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REBLOG — Second Life on the Map of the Internet

Daniel Voyager has stumbled onto something amazing here. The original makers state in the notes (look at the bottom of the map around the center area) that this is nowhere near comprehensive, and is in fact only Version 1.0. You can purchase an unwatermarked copy on Amazon, also according to those notes. For now, though, as Daniel saw, Second Life does have a position on this map; if you prefer coordinates, go to 85° N, 45° W (just east of the Hashtag Peninsula, part of the country of Facebook). WordPress, for all of us users, is at 35° N, 95° E, between Amazon and AOL.

Daniel Voyager

A very interesting map was released recently showing the major sites of web and apparently Second Life is located on the huge map. Second Life is shown at the top of the map under where it says interface. Nearby Rosedale, Humble and Resident Island shown in yellow/orange. Yay.

This has to be one of the best maps of the internet I’ve ever seen and its very cool that the map is divided into continents. I would love to see someone make a metaverse map including SL, Opensim and virtual worlds.

What will you discover ?

“The map is divided into two main parts; software companies, gaming companies and some of the real-world oriented websites are located on the right part of the map, or ‘the old world,'” Vargic told HuffPost in an email. “The websites and majority of Internet itself is located on two eastern continents, the upper one showing…

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Thoughts of a Resident Surfer, Looking for Entertainment

Here's to the Internet blog size

Here’s to the Internet!
Creation of universities
enabler of communications
storehouse of knowledge
repository of porn
facilitator of spies
playground of trolls
destroyer of newspapers
source of unending fascination

except for me

Ten million bloody channels
everyone shouting at the top of their lungs
to be heard
and commented on
and I can’t find a bloody thing to watch on Hulu

What’s this thing here…?
I think it’s called a “book”

Guess I’ll give it a go….

Harper Ganesvoort, December 2013


End of the Internet

End of the Internet

I woke up this morning, and found this sign outside the back of my house.



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