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Bal Masqué


There’s a flutter of grey through the trees:
Ah, the exquisite curves of her dress as she passes
Fleet with her feet on the path where the grass is!


I see not her face, I but see
The swift re-appearance, the flitting persistence—
There!—of that flutter of grey in the distance.


It has flickered and fluttered away:
What a teasing regret she has left in my day-dream,
And what dreams of delight are the dreams that one may dream!


It was only a flutter of grey;
But the vaguest of raiment’s impossible chances
Has set my heart beating the way of old dances.

— Arthur Symons, “To a Grey Dress”


The details:

Harper wears —

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: La Boheme Eyes Spellcraft (Sterling)
  • Hair: EMO-tions Risen (darkred)
  • Attachments: SLink hands and feet
  • Gown: Sascha’s Designs Avona (Silver)
  • Shoes: Renegade Tiffany
  • Accessories: Lamu Fashion Gloves (“Gold Glitter”; actually silver); Moondance Boutique Aisha suite (necklace, bracelets, teardrop earrings, rings, bindi); Lamu Fashion Chest Brooch (Silver)
  • Makeup (eyeshadow application order); SlackGirl Magda eyeshadow (05); {MUA} All the Ways eyeliner (Pack 1 – 1); MONS Trendy Eyeshadow (navy); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed Silver; vintage); Lips Glitter Silver by Alge; MUA Cheeks Contouring (Color Pack 2 – White)

Conan wears Heth Haute Couture Balen Western tails evening suit and a mask from Illusions; he didn’t give me any other details (sigh, grin)

signature 3

Latex and Lace

In his dream, he was kneeling on the marble floor of a vast hall, stripped naked down to his shorts, hands bound back to his ankles. The woman standing before him was an image of mysterious perfection — a skintight catsuit of black latex covered her, matched by her gloves and boots; thick black hair teased out as high and wide as his open palm; and a black mask kept him from knowing who she was. The one little frippery she wore was her skirt, and that just barely covered anything enough to matter.

“So,” she said, running mascaraed eyes up and down him for a few seconds, and he saw her twitch an eyebrow. “So…. You think you’re worthy to learn all the secrets I have to teach you.”

“Yes, I do,” he began saying.

Before he got farther, she had strode over and slipped a frighteningly strong finger under his chin and shut his mouth, then tilted his head back until he was almost facing the ceiling. She swam into view in front of his eyes, her face just inches away from his. “It is I who say if you’re worthy or not, little man – or is that ‘little worm,’” she purred. “And I say you’re not. But, with time and practice – a lot of practice — you might get close to a chance. And so, let us begin….”

I had to stop here; dominatrix fiction is not my writing specialty. But it sure suits the suit I’m wearing in these photos! So not me, I swear to you, but still fun to wear in world. I don’t think I’d want to wear it out of world; the only way you can ooze into a suit like this is like I saw in an old ad for a KitKat bar: with lots of baby powder, some oil, and maybe a shoehorn.

Hunting for a location to take the pictures was a blast. I have no doubt that I could find somewhere in Zindra who would love to have me do a photoshoot there. But, like latex catsuits and dom fiction, Zindra ain’t my style. I finally settled on a spot in front of a brazier in Omega Point. The tall, tall stairways, arcane textures, flaming fire urns, and occasional flashes of lightning and balls of eldritch light are great for eerie atmosphere. Give it a prowl sometime when you want an experience that is surely not of the ordinary.

The details:

  • Hair: Hairoin Diva (Abyss)
  • Top, stockings, gloves: House of Curios Latex Halter (black)
  • Skirt: Lapointe Wicked Merlot system skirt and prim miniskirt
  • Boots: J’s Thigh High Boots
  • Mask: Illusions Ebony m/f mask (female version)
  • Jewelry: Black Shine Cluster double-strand bracelet, black beads around hand/wrist, and Draped Black Long Necklace by Bonita Poppinjay’s Jewelry; Mandala Soul necklace and earrings in silver

(Note:  I anticipate a lot of visits from folks looking up “latex” for obvious reasons.  I suspect this piece may be a contender for next year’s most visited article.)

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