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Looking Good with Low ARC

Before the addition of the ARC meter to the Advanced menu of the Linden SL client [1], organizers at high-attendance events like fashion shows and similar shouted for you to leave off the prim skirts, remove the facelights and AOs and other scripted items, and generally strip down to almost the bare avatar.  This was to reduce the ever-despised lag, that beast that lurks in every region where the population exceeds 15 or 20, and reduces your movements to swimming in set treacle fudge.

Now we have the meter, and we can see exactly how much we’re straining the system server.  Or do we?  That’s a topic of hot debate, with one side insisting that high ARC affects everyone around you in the sim, while the other insists just as firmly that ARC is more a measure of what your own computer’s graphics card can handle, and that it’s really more of what the True Hackers of the Golden Age once called a “social-science number,” an artificial number with no true meaning.

My thinking is that it does have some weight and meaning.  Let’s go back to the original article on the introduction of ARC in the Big Blog — after the break.

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