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Transylvania 6-5000

When you materialize inside a pentagram, you know you’re in for some strange things going on….

The Transylvania sim is dedicated to the vampire, as you can guess.  Among the things you’ll find there is this:  the Vampyre Cultural Centre, which celebrates the more cultural phenomenon in the arts, such as paintings.  It’s featured right now on the startup screen of the Linden viewer; if you materialize inside the pentagram, turn until you see the sign on the archway, and just walk on.  You shouldn’t need to worry about Bloodlines players (if that’s still a concern); that business is officially discouraged in Transylvania.

Caoimhe Lionheart has excellent things to say here. Second Life gives you magnificent opportunities for letting you be you, even if it is as sort of an alias. Take advantage; play around with the possibilities!

an chailín álainn

But for the rest of us, well, it’s a different story. It’s amazing, even in a Second Life, there can be an amazing trend to conformity, I say, buck tradition, be you! The wonderful thing about SL fashion is relatively cheaply you can experiment with so many different styles, mix and matches. So experiment, play and above all, have fun with yourself. Who knows? You might put together the next “Great Look.” And differentiating yourself from the pack in SL modeling is a must to be noticed.

Anything is Possible...

For the weekend, I wanted to wear something kicky and fun and chose the “Optical” dress from designer Nevery Lorakeet of *LpD*. This fun piece hints of Paris in springtime with its tighly molded and sleeveless bodice. The skirting is scrumptious with a white mini attractively detailed with voluptous tufts of satin about the hips. The entire effect is completed with a color-blocking…

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Third House Move This Year

For the third time in less than a year, my landlord decided to close down — apparently because of lack of time to handle the responsibilities this time, but once again I was in the house market.

It took some work, but I found this place in Tropical Sands region, pre-furnished and at my price.  I even have 60 prims left in allowance.  Add in tons of water, full house controls, beautiful landscaping around the entire sim and a long-established landlord, and I think I’ve lucked out.

If anyone is in the market for a house or apartment, check out Heartsdale Rentals; you can teleport from here.  They have places from luxury to basic 25-prim apartments, and it looks like a good location.

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Too Much is Never Enough

Nothing much to report here — in terms of news, or new clothes, or whatever.  I’ve been working for about three days on the constant bugaboo of Second Lifers:  cutting down on Inventory.  I was close to 16,800 items1 a few days ago; with a lot of determination, setting the sort to date and no folder sort, and standing around mostly buck naked in my (virtual) bedroom, I’ve chopped a lot of stuff out of it and shipped them off to the luminiferous æther. 2 It isn’t just getting rid of landmarks, notecards and calling cards; you need to get in to the muck of boxes you’ve accumulated and go through, throwing out the stuff that you can’t believe you bought and won’t admit to if threatened with cyanide.  And then you should go back through, and give some good hard thought to the stuff you kept in the first round, and decide what you absolutely can’t do without for another year or two.

I feel myself overwhelmed by an inventory of less than 20,000.  Others I’ve talked to in world smile, snort and sneeze at my notions; they stagger around with Inventories of 25,000, 40,000, 60,000 items on their back, most of which never sees the light of day more than once.  Or even never, if they’re like me and have a mess of stuff that they never got around to unpacking and trying on.  That’s what I’m trying to do now, in part.  I suspect that I’ll be able to trim down around 12,000 before the choices start getting painful.

Really, people, you need to take a look at all the shit you’ve picked up over the years you’ve been around.  Do you need to keep 200 gowns, most of which you’ve worn only once?  Or five or ten different living room sets?  Put up for sale or give away what you don’t want to a newbie, refresh your wardrobe to the most recent styles (aside from some classy vintage pieces, such as from Last Call, purchased during the Last Sale in 2008), and, in the words of Monty Python, “Get on with it!”  You’ll find you move around a lot lighter, too, I bet, when the servers don’t need to keep up with all that stuff; and the asset computers will thank you, too!


