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J is for — JCNY

J is for JCNY

Though it’s still not something to be encouraged, I enjoy the ability to smoke with impunity in Second Life.  I don’t do so in RL by choice, but the ability to pose with a cigarette holder like in the Thirties movies is a good thing to me.  One of the nicest I own is this piece by JCNY, which I’m not finding in the Marketplace at the moment.

J is for JCNY 2

The holder came in three lengths, and is menu-driven — you can set the color of the metal and the gems, and set bling on or off, as well as control the subtlety of the flash.  In these anti-bling times, it’s not something I use much of, but you never know.  The cigarette isn’t very realistic looking, but it’s compensated for by a well-shaped mouthpiece and a fairly subtle smoke coming from the cigarette’s tip.  It might pay to check at JCNY’s in-world store to see if they still carry these holders in stock.

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