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Are We Certain of Our Certainties?

The following has been so exercising me, I’ve been thinking about this so much, that I need to get it off my chest somehow.  A Second Life blog isn’t necessarily the best location for such an article, except that we Residents of Second Life are also Residents of the First Life, Real Life; and those of us here in the United States are affected by the events of recent days in Kentucky and Oregon and without a doubt (ironic twist to lips) several other locations.  I offer them up here for you, if you’re interested; and I hope you will be, because we all need to be jostled out of our comfort zone periodically.  So no fashion or pretty landscapes today.  My sorrow if you’re not interested, or (quite possible) you’ve heard so much already that you can’t stand to hear or see any more about such things.

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Posted September 6, 2015 by Harper Ganesvoort in Real Life, Religion

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No H8 Redux

No H8

I found some old files from 2010 or so, and I figured this deserved a revisit in light of the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday concerning same-sex marriage.  It’ll take time to work through all the ramifications, and some places (like Alabama, where I live) will need to be dragged kicking and screaming into compliance, at least in some counties.  But the time has come to recognize that there are more sexes than a binary choice, and that they deserve their rights as well.

The original 1920×1080 size is on Flickr; feel free to copy it as a wallpaper, and to spread the smaller sizes as you see fit.

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Posted June 29, 2015 by Harper Ganesvoort in Real Life

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