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Posadas are Here Again

Posada 12-5-13

With Advent comes the annual tradition of the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life — the Posadas pilgrimage to houses and other venues, as members of the Cathedral host the Holy Family, a different place each day, on their way to the Cathedral on Christmas Eve.  I’m not hosting this year, but I will probably follow the statues from time to time.  (This photo is at Helene’s house in the Linden estates, taken early this morning.)

If you’re curious, contact Helene Milena in world, or join the Cathedral group, which is free.  You will be most welcome.


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Posada 2012 at Harper’s Place

Posada 2012

It was a happiness to again host the statues of Mary and Joseph for this year’s Posada progress, part of the advent celebrations by the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life.  Here I am with two of the visitors I had through the day, Nancy Braveheart and Supergrade Berliner.

If you would like to follow the Holy Family’s journey to the Cathedral (which they will reach on Christmas Eve), contact Helene Milena in world, or join the Cathedral group.  The landmark to the next destination is sent out in group announcements each day.


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Winter Time In Full

I mentioned what was going down the other day, without including a picture — because, well, it was still in the building.  Here’s the finished product.

The texturing wizard is JD Lemur, and he’s available for hire for other projects.  This didn’t require giving him manager privileges, believe it or not — but it did take a hell of a lot of prims, including icing over the river between my main “island” and the small piece of ground I have across the river.  After that, JD’s friend (and my neighbor), Jessie Kleiner, did the final landscaping  I left a few green things around, mostly across the river, but there’s that one green tree you see over on the right; that’s one of the four oak trees that haven’t “dropped their leaves.”  I’m down to 70 open prims for the duration; it’s worth the investment, though.

The prim level is going to go lower in the near future, as I’m building a cavern to house the Holy Family for this year’s Posada progress toward the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life.  Watch this space around December 3-4 for my annual rundown on the visitation.

Las Posadas Comes to SL’s Anglican Community

In Latin American countries, the Advent tradition of Las Posadas is observed in the nine days before Christmas.  This tradition celebrates the journey of Joseph and the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem, where Christ will be born.

Our Anglican Cathedral community in Second Life has adapted this tradition for the Grid’s holiday season.  Parishioners have volunteered to “host” statues of the holy couple each night until they complete their journey at the Cathedral on Epiphany Island.  Each Resident hands off the statues to the next host daily, with the journey ending on Christmas Eve.  Some are hosting parties in conjunction, similar to the tradition I first learned about in Disney’s The Three Caballeros.

It’s my pleasure to be helping out with the hosting today; while I am not staging a party, I do have the statues on my outside deck.  Visitors are welcome to come and view Mary and Joseph; they will be in place until some time Tuesday morning North American time.  You may teleport to my house; while I don’t anticipate crowds, I would ask visitors to please be respectful of my neighbors (grin).


UPDATE, 11:45 p.m.:

The Holy Family have moved on for the day to their next destination.  I passed them on to Chaz Longstaff and his partner, Kip Ashbourne.  A quickie picture of them before I depart to other areas:

Chaz is on the left.  It was a pleasure to meet and talk with them; Chaz comes from Toronto, and Kip is a fellow Midwesterner, hailing from Chicago.  May their time with the Holy Family be blessed.

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