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The Second Life® Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Inventory

This is too good not to share; I’ve been through some of this, and I’ve only (!!!) managed to accumulate some 40,000 pieces of inventory (including Library). Then again, I’ve never opened up all of my boxes and bags….

(Running screaming into the night!)

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What the Huck?


One of my favourite dip-in books is Douglas Adams’ and John Lloyd’s ‘The Meaning of Liff’.  This wonderful little book puts UK place names to work describing things which currently have no word for them in the English language.  Examples of this include ‘Ible,’ defined as ‘clever but lazy’ and ‘Scramoge,’ defined as ‘to cut oneself whilst licking envelopes’.

It occurs to me that, as virtual world living appears set to become a more mainstream phenomena, it’s perhaps time we started defining some of the more familiar metaverse experiences so that future generations can benefit from an established lexicon when struggling to come to terms with life in prims and pixels.  After all, what point is there in being a pioneer if you don’t pass forward all this learning in some way?  It’s a process I in fact already started several years ago when – as no doubt you are…

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Too Much is Never Enough

Nothing much to report here — in terms of news, or new clothes, or whatever.  I’ve been working for about three days on the constant bugaboo of Second Lifers:  cutting down on Inventory.  I was close to 16,800 items1 a few days ago; with a lot of determination, setting the sort to date and no folder sort, and standing around mostly buck naked in my (virtual) bedroom, I’ve chopped a lot of stuff out of it and shipped them off to the luminiferous æther. 2 It isn’t just getting rid of landmarks, notecards and calling cards; you need to get in to the muck of boxes you’ve accumulated and go through, throwing out the stuff that you can’t believe you bought and won’t admit to if threatened with cyanide.  And then you should go back through, and give some good hard thought to the stuff you kept in the first round, and decide what you absolutely can’t do without for another year or two.

I feel myself overwhelmed by an inventory of less than 20,000.  Others I’ve talked to in world smile, snort and sneeze at my notions; they stagger around with Inventories of 25,000, 40,000, 60,000 items on their back, most of which never sees the light of day more than once.  Or even never, if they’re like me and have a mess of stuff that they never got around to unpacking and trying on.  That’s what I’m trying to do now, in part.  I suspect that I’ll be able to trim down around 12,000 before the choices start getting painful.

Really, people, you need to take a look at all the shit you’ve picked up over the years you’ve been around.  Do you need to keep 200 gowns, most of which you’ve worn only once?  Or five or ten different living room sets?  Put up for sale or give away what you don’t want to a newbie, refresh your wardrobe to the most recent styles (aside from some classy vintage pieces, such as from Last Call, purchased during the Last Sale in 2008), and, in the words of Monty Python, “Get on with it!”  You’ll find you move around a lot lighter, too, I bet, when the servers don’t need to keep up with all that stuff; and the asset computers will thank you, too!


1 That’s exclusive of Library items, which I’ve suppressed through Debug settings.

2 Remember “luminiferous æther” from your old science classes? That’s the medium everyone though light was propagated through back in the long ago 19th Century. You may still hear them referring to the æther in some of the steampunk sims, to keep in character with the role play; and anyone who has played the Eighties RPG Space:  1889 “knows” that the æther is an essential principle in the movement of ships through space to the various Terran colonies on Mercury, Mars and Venus.  Back in the Real World, some still refer to software that mysteriously disappears as “etherware.”  (“Ethernet” is also a registered trademark for a line of software used in controlling ethernet networks, but I think the difference is obvious.)

There are Aliens On the Grid

And I don’t mean avatars of aliens; I mean the real thing.

Oh, you want proof?  Well, I’m reading the August 2010 issue of ICON magazine, which I should do more often.  (I don’t keep up with the magazines like I should, not even Second Style, the doyenne of Second Life fashion.)  I came across the editor’s column, written by Jordan Whitt, and she says in referring to being knocked out of SL for two weeks, quote:

Think of all the SHOPPING I was missing!!!!  Not to mention the mess my inventory is going to be.  As a Virgo, I think that disturbed me the most.  I have my inventory so neat and tidy, with everything filed away into categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories etc.

This is incontrovertible proof that Jordan is an alien.  Her inventory is neatSorted??  CATEGORIZED??? Not possible for a human avatar.  As much as I try, my nearly 15,000 pieces of junk are still mostly unsorted.  If I spread them out on my apartment floor, I wouldn’t be able to move around.  Repeated shovel-outs of old notecards, landmarks, pictures/textures, etc. have managed to reduce it down from over 16,000; but it’s creeping back up as I use the Wardrobe function of my viewer more and more for fast changes.

