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Discovered on the Mainland


Found in a random skybox somewhere on the Mainland.

This may explain many things….

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Posted October 8, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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Pull Yourself Together!

Pull Yourself Together_001

Ah, the joys of trying to rezz in a busy event region…. (This was at Rhapsody yesterday.)

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Posted July 1, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Events, Humor

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A Knave and an Imposter!


It is claimed that this avatar, who delivered a keynote speech at the opening of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, is Philip Linden, Returned to us from Beyond for a season and a time.

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Posted April 10, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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Public Service Notice for Residents


Posted February 28, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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Some Assembly Required….

What the hell do I do with this

Now what the hell am I supposed to do with this???

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Posted February 25, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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The Death of Atomic Coffee

Death of Atomic Coffee

“Atomic coffee — ACTIVATE!!!

I always cried out this while sitting in the Blarney Stone during Morning Coffee, before pulling out my own cup of joe out of Inventory.  I always figured this was the perfect representation of a cup of raktajino — Klingon coffee.  It’s truly said that espresso is coffee with hair; raktajino is coffee with teeth — and sharp ones, too, befitting a Klingon beverage.  In reality, of course, whoever created this coffee mug got a little crazy when they were implanting the particle generator, and the result was a cup that seemed to glow as if it had just been pulled from a nuclear reactor core.

Well, during my current Inventory cleanout, I found the old coffee mug, and tried it on for grins — and the sim started to lag like hell.  It appears this coffee has been left on the burner for too long.  Sad to see it go, but I pitched it

Now what will I do for raktajino???

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Posted February 13, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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Practical Jokes for Berry Singh

Fear and tremble, all ye mortals, for it’s —


Strawberry Singh has put up her latest Monday Meme, and the request is for you to share any practical jokes committed by or to you in world, or involving your in-world Plurk/Facebook/etc. friends.  I learn here that Berry is definitely an easy target, and I’ll have to consider this for April.  (Evil smile)

You can get the joke after the break.

Posted January 14, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor, Memes

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Thoughts of a Resident Surfer, Looking for Entertainment

Here's to the Internet blog size

Here’s to the Internet!
Creation of universities
enabler of communications
storehouse of knowledge
repository of porn
facilitator of spies
playground of trolls
destroyer of newspapers
source of unending fascination

except for me

Ten million bloody channels
everyone shouting at the top of their lungs
to be heard
and commented on
and I can’t find a bloody thing to watch on Hulu

What’s this thing here…?
I think it’s called a “book”

Guess I’ll give it a go….

Harper Ganesvoort, December 2013


Thoughts Of a Supermodel Waiting For the Shoot To Start

Okay, whenever you're ready

Okay, how long’s it gonna be this time?
The freakin’ genius there has to get things
Ju-uuu-ust right
Before he’ll shoot a single freakin’ frame
Twitching the lights ten times
And moving them about an inch total
Adjusting the backdrop curtains
Getting the right amount of smoke in the air
And then deciding to do it all again!
While I’m sitting here, sewn into this corset of a dress
Cutting off the blood flow to my boobs
Wrinkles welding into my face from the boredom
My ass aching from sitting on a suitcase
And trying to decide what to cancel

I got a facial at noon instead of lunch
An hour with my therapist after that
(Which I’ll need after this jerk gets done!)
My agent wants his cut
Of the pennies I’ll get from this job
How far does he think only 500 grand can be spread??
And an hour or two at the gym
Killing myself to keep in shape
So I can do more sitting on my ass
Waiting for more geniuses to get their shot set up

I’d kill for a drink right now
’Cept the court’ll throw me in the slam
If they catch me crocked one more time
Not to mention the damn vultures in the street
Who don’t pay a dime to take my picture
Creaming themselves to catch me out
Like Lindsay after a party

Why did I decide to do this again…?
Oh, yeah
The glamour
The clothes
The money
The fame and excitement
The cover of Vogue
Lunches with Anna and Andre
Air kisses with Linda and Christie
Nights with Tom when he’s between wives
The clothes
The money

But I swear, five more minutes
and I’ll kick his —
Oh, you’re ready? Okay, darling, I’m coming.
(About freakin’ time!)

Harper Ganesvoort, 2013


You Sleep, You Lose!

Missing Out On Magnificence blog

I was wandering around the new Misali region for a short time today, and ran into two other lovely Residents, Lady Leena Fandango and Sophia Trefusis.  We started exploring together, and found a house down in the central cove that cuts into the heart of the island.  While there, we found this fellow, asleep on his feet — he was Away From Keyboard, you see.  I can’t remember which it was, Sophia or Leena, who suggested we take a few pictures of us surrounding him for giggles.  We even sent him a copy to show him what he missed out on.

Poor guy; you shall remain nameless and forever in our virtual hearts, but you’ll never know what glory you were surrounded by this day….

(L-R:  Lady Leena Fandango, Harper Ganesvoort, a [mercifully] unnamed avatar, and Sophia Trefusis.)


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