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Going On Vacation

I’ll be taking a week off from in-world travels while I take the RL kids to their grandmother for a week.  Hopefully, Around the Grid will still have at least one article coming during that time; it’s way past time that I did a few Contact Sheet columns.  In the meantime, make sure you check out Fashion For Life, which I advertised a few days ago, and is opening today!  As an incentive, I found some early pictures on a Flickr contact’s stream that will give you a taste of the beautiful sims that will be crawling with fashionistas soon.  Start at this one, and click the Older button to scroll through; there are seven pictures, with the last one being the main landing point.  Please stop by, and be generous for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

UPDATE:  March 11, 1:07 a.m. CST —

Tillie Ariantho sends a link to her photos of opening day at FFL.

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Over 100,000 Views!

100,000 visits!!!

By what I’m figuring from my statistics, I passed 100,000 visits either Thursday or Friday.  That is good performance by this blog over over 4 1/4 years, and I thank everyone who’s stopped by to check me out, or to stay and read for a while.  I hope you’ll keep coming back.

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 17,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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4 Blogtastic Years

I recently passed the four-year mark in writing this blog, and I’m still going at it.  That’s a gratifying thing, considering that the last blog I wrote, focusing on RL, I lost interest in after three years, and shut it down a few months after the fourth anniversary.  Here in Second Life, I still find interesting things to talk about, lovely clothes to wear, fascinating places to visit, and the occasional item or cause to express an opinion about.

In the past, I’ve done a lot of statistical groveling at this time each year; but my Top 10 of stats has so stabilized over four years that I don’t see too much point in subjecting you to all that analysis again.  My most active article, on the old custom gown I commissioned back in my first year, is still the most active — well over 7,000 visits — and that’s because I have people visiting the blog for a good picture of an actress in a Star Trek episode, not because they’re interested in Second Life (sigh, grin).  That conjecture is proved out by the search terms used to get here; most of them are for the actress, Diana Ewing.  It’s really a pretty good guess that any blog on any topic will get a large proportion of its visits simply because they showed up on a search page, and someone is stopping in to see if the article really fits what they’re looking for.  That’s the down side of how Web search still works.  I will say, though, that I’ve had over 96,000 visits in the past four years, and that’s a very nice number to me.  (Based on that, the Droxine article is only 7.5% of all traffic.)  Not all of them can be looking for balderdash — I hope….

I think what may be a more meaningful metric now — and for several years — is the number of posts I’ve written, and the number of comments and subscriptions I get.  To wit:  659 articles over this time, even with the computer outages I’ve had.  That works out to an average of a little over 3 articles a week, despite those outages and the occasional falloff of interest I go through.  That’s not too bad keeping up with this thing.  And the interest in the blog is gratifying as well:  480 comments in that time, or a little over 2 comments a week.  Of course, most weeks in actuality I get no comments at all; averages can be deceiving.  But people read the blog at least, and a further proof of that is the 24 subscribers I have to my articles, and the 63 “shares” I’ve received of pieces on Facebook and other platforms.

It hasn’t always been roses trying to write this thing.  As I said, there have been times I haven’t been interested in logging in to Second Life.  Some articles have been less than inspired, even in my unbiased (ahem) opinion.  One article, which I retracted and deleted, was positively reviled, and attacked by quite a few visitors.  Things like that can make it hard for an avatar to get interested in writing.  Somehow, I’ve kept it together, even with a grueling RL commute to work, keeping the bills paid, occasional vacations, and other forms of juggling eggs.  I hope and pray I’ll continue to keep it up here.

In closing this article, I’ll borrow from one of my favorite publications, one that’s been around a hell of a lot longer than Around the Grid:  the Old Farmer’s Almanac — “However, it is by our works and not our words that we would be judged.  These, we hope, will sustain us in the humble though proud station we have so long held….”  The thing is that, in a blog, the words are the works, aside from any photographs or other visual content there may be.  I hope, then, that my own works have been satisfactory to my readers — you who are looking at this “work” now.  And, though I really doubt Around the Grid will be here for 219 years, like the OFA, I do hope to keep writing and publishing for some time, and pleasing you with what I do.  As ever…,

No Hallowe’en Photo Contest This Year

I hate to say this, but there will be no 2nd Annual Hallowe’en Photo Contest this year, due to a (hopefully) temporary lack of RL liquidity causing a corresponding lack in SL.  I always aim in my photo contests for a minimum of L$6,500 in prizes, but I won’t be able to do that until I get the bank account built back up.  (Looks like I’ll need to control my shopping sprees for a month or two here.)  I hope to have things improved by January, when it will be time for the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, so watch this space for details.

Down Again!

I don’t know what’s happened this time, but my less than a year old tower is down. I wonder if bugs are munching on it during the day…? Any road, I won’t be able to take it in to some shop until next Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’ll be scrounging time on the husband’s netbook for now…and no time in world. Thank the Lord I have my rents paid for a while in advance!

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Comment on Articles Using Twitter and Facebook IDs

I love WordPress.  They give you so many great tools to write your blog with, and then they give you great tools to make it easier for people to leave comments as well.

Starting today, you now have four choices for identifying yourself when you leave a comment:  as a guest, with your WordPress ID, or (as is becoming more common across the Web) using your account from Twitter or Facebook.  So you don’t need to have a WordPress account if you want to “sign” your post.  Actually, you’ve never needed an account on Around the Grid, as we’ve always allowed guest commentary.  But this makes the process even more versatile.  You can even be logged in to one service already, and still use another of your choice; see the picture here.

I took this while logged in to both WordPress and Twitter (my service of choice, though I have an account with Zuckerberg’s House of Identity Controversy).

So you have a choice now.  Lay it on me!

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My Blogroll is Cleaned Up; Open for Suggestions

Around the Grid has been publishing for 3 1/2 years now, and I’ve accumulated a ton of links that I had in my blogroll.  However, considering the ease of fall out and fall in to Second Life, I suspected today that a lot of those links were either changed, or just plain dead.  So you may notice my blogroll is now much shorter than it was — by 30-50 links.  A lot of old standbys have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another; Second Style has gone completely blog-based now, the Metaverse Messenger doesn’t appear to have been published since late 2010, etc.

If anyone has some suggestions for additions, I’m quite open to it.  I’d be most interested in blogs and sites from the following categories, all concerning Second Life activities, of course:  arts, architecture, design and decoration, news, machinima, travel/exploration, and personal blogs.  Fashion is always welcome, of course, but we need coverage in other areas as well.

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New Facebook Page

In light of Facebook’s recent increase in deletion of Second Life avatar accounts, I’ve taken the precaution of putting up a page connected to this blog.  All my readers are welcome to go to it and click the Like button.  Though I will say that I’m rather ambivalent about the whole thing.  Facebook is always proclaiming it values a user’s privacy, but then swinging around and doing something that compromises that privacy to varying extents.  This is one reason I refuse to link any of my Second Life activities to my RL persona — I prefer to keep the two separate and compartmentalized as much as possible.

Still, Facebook is a method of free advertising for this blog and my photographic work.  For someone with no advertising budget, you can’t beat free….  (sigh)

Alternatively, you can friend me on 2ndhub, which has become very popular as an alternative to Facebook — just not as famous (grin).  You can also find an updated SLurl on 2ndhub to my store location, if you’d like to buy any of my art prints or original photographs.

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Thank goodness, my new desktop shipped today!! It should arrive by next Tuesday, according to estimates, and then I’ll be able to get off this blasted smartphone and get some actual blogging done. And that will be just in time to do the judging for the photo contest, too.

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