An organized inventory???  Simply not possible; at least not humanly possible….

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go rally the Resistance.

Hair, Do I Have Hair!

This is really a supplemental to the previous article, and it’s basically to drive home a point.

Do I Have Hair!

And that point:  you can accumulate a lot of hair.  This is sixteen — yes, 16 — THiNC boxes, each one with at least 15 wigs.  Several of them have many more.  And there’s more in the ol’ Inventory that I can’t dig out just yet; otherwise, I could build a wall of THiNC boxes filled just with hair fatpacks.

“Bless me, Father, for I have more hair than Imelda had shoes….”

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Inventory Problems? Pack Up Your Fatpacks!

I’ve been sitting down (so to speak) and doing some serious inventory clearing — getting rid of all the old freebies from my early days, boxing up other stuff — and I’ve come to a great realization:

Hair fatpacks are wonderful — and terrible.

Wonderful in that you get all these fantastic colors in insanely great styles, so that you can change your hair color as your mood changes (or swings).  But terrible — in that you get all these fantastic colors….  Upwards of between 50-100 different colors per style, depending on how many different shades the stylist provided!  And, as I’m a serious coiffurista, I’ve bought a lot of fatpacks.

How many?  Well, my inventory was around 9,000 items.  Right now, as I’m taking a break from filling THiNC boxes, I am at exactly 8,420.  Actually, I thought I’d packed up a lot more than that, but there you are; some of that may be repacking styles that I’d simply shoveled into a plywood cube, and am now repacking in something that lets me choose more easily, instead of opening the whole thing at one swell foop.  I know I’ll be packing up a lot more when I hit the extreme styles I love so much, such as by Sinsation, etc.

A hint:  go to THiNC, and buy Toneless Tomba’s inventory boxes; they look like upright footlockers.  And buy the copyable form, which gives you all the colors, and lets you rezz up as many as you like.  It will be a time- and moneysaver in the long run, and allow you to sort through what you have in terms of colors.  Many stylists include the ad image along with the hair, and so you can usually apply the texture to at least one face of the box.  (I wouldn’t do that to the front face, where the menu controls are located, just to be safe.)  Fill the box — possibly two boxes, depending on how many wigs you have for a style — close the edit and take the box into inventory, then delete the loose wigs.  You’ll be amazed how much space you’ll gain back quickly.

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16 SL Storage Box Pictures for the Price of 1

Mar over at SL for Nowt has come up with ideas that let you stretch your Linden dollar until it screams in submission.  Here’s a really nifty one that I wish I’d come up with.  And all you need is a posing stand, good light, and a graphics program such as PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro, or the various free ones out there!  This is great for organizing that insane midden known as your Inventory.

Let’s drop a hint — ever wish you could take a picture of yourself and put it on the box you stash your stuff in?  But that’s L$10 for each one.  So how about paying L$10 — for 16??

How to Store Hair!

So you’re back from Hair Fair.  You’ve spent at least an hour of every day, and every linden in your wallet, in the place just buying hair for your avatar.  (And hopefully purchasing items that contribute a percentage of the price to the Fair’s beneficiary, Locks of Love!)  Now you’ve got more hair than the dumpster of a RL salon at the end of a 12-hour day, and you don’t know how to keep track of it all.  Your wallet’s empty while your Inventory’s groaning from the weight of yet more hair, half of which you’ll wear only occasionally if you bought fatpacks.  What’s a body to do???

Well, you could buy an Inventory manager, such as the ever-popular THiNC boxes, and shovel it all in there.  But these things have an upper limit, and you don’t usually have a way of knowing what the item you’re pulling out looks like.  Ah, but there is still hope, and for only L$10 a package!  Am I selling it?  No, I deal in art, not inventory control.  But this came to me while I was thinking about what to put together to make prints for my store.

No, I’m not selling my hair, either.  (I couldn’t if I wanted to (grin).)  This is the solution.  Just rezz up a cube, and stuff all the colors of one style into the contents tab.  Name the cube with the style name and creator, and upload a good picture of what the style looks like to use as the cube’s texture.  (With five visible sides, you could even paint each side a different view, but I think one or two views is probably enough for most styles.)  Then delete all the hair you’ve just saved into the cube out of your Inventory, and Take the cube in.  Voila! After you empty the trash, you’ve gained back any number of slots — often at least 10 to 20, quite often more with multiple-color fatpacks — and put all your precious hair in a container that lets you see what it is inside.

