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REBLOG: Tyako Coage, As Photographed By Ruriko Bracken

Ruriko Bracken, a Japanese Second Life Resident and a lovely model and photographer, takes a break now and then from the virtual world for some Real Life.  She’s currently back in, and most welcome in both her roles.

In this feature, found on her own Japanese-language blog, Ruriko Style, Ruri-chan does a pair of excellent photos of Tyako Coage, Miss Virtual World Japan 2012.  Tyako is wearing a gown from AZUL that was designed for her.  I’ll include one thumbnail here to get you interested; if you want more, go visit Ruri-chan’s article.  There is a Google Translate button on the right side, so you can get a (species of) translation into your language easily.

Copyright 2012 by Ruriko Bracken; all rights reserved

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