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Microsoft Purchase Rumors Potentially Debunked

Instead, it appears that the eminent Mr. Ballmer in Redmond has purchased Vivaty, another virtual world.  Hamlet Au speculates that this might be the source of the rumors which shot through the Plitterverse (that’s both Twitter and Plurk) a few days ago that Microsoft was bidding for the purchase of Linden Lab.

So, it appears that Philip Rosedale’s hair and codpiece are safe from getting emblazoned with a Windows logo, I guess.  Who knows, though?  Steve Ballmer might have made him get a haircut and a suit, finally (grin).

Philip Rosedale to Become a Microserf? Rumors of Microsoft Bidding for Linden Lab

So far, it’s just unconfirmed rumors.  But Daniel Voyager plurked today that Microsoft has made a bid for purchase of Linden Lab, with the rumor apparently being spread by Lab employees.  Tateru Nino is also writing this up as a rumor.

If this becomes truth, how will this work out, becoming another component in Everyone’s Favorite Computer Monopoly?  (It might be a logical thing; after all, we’re already spending Monopoly™ money in world, in a sense.)  Microsoft has done some things right on occasion, mainly in the area of software for businesses (i.e. Office et al.), but it’s done a hell of a lot more wrong — Internet Explorer, at least most of the previous versions to current, many aspects of Windows, and the ever-memorable Bob interface of loathsome history.  They can bring a lot of resources to bear on a problem, which would help pay for much of the development work that Second Life still desperately needs to improve lag and other areas of the experience.  Their management style, however, can be, shall we say, strong?  I doubt that Steve Ballmer is a believer in the concept of a “wholly-owned, independent subsidiary.”

Keep your ears to the ground.


In a related piece of rumor, Conceivably Tech speculates on indications in the luminiferous æther that Microsoft may also be bidding to acquire…WordPress, the foundation software and host for this blog.

Is Second Life’s Current Client Windows 7-Compatible?

2logos I’ve been quite satisfied to date with Windows XP — yes, I know, your mileage may vary — and have not yet had a reason to go out and buy a copy of Windows 7.  (Thank all benign powers, I have never experienced Vista!)  It’s been a temptation, though, just for the sake of being up to date.  (I think the current box has enough marbles to handle it.)  Three things hold me back:

  1. It’s incredibly early days yet in the life of this latest version of the Microsoft flag program (no pun intended on the Windows logo).  I’d rather let someone else be the gamma testbed, and wait until the first few rounds of bug fixes are out of the way.
  2. I don’t have the money (the leading reason!).
  3. I’ve heard Dreadful Rumors, verging on Unconfirmed Reports, that Second Life won’t run decently, if at all, on the new system.

From what I’ve seen in a quick Google search, this last is again a case of Your Mileage May Vary.  Some people may have the proper drivers to do the job; one report I’ve seen says that the native Windows graphic drivers (from Intel) can’t hack it, and you need an Nvidia card and drivers to carry the load.  Others report things just fine if they install XP drivers.  Others tell tales of woe and no success (or login), no matter what they do.

One thing is probable; you’ll need an up-to-date box to run Windows 7, and that means a relatively current graphics card.  Desktops, of course, will be in the lead on this, as their owners can buy new graphics cards (“Please, Santa, bring me a new Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 as a stocking stuffer!”); laptop users are pretty much shafted by the nature of their beasts.

Assuming that the card is compatible with Windows 7, then the ball is in the court of the client writers.  I’ve been checking the Big Blog, but Linden Lab is silent to date on whether either the official client, any of the Release Candidates, or Snowglobe will cope with the new system.  The independents are probably working faster on the question; their progress will be controlled by whether they’ve obtained Windows 7 themselves.  I’ve already heard of one workaround for Emerald, probably the most popular independent client.

Do you, gentle readers, have any information to relate?  Any workarounds that can assist the lunatic fringe, uh, the early release users of Win 7?  If you know of something, drop a comment here.

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