1 That’s exclusive of Library items, which I’ve suppressed through Debug settings.

2 Remember “luminiferous æther” from your old science classes? That’s the medium everyone though light was propagated through back in the long ago 19th Century. You may still hear them referring to the æther in some of the steampunk sims, to keep in character with the role play; and anyone who has played the Eighties RPG Space:  1889 “knows” that the æther is an essential principle in the movement of ships through space to the various Terran colonies on Mercury, Mars and Venus.  Back in the Real World, some still refer to software that mysteriously disappears as “etherware.”  (“Ethernet” is also a registered trademark for a line of software used in controlling ethernet networks, but I think the difference is obvious.)

This Is a (House) Moving Year

After my landlord at Pandora Island decided they had to close shop, I moved to another sim and bought my first plot of ground.  That was about two months ago.  Now he’s gone out of business. (I can’t blame either of them on this; one of the things dragging on SL’s economy is the RL economy.  People just don’t always have the discretionary income that lets them buy islands like we did in 2007.)

I checked out someone the Pandora landlord suggested, and the one lot they had in my price range was surrounded by hills I couldn’t drop down — they were the property lines, essentially — and had a pond along one side that was also a terraforming no-no.  I didn’t know this until I had put down a week’s tier on purchase.  Apparently non-refundable, as well, or else I’m just too tired of the whole affair to try for my grand back.

Well, one of my cohorts on the Fashion Emergency group came through, suggesting her landlord, and I found a nice apartment to rent.  The good news:  it’s in my price range.  The bad news:  I may have jumped in on a long-term tenant who just missed their rent by a day or so.  The place is loaded with furniture I can’t delete — including a room of kid’s furniture, and a Hello Kitty rug that’s driving me up the wall for some reason.  (I think I just don’t like Hello Kitty; too kawaii cute, as in Cute Overload, as in “Himawari-chan is so cuu-uuuuu-uute!”.)  Any road on that, I’m letting the landlord here check with the previous tenant to see if they’re still interested.  I did a little research on the group page, and the tenant had a recent login, so it’s entirely possible.  This landlord is willing to refund me if it comes to it, though, which is a Good Thing.

After diligent searching, I may have located a lot that I can move to if worse comes to worst at this place.  It looks like the neighbors are more diverse than the herds of My Little Ponies I was surrounded with in Parkside, and the tier, while over what I thought, is reachable.  But if I lose out on this lot through needing to wait….  Well, take a look at the first picture.

UPDATE, August 28, 2:13 a:

The old tenant is no more in the apartment.  I’m laying it out as I get a chance.  If I get this place finished, which I never did with the Parkside site, I’ll shoot some photos and let you see.

Get Along, Little Doggies

Taking a break before I start unpacking

Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little doggies,
It’s your misfortune and none of my own.
Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little doggies,
You know that Wyoming will be your new home.

— Woody Guthrie, “Get Along Little Doggies”


A sign that all is not as we could wish yet in the RL economy:  two days ago, my landlords with Nukunono Estates contacted us on Pandora and Pitcairn Islands and said they would have to close down the sims, as they just weren’t getting enough tenants in to cover their tier.  I’d been on Pandora for close to two years, my longest tenancy in Second Life; and so having the virtual rug pulled out from under me again was something of a wrench.

Instead of the search taking a few days this time, I lucked out right away.  Indeed, I had one offer from a friend to take up a quarter sim for myself; but the tier was far too much for me to handle on that; another friend pointed out to me a plurk that I had not noticed of someone offering a lot.  If things don’t work out here — which I hope they will — I’ll reconsider that one (assuming it’s still open).  In the meantime, though, I’d committed to this place.

This is a step up for me, actually, just as moving from the cabin to the loft on Pandora was.  This place was just land, an open 2048 m2 lot, which meant I had to buy or build a house.  I could probably build, given lots of time, but I elected to buy, as nice prefab houses are quite affordable.  I did wish I’d spent more time looking at houses at the Home Expo a few months ago, though!  In the end, I chose a house built by Hunter Nieuport, an architect recommended to me by another friend.  The design was long but left me enough space for a side yard, while the width just fit within the rectangular lines of my lot.  It’s big and light, with lots of glass.  And the lot gives me more than double the prims I had for only L$300 more rent than I was paying, so I have room to landscape, and maybe even add a more sophisticated photo studio on the second floor.  The only thing down I’ve found so far is I’m surrounded by folk who are breeding and selling breedable horses like nuts.