Oh, when you Take the cube into Inventory, you are remembering to file it in a properly categorized folder, aren’t you…?

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Inventory Time!

I haven’t been getting out much lately. The major reason is that I’ve been working on the store; when you’re building inventory, or rearranging things, or looking for the best rates for advertising, your time isn’t your own any more. RL businesspeople know that as much as successful SL business types. Today, however, I spent over two hours doing a task far too many of us scamp, to our grief —

Yes! I was cleaning Inventory!

In about every book I’ve read on Second Life, you are given a chapter on Inventory control, and you are urged most solemnly to keep a handle on your closet, so that you don’t get drowned in tons of stuff that you have no idea what it is. You’re warned that the larger the Inventory, the longer it takes to load, and you’re essentially walking around with a 500 kilo backpack on your shoulders if you don’t keep it trimmed down dramatically. And I realize these things with my librarian’s training. But I’m not as good as I should be. The Inventory swells, it gets messy, I lose stuff I’ve just bought or built, and it gets to be a headache after a while. So I make myself dig into the sucker every month or so — it should be far more often! — and trim it.

Oh; how much do I have in my own closet? After today’s session, approximately 6,100 items. Allow me to break here while all your jaws drop at the smallness. Read the rest of this entry »

Still Decorating!

You may recall how I was notified a week or two ago that I’d exceeded my prim limit — on a 500-prim house! I solved the problem by gutting out the office I’d just bought and decorated a week before that, plus a pair of chairs in my bedroom.

Today, after talking with a friend, I started wondering just how much I could save yet on my load, and so I set to find out. My landlord’s prim counter still isn’t working for me (and I’d love for someone to tell me the reason why!), so I went through the long, but also sure, process of a hand prim count. And I found out some interesting things. That set of Craftsman living-room furniture I enjoyed so much in the “formal” room downstairs was high on cost, as I’d expected — 76 prims for just the two chairs and settle alone, if I remember my figures; add in a 12-prim stool and two tables, and there were about 100 prims in just that area. And a pot of big sunflowers on my upper deck had 36 prims! I sure hadn’t got that thing from Bliss Gardens….

Clearly, some work was required. I’ll have to save my dreams of an Arts and Crafts home for the far-away time when I buy some land — assuming I ever do that, since I’m quite comfortable now where I am. So I packed up that lovely Craftsman set into a storage prim and shoved it into Inventory, and set out for TMS Designs, who had done that wine/gold overstuffed set in my solarium. And I found the below:

Rattan living room set

This is a rattan set that is just as “comfortable,” has more poses, cost less — and took up only 57 prims. I’d say this is a gain…. I got back some 20 or so prims out of this; and, with a little more work at this and that, even with buying some new plants (from Bliss’ potted-plant store!), and adding in the previous gain I had, I now stand 128 prims to the good.

I may still be able to decorate those two rooms, if I’m careful….

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So Much for Decorating

Well, so much for the honeymoon.   I got a note from my landlord today, saying that I was way over my prim count on my house.  A prim allowance of 500, and I was over!

The thing was that I had been checking my count, both on the rent box, and on the counter inside the house.  The rent box kept saying 0 prims, and the counter never seemed to tell me a thing.  So, while he was in world with me, I went and clicked on the thing again.  It took something like two minutes before it responded with a whisper:  138 over allowance.

Is there a nice brick wall I can bang my head against…?

Any road, it was easy enough to get under count.  I gutted my nice new office.  Not that I’d be doing any real work there, but it filled an empty room.  I then got rid of the two club chairs in my bedroom, removed the room divider that had been blocking the fall into the stairwell, and replaced it with a stand mirror I had in Inventory.  The net result:  some 30 prims under allowance — by manual calculation.  The prim counter isn’t responding to me again (grrr!).  That method, however, is probably the only way to go in future.  I’m keeping a note of how much space I have left in the notepad section of my personal profile; I’ll just need to revise it whenever I change something in the house.  I can actually gain back a few more prims by remaking some of the paintings and photos I have on the walls into pre-framed textures with Paint Shop Pro.

But now I have two empty holes to deal with in my decor instead of one!   (SIGH!)

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