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We’re still storyboarding, though not as intensely as we were last week or so in terms of over and over.  However, it can be hard work, and it calls for a break and a little silliness during kickback time.  We’re collapsed in my apartment in Mesa 5, another “corrupt cyber-world” RP region.  I’ve maintained flops in the past in INSILICO, but the world there is just too gritty for my taste in terms of living in it long term.  Mesa 5 is also very freeform, and brilliantly built, all the way down to the lighting changing from the upper to the lower levels of territory.  (You might want a Class R95 respirator in the Undercity — the air pollution is serious.)

You can find out more at the Mesa 5 Wiki.  No OOC or Observer tag appears necessary to explore the platform, from the bottom to the top.  Give it a look at the least, and support the group if you find a donation box.  (We always contribute if we can when we use a location; it’s only polite.)

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