternal fascination with watermelon-colored things (Sorry, Torley; had to get that in [grin]) to take this picture of the Grand Staircase in the Opéra Populaire in Intemptesta Nox.  The builders chose to “burn it down” not long after I became a Resident, and so I never got to see this lovely place.

Copyright (C) 2007 by Torley Linden


And, finally, “ZERO-to-ZERO” gives us a pair of contrasts from the great corridors of White Taj and Black Taj:


Until next time and next theme, I am y’r ob’d’nt servant….

AM Radio Video

Most Second Life Residents probably know by now about the sensational art builds of AM Radio, the creator of The Far Away and several more temporary exhibitions. If you want to get a look at stills from around his worlds, just check out the Flickr photostream of Hitomi Mokusei.

Or you can watch the below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Quiet and The Far Away and Husk o…“, posted with vodpod

Thanks to Amy Wilson.

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Contact Sheet 7

Welcome back to Contact Sheet. For this column, we have a fair mix of subjects; this time, we lead with an excellent landscape.


I don’t rely on just Flickr and Snapzilla for photographs. Tag-surfing is a good way to come up with material for linking and cross-posting as well. I’ve been noticing articles from the blog iliveiSL in’s dashboard for some time here, and have had a mild interest as this avatar or group build a region. The terraforming work is finishing up in some of their areas, and their blog is advertising for realtors to work on commission.

They’re photographing the place, of course, and their shots show how good WindLight can be if your graphics card can handle the strain. I have just one example here, but give a look to the rest of their photostream to see more of it.

(Just to stay on the level, I’m not shilling for them; I simply like their photography. I haven’t even been to the region to look at it, since Hrosskell contents me completely.)


Humor Department: I think Anessa Stine was feeling rather warm this day; but this is going to extremes to cool off….

And Hitomi Mokusei has quite a story behind how this plane got into her house. No, it has no relationship to The World According to Garp. (I offered to leave this out, but Hitomi wouldn’t (ahem) agree to a payment schedule [grin].)


A newcomer to Contact Sheet: the blog SL Fashion Diva and contributor Rio Hamaski posted a lovely cocktail ensemble recently. The dress comes from Cachet; remaining details are in Rio’s article. I like most the skirt of this flirty dress, which reminds me of certain Eighties styles that for some reason many people decry today in RL; and the shrug about the model’s shoulders.


Here’s a return engagement from Ryou Yiyuan, who I think has a preference for medieval and similar role-playing locations. This shot, of an expedition or raiding party, was taking somewhere called the Kingdom of Sand, and is just one of several she’s done here.


Contact Sheet is an irregular column of selected photographs and portraits from Residents of Second Life. Images used in this article are used under permission of the owners via their participation in the Creative Commons license; otherwise, all rights are reserved. Click on the links as necessary to go to the required blog, Flickr or Snapzilla page. Please go to these artists’ pages in any case to leave comments, if you have an account on the appropriate service.

Suggestions are appreciated; please send descriptions and links to me by in-world IM, notecard, or E-mail to

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Temporary Build by AM Radio — The Refuge and The Prospect

While rummaging through Hitomi Mokusei’s photos on Flickr — she is one of my contacts, since I’ve enjoyed her photographic work so much — I came across a set which she put up just a few days ago.

The set details some of the latest build created by Hitomi’s friend, AM Radio, the avatar also responsible for the tremendously popular Far Away build, a sort of rural Andrew Wyeth landscape. There is truly something about AM’s work that needs to be seen in person and experienced — and then imaged in detail. I haven’t been there yet myself, but I’m going no later than tomorrow, I think. You should, too, for this build is temporary, and it’s going down after March 6! I’m sorry I discovered it so late, especially to spread the word, but better late than never. Enjoy!

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Contact Sheet — Anessa Stine and Hitomi Mokusei

I publish many of my Second Life snapshot photos on Flickr, as you can tell from my sidebar feed box; and, while following the visits made to my own stuff, I like to check out the photos taken by my competition, uh, colleagues (grin). (Okay, okay; the ego’s getting swollen here….) Where I find good ones, I mark them as favorites so I can come back to them.

Many of these are too good to not share with you; and so I’m starting an irregular column called “Contact Sheet,” where I’ll share a few with you from time to time. Where the photographer has allowed usage (usually through Creative Commons), I’ll insert a copy; otherwise, you’ll find a link to his or her page on Flickr, Snapzilla, et al.


Several regions of the Grid are very much favorites of some avatars, for reasons sometimes best explained by themselves. But if you study their work, you can begin to perceive the reasons for such an appeal. One of these is Anessa Stine, who (when she isn’t running Pin-Ups in Retrology) has done some time in the Wastelands. Here, in this howling wilderness of ruins, rubble and mutants, Anessa has discovered ways to capture your attention and portray beauty — and even a smile or two. Of course, it could simply be the costume she’s wearing…. (Note: for those easily offended, go rather to the kittens. This costume is radical to some sensibilities.)

Hitomi Mokusei, on the other hand, prefers the more pastoral lands of the Far Away, specifically the Wheatfield. She has a set dedicated to photos she’s taken there. Examining these, I’m much reminded of the better work of Andrew Wyeth, such as Christina’s World. A selection of the best (the last of which I’ve commented on in depth):

(Cross-posted to Vicious Studios)

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