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Incredible Promo Machinima from The Secret Store

I love getting notices on blog articles from my colleagues; there’s so much good stuff out there.  Check this out (with thanks to Iris Ophelia at New World Notes):

I’ve just watched this myself.  As Iris says, this is one of the smoothest machinima I’ve ever seen, as well as a crackerjack promo vehicle for The Secret Store.  Applause and props to Maylene for making this piece!!!

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2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — A Poll!

An update already to this year’s OFPC?  It takes me by surprise, too; but there’s a reason for it.

I always have a dickens of a time getting the word out about the Contest, and so I try to saturate as much of the SL media as possible, as well as encourage people to spread the word themselves by linking to the rules and passing links in the social media (hint, hint).  Iris Ophelia at New World Notes was kind enough to write me up for an article based on my press release, for which I thank her very much.  But she raised a small objection in her own comments to the rule limiting entries to human avatars.  I have always felt that this was a version of the red carpet walk that we could participate in ourselves.  However, it is a valid thought that this is our version, as in Second Life’s version.  So I’ll offer it to everyone in a poll, which will run for one week here, and I encourage you to vote.  The results will decide how the rules will change for this year.  I’ll reconsider for next year’s Contest, any road.

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Call For Tim Gunn!

Remember 2009, when Winter Jefferson, SL’s favorite male-fashion vampire, offered us a makeover for Philip Linden’s avatar?  If you don’t, go and refresh yourself, and then prepare. For Iris Ophelia, Hamlet Au’s fashion and gaming correspondent at New World Notes, is trying to make over Ham — for the second time.

Long-time readers of NWN will recall that Ham wore the same skin and seersucker system suit for years, probably (I guess) since he was the embedded house correspondent from Linden Lab in his blog’s early days.  It took Winter Jefferson again to update Ham’s look, back in 2010, and then it was still pretty similar to what he looked like before.  (Ham does like to stay similar to his RL looks, I’ll say — though he’s usually more in jeans than a suit.)  Now Iris Ophelia is taking him on again, all the way from his 200x-vintage hair to his (apparently) shoeless feet.  It’s a wonderful piece to read; even Winter has kicked in on it again, and I couldn’t resist offering my own thoughts.  (He needs to get away from the ice-cream suits occasionally!)

Hmmm….  Methinks we really need Tim Gunn in world.  If anyone, Tim could do something about the clothes on this man….

Reblog: The Eyes Have It

Eyes can matter a lot for a look, or for a role. Here's a selection of eyes from AtG articles and photo album additions over the past six months or so. Clockwise from the top: purple eyes for the "Amethyst Beguilement" shoot; blue mirror balls for "Auspicious"; my natural Poetic Gold Flake blues in my natural appearance; my Keiko avatar's green eyes (I always need to watch out for Lo Pan from "Big Trouble in Little China" when I'm using this avatar); a pair of glasses shows how important good eyes with depth and reflection can be; and some gold irises for the "Binary" pair.

Iris Ophelia, writing for New World Notes, has done an excellent piece on why eyes are so important to the well-groomed avatar’s look in Second Life.  From her story:

A good set of eyes are equally as important as a good skin, but because eyes are so small (and because we stare at the back of our avatar’s head more than the front) it’s easy to forget about them. I’ll admit that I almost never even credit the eyes I’m wearing with my outfits because they’re usually the smallest detail. Nevertheless I pay a lot of attention to how my eyes look in world and in pictures, so today I’m sharing some tips to getting the most out of your SL eyes

She has several excellent tips for you to go over and consider.  Why not cast your (real) eyes upon them?

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