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Two Benefit Packages at My Store

A fast plug before I crash for the night. I normally don’t plug my store on this blog too much, but I have two boxes of prints on sale at Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs right in my door, the full proceeds of which go to benefit Phoenix Psaltery. One is my current full collection of Twenties prints for L$1,000, a nearly L$500 savings — and you’re helping a good man while you’re purchasing. The other is five of the sci-fi posters in my skybox Sci-Fi Gallery, normally L$700, going for L$500.

Come on by and be generous, folks!

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Benefit Auction for Phoenix Psaltery

This is a copy of a notecard sent to me by Malburns Writer, who received it from Crap Mariner.  I’m reproducing it verbatim:

Bloggers, SL Music Fans, and Friends you can help us make a difference in someone’s Real Life!

Phoenix Psaltery and his SL/RL wife Sansarya Caligari are both long-time, well known residents in SL. He owns part of one of the oldest SL newspapers, The Metaverse Messenger, and Sans blogs about her passionate love for SL fashion. They are both very supportive of the Live music scene in SL as well.

Just a few days ago, Phoenix went into complete renal failure and has ended up in intensive care at a hospital away from his home town, with a shunt for dialysis. Unfortunately, there are other complications as well, including pneumonia.  Finances have gotten dire for them as Sans has to stay at a hotel while he’s in ICU, not to mention other expenses that are incurred and with children left at home in the care of relatives.

So their SL friends have joined together to help them! We are putting on an all day auction and live DJ event. Many people have donated items such as transferable Dazzle dresses, and merchants such as myself have made limited editions for sale at this auction only.

Here’s the LM to the event as well as some details and pics:

The event starts Saturday August 23 at 10AM SLT, with a fabulous DJ line up.
Cylindrian Rutabaga performing live 9-10 AM
10 AM till Noon Siggy Romulus
Noon till 2 PM aEoLuS Waves
2 PM till 4 PM Esma/Io
4 PM till 6 PM Lucifer Baphomet
6 PM till 8 PM Lecktor Hannibal
8 PM till 10 PM Vivianne Draper
10 pm till Midnight Augustus Bainbridge

And here’s a taste of what’s for auction:

* Limited Edition Purple Latex Kimono by Zorena Deckard (Ookami Ningen)

* RL original oil painting by Jen (from Jen) SL name Schechinah Enoch (title: Currents Oil on Canvas 2004 20″x24″) Free shipping is included if it gets a price of $250USD or more.
This is a minimum so the auction should start at that price for this item.
The pic can be seen here:…&postcount=111
* 1k gift card to Blaze (from Susanne Pascale)
* 2 years of ad rotation in SLTrivia (from FlipperPA Peregrine)
* 1/2 black & white page ad in special print SLCC edition (worth $467 USD) (from Katt Kongo)
* Metric ton of clothing from Dazzle and Last Call (from various donators)
* Original one of a kind outfit from A2NZ “P2” Rubber cloak
* A lot of stuff from Aeolous’ store. I have never been to his store so I’m not sure what that is but whatever it is the auction gets five of everything.
* Limited release outfit from 2006 from Pixel Dolls (donated by a buyer not Neph)
* Fat pack of Full line of Elegance hats (from Morrigan)
* Full set Fat Little Sofa, Fat Little Chair, and Fat Little Ottoman from Relic
* Not yet released AMBIANCE Henna Collection Living Room Set by Desiree
* ‘Very Large Domed Tent – Brown- Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* ‘Very Large Domed Tent – Buff – Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* ‘Very Large Domed Tent – Purple – Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* ‘Giant Potato on flatcar with sign’ by Osprey Therian

I’m also setting out a special edition dress for sale during the event at both the auction and my store.

I hope you can blog about this wonderful gathering of support.  Please feel free to display part or all of the information I’ve provided.

Zorena Deckard (Ookami Ningen Fur Cloaks and Japanese Fashion)

Let’s see if we can break open our purses enough to help out a couple who’ve done so much for us with their publications

Trademarkgate© — Latest Newslink

Check this week’s issue of the Metaverse Messenger for a Perspective piece — essentially an editorial or op-ed — by Phoenix Psaltery on the trademark and branding situation; or what, for short, I believe I shall begin referring to as “Trademarkgate©.” [1] Two key paragraphs:

You know, I totally understand LL’s desire to protect their branding. I know it’s important for a company to protect its trademarks, its logos, and its intellectual property, but for Linden Lab to have permitted residents to use domain names such as SLExchange, SLProfiles, SLTrivia, and SLBoutique (now for the last four years, and then to suddenly try to say that they’ll all have to change their established business names is cutting the throats of the very people that helped to popularize Second Life as a platform, a game, a social networking site — however you look at it.

What’s worse is how it affects residents who have worked long and hard to establish their businesses and were very careful to follow Linden Lab’s previous branding guidelines to the letter, only to now be told that they aren’t in compliance with the new regulations because their URL has “SL” in it. Talk about changing horses in midstream!

Please read in full; the article starts on page 5, and jumps to page 19.


Additionally, Hamlet Au has completed the survey he was running at New World Notes, and he publishes the results, along with a distillation of 10 questions concerned Residents are wanting answered by Linden Lab.


[1] “Trademarkgate” is a copyrighted term of the avatar known as Harper Ganesvoort, and all rights are reserved in perpetuity, unless you are a fellow Second Life blogger. Linden Lab will have to pay royalty through the nose for the right to use this term (grin).

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