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Get Along, Little Doggies

Taking a break before I start unpacking

Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little doggies,
It’s your misfortune and none of my own.
Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little doggies,
You know that Wyoming will be your new home.

— Woody Guthrie, “Get Along Little Doggies”


A sign that all is not as we could wish yet in the RL economy:  two days ago, my landlords with Nukunono Estates contacted us on Pandora and Pitcairn Islands and said they would have to close down the sims, as they just weren’t getting enough tenants in to cover their tier.  I’d been on Pandora for close to two years, my longest tenancy in Second Life; and so having the virtual rug pulled out from under me again was something of a wrench.

Instead of the search taking a few days this time, I lucked out right away.  Indeed, I had one offer from a friend to take up a quarter sim for myself; but the tier was far too much for me to handle on that; another friend pointed out to me a plurk that I had not noticed of someone offering a lot.  If things don’t work out here — which I hope they will — I’ll reconsider that one (assuming it’s still open).  In the meantime, though, I’d committed to this place.

This is a step up for me, actually, just as moving from the cabin to the loft on Pandora was.  This place was just land, an open 2048 m2 lot, which meant I had to buy or build a house.  I could probably build, given lots of time, but I elected to buy, as nice prefab houses are quite affordable.  I did wish I’d spent more time looking at houses at the Home Expo a few months ago, though!  In the end, I chose a house built by Hunter Nieuport, an architect recommended to me by another friend.  The design was long but left me enough space for a side yard, while the width just fit within the rectangular lines of my lot.  It’s big and light, with lots of glass.  And the lot gives me more than double the prims I had for only L$300 more rent than I was paying, so I have room to landscape, and maybe even add a more sophisticated photo studio on the second floor.  The only thing down I’ve found so far is I’m surrounded by folk who are breeding and selling breedable horses like nuts.

So here I am again digging stuff out of cracks in my Inventory, figuring out how to distribute it, and probably buying more furniture than clothes over the next few weeks.  With any luck, I’ll show the place off eventually in photos, so keep tuned here for more news.

Relaxing at Home Number 5

Kicking back beside the fireplace

I guess I haven’t mentioned that I’ve moved again, but this time it was my choice.  Some of the corners and other layout factors in my old house weren’t making me happy, so I went over to a place I’ve been eyeballing — fortunately, on the same island and with the same landlord! — and the apartment I wanted was open!  Not only that, but it’s L$120 less for almost the same number of prims, and I’ve actually shucked some of the prims I was consuming in the move.

I’m almost completely set up — far faster than I was doing on two-floor houses; I just need to put up some more art on the walls.  Although, if anyone can point me toward a nice, animated (not with sex animations) or editable bed in Art Deco style, I would thank them deeply.  And who knows?  I may finally decide to throw a housewarming for once….

I’ll put together some photos over the next few days, so watch this if you’re interested.

A Pandora Island Sunset

Sunset from my new apartment

I’ve moved again, folks — but this time it was of my own volition.  I wanted higher ceilings than my old house had, and so I went around Pandora Island to the new apartment block, and snaffled a nice pad.  A fireplace I can turn off and on, Venetian blinds, high ceilings, almost the same number of prims for maybe a Benjamin less — and dig the view up the coastline!

I’m hanging on to my old house for the moment, in case this doesn’t work out.  But, if it does, I know a pretty nice cabin with a great landlord you could rent:  L$1,000/week/450.  If anybody’s interested, check back with me in about two weeks, and I could tell the landlord to release the lease on it.

On the Road…Again!?!

Land o’ Goshen, it seems I can’t keep a house around me for longer than six or eight months.  And usually a lot shorter.  My last landlord dropped a notice on the entire renters’ group saying that he was forced to sell his two remaining regions, and refunded our remaining rents.  (I’m wondering if it has something to do with the rise in Homestead rates, but I wasn’t going to question him; the note sounded painful for him to write.)

Fortunately, some loose time and a lot of hard work later found me a house in Pandora Island with just about the same deal as I’d had.  I’ve already moved bag and baggage in.  But now I’ve got to decorate it and sort everything out!

In case you haven’t figured this out before…I hate moving!

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Full-Sim Movin’ Day Blues — with a Happy Outcome

So, as I was saying, I’ve moved again. And thereby hangs a tale….

I started out in my early days in a crackerjack little skybox that had malfunctioning doors on the upper level; after the first few days in residence, I never could get out to my own patio. Next came the famous apartment in Dunyvaig region, with a wonderful glass wall and roof. But the sleeping loft had a very low ceiling, forcing me to twitch my camera whenever I teleported upstairs. I finally got fed up with that, and ran off to a pair of friends.

Those friends were Gymmy and Nanceee Sinatra, the owners of Frank’s Place in Oasis Resort (Around the Grid, Web site). They had recently built a set of spacious apartments on the unused portion of their island; after a good examination of the place, I snagged a loft. This had two large circular rooms, with balconies on three sides. An elevator serviced all five floors of the block. I stayed there for a month and a half — and then the Sinatras asked if I could move to the block at the far end of the island. Due to the growing popularity of Frank’s, they were trying to improve lag time on the sim by clearing ground.

I’m uncertain if my moving helped out the club, but the increase in average population in the region didn’t help me much. When the lag became so bad that I couldn’t teleport any farther than the next island — and frequently crashed the client in the process — I knew it was time to split. Nanceee and Gymmy are good friends, and it was a wrench to tell them I was moving; but I wanted to improve the situation. Two days of hunting produced the place that I now call my SL home.

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