So here I am again digging stuff out of cracks in my Inventory, figuring out how to distribute it, and probably buying more furniture than clothes over the next few weeks.  With any luck, I’ll show the place off eventually in photos, so keep tuned here for more news.

A Pandora Island Sunset

Sunset from my new apartment

I’ve moved again, folks — but this time it was of my own volition.  I wanted higher ceilings than my old house had, and so I went around Pandora Island to the new apartment block, and snaffled a nice pad.  A fireplace I can turn off and on, Venetian blinds, high ceilings, almost the same number of prims for maybe a Benjamin less — and dig the view up the coastline!

I’m hanging on to my old house for the moment, in case this doesn’t work out.  But, if it does, I know a pretty nice cabin with a great landlord you could rent:  L$1,000/week/450.  If anybody’s interested, check back with me in about two weeks, and I could tell the landlord to release the lease on it.

Filling In for the Absent…. (updated March 19, 2008)

(Originally posted March 5)

The other night, I was at Frank’s Place, and I was commiserating with one of the other habitués about how there was always a dearth of men on hand who were interested in dancing. Jaidyn, the manager of the club, overheard us, grinned at me, and then sent out a group message:

Harper Ganesvoort: If I wasn’t writing a blog article in the background here, I’d pull on a male skin and offer to take up the slack.

Gentlemen! If that’s not an invitation to come to Frank’s for the ladies, I don’t know what is! Please come and keep our beautiful ladies company with a dance and a laugh. You’ll find no more beauty anywhere on SL. ~smile~ See you soon!

That was a quote, incidentally (grin). And I do have a male avatar or two that I pull out when I’m in the mood to — just see toward the bottom of my About page.

But it does seem the case that the male avatars often aren’t interested in romantic dancing, even at clubs that are founded for just such a purpose. Why is that? Are men just not wired that way often, just not as interested in the romance of romance, if you understand what I mean? If nothing else, remember that dancing is a great way to meet people, fellas — and you might just meet someone that you’ll be truly interested in [1].

Until then, if it comes to it, I might yet consider filling in occasionally. But I’d rather be dancing in the avatar I consider me, and with a partner of the opposite affiliation.

UPDATE: March 19

Kit Meredith just put up a long post on a closely related topic — a surprising one, too, considering the reputation Second Life has as a den of iniquity in some circles. Very much worth the read. It’s got a giggle or two in it, but it’s also quite curious.


[1] Oh, dear, I just realized. That’s starting to approach quite close to the Word of Anathema — “commitment.”


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RL and SL merging?

Charlot Dickens at Charlot’s Web points out that it’s getting harder and harder to tell whether you’re in Second Life or the Real World at times, depending on where you are.

Her evidence?  Read the article and see the pictures….

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What Truly Lies Behind the Avatar’s Face?

Nav writes in Scrawled in Wax about a question that frequently exercises sociologists and psychologists studying us in Second Life, and has probably puzzled a number of plain Residents, too. With the ability to become anyone and anything you can imagine when you live on the Grid, just what is it that motivates a person to design an avatar as they do? Not only do most people on the Grid exhibit a mind-blowing (and truly unreal) sexual gorgeousness, but you can also be a girl when you’re a boy, a boy when you’re a girl (apparently less often), a vampire, a half-cat, foxes and dogs and trolls and hobbits and elves and dragons and…. Well, you obviously know what I mean.

Nav’s main point: it’s entirely likely that there’s something more than simple roleplay in many cases. There must be a reason why a person chooses to cover themselves in scales, or festoon their electronic bodies with pendulous (ahem) equipment, or whatever. On the surface, the argument seems rather Freudian; but that doesn’t disqualify it from being valid and worthy of consideration.

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