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Club Night


Harper suggested we go check out a club called Cyberia Openstage.  The Destination Guide (a handy thing at times for newbies or relative newbies for finding fresh places; even you oldbies should try it sometimes) lists it as “a sci-fi themed place with an open stage for all aspiring and established deejays.”  And we loved it when we got there; someone was playing electronica at the time, and a batch of people were grooving the beat.  We recommend it for music and dancing, if you ever want to go clubbing someplace that doesn’t require a ball gown.

Looking for photos of Cyberia? Not here, but edgy fashion, yes. Turn the page.

Ferosh Fashion Week — Going To a Go-Go

Going To a Go-Go 1

Well, there’s a brand new place I’ve found
Where people go from miles around
They come from everywhere
And if you drop in there
You might see anyone in town

“Going To a Go-Go,” by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore, Bobby Rogers, and Marvin Tarplin


Harper and I are hopeless during the summer.  She’s in short-story mode a lot lately and wants to storyboard everything to work out her settings.  We’re both busy with out-of-school families in RL.  But we took a break to get some of the more important work done — like keeping our sanity together with a little fashion fun in world.  We took a quick run — Harper was in one of her Melanda costumes at the time, though she isn’t here — to Ferosh Fashion Week, and I found this lovely, feathery, flirty party dress that I had to get!

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Good Friends, Food, Gossip and Fashion

Juicy Gossip, Juicier Fashion 0

“So,” Harper said while we were having lunch together, “looks like you got to The Instruments.”

“Yeah!” I said as I sipped my lemonade. “I’m afraid I turned into a clone of you; I’m wearing the same dress.”

“Not quite,” Harper said.  A waiter dropped a small salad in front of her; I’d already eaten.  “You chose a pattern. I went for a solid. I’m not that much into patterns and prints, depending.”

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Bound for Nowhere With Firestorm

On a warm summer’s evening
On a train bound for nowhere….

— “The Gambler” (written by Don Schlitz)

Bound for Nowhere_001

Ride the train with me, and find out something special.

Beauty At Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm_001

Hmmm!  I got the word about this place being a great bed-and-breakfast, but to me it looks like something out of the beginning of that Kate Beckinsale movie…?  Yeah; Cold Comfort Farm.  Sort of how it looked before Kate’s character arrives; it gets turned around by the end of the movie.

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 1

Ah, well; I’ve laid down seventy-five quid for the night here, non-refundable.  I might as well find out if it was worth the scratch.  And the lavender in the pots looks and smells lovely!

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 2

I suppose I’m fitting the theme here; I’m dressed up as fancy as Kate’s character, very much a city girl in a world outside of her experience.  It doesn’t matter that Cold Comfort Farm was set in the 1920s and this is the 2010s.  I found this great suit at Ferosh Fashion Week, and I just had to wear it today.  I even managed to keep from splashing it with mud, or ruining it by laying down the scooter!

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 3

Now, if I can just find someone to help me lug the luggage upstairs to the room….  And I hope this diamond collar will be safe here; I don’t want a goat breaking into the room and munching down on it.  Maybe I should have brought the titanium hatbox with me.

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 4


I’m wearing:

  • Skin: PXL Linda (G3 NAT PaleLips LEB)
  • Eyes: The Sugar Girl Spilled Milk (Lavendar)
  • Hair: Crown Amelia
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.4 (Casual)
  • Outfit: Byrne DiamondDoll Dress (ShinyWhite FIT), with black boots and white collar — purchased at Ferosh Fashion Week
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Alysia Pearls earrings and ring
  • Makeup: Zibska Makoto eyeshadow (11); Arte double winged 1 eyeliner (Black); Glamorize Glam mascara (02); Glamorize Lip Licks lipstick (Dominatrix); Arte Eyebrows Glamorous (ash blonde)

Shot at Lemon Beach.

Jem's signature

The Carnival is Over

(Warning:  picture-intensive, may take a little time to load, depending on your system)

The Carnival is Over 1

Say goodbye, my own true lover
As we sing a lover’s song

The Carnival is Over 5

How it breaks my heart to leave you
Now the carnival is gone

The Carnival is Over 10

More of the lyrics, and a video of The Seekers, after you turn the page.

Berry’s Monday Memes — Avatar Transformation

Written en route to Orlando, Florida:

Something different 2

It’s Meme Time again!!!

From Strawberry Singh, on March 2 — “Transform your avatar completely so that even your friends wouldn’t recognize you.”

For me, and my love of alien looks, this wasn’t difficult at all, at least in the gross sense.  I pulled out one of the shapes I don’t often wear, which I use for my character of Keiko in my stories, and proceeded to transform her from the norm to something more…exotic.  I did try to use mostly recent items, so you’ll see these (if still available) at some of the current events.  I’m sorry, but I’ve quite forgotten which ones to go to; but contacting the creators should help.

Something different 3


The details:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Hybrid (GOLD egyptian)
  • Eyes: Less is More CyberEye v. 3.0
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant Healy
  • Attachments: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 (Casual)
  • Outfit: United Colors leather shorts and vest (Navy)
  • Shoes: celoe snare ankle boots (biscay)
  • Jewelry (all by Maxi Gossamer): Bangle – San Remo (Silver Aged); earrings and necklace – Esra’s Giant Teardrops (silver); Ring – Khaleesi’s Ring Of Power (Small)
  • Makeup: Mystic Canvass Pouty Gloss lipstick (Goth Red); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed Yellow); Oceane Boho eyeshadow (Harira)

WindLight: Annan Adored Light Explosion II
Photographed in MyANIMATION region

signature 3

A Last Bit of Sunshine

erratic trisha 1

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” — Henry David Thoreau

The merchants at the monthly Uber event are giving us a last splash of summer before we settle into coats and sweaters for the winter.  The cold season comes fast and hard in Second Life — one day your sim may be sunshiny and all flowers; the next, you’re blanketed in white.  Why not find somewhere to take in a little last-minute color to tide you over until spring returns?

Want more sunshine before the snow flies? Turn the page.

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