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Newbie Starter Resource from Strawberry Singh

The ever-gracious and ever-lovely Strawberry Singh has published a starter guide for Second Life newbies at her blog.  It’s a very useful item for someone trying to get their feet under them, and could even offer a few tips for us oldsters of 3 or more years’ duration in world (grin).

Thanks to New World Notes.

Pay It Virtually Forward — Personal Shepherding of Newcomers

How long have you been a Second Life Resident? As for myself, as you can tell from “About” and my Profile, I’m still a relative newbie; I first rezzed up in October of last year. I’ve apparently just passed the 100-days-old mark recently, however, because I’ve received a nice IM from an in-world gallery owner, looking for works to sell (grin). In these hundred-plus days, though, I still remember the day I first appeared on Orientation Island and went through the basic tutorials. I’m a fast learner, I’m proud to say; but I still had the occasional question to ask, and I’m thankful for the avatars who took the time to answer them.

I was reminded more forcefully of that gratitude the other morning. I’ve taken to joining the Morning Coffee Time at the Blarney Stone in Dublin region (8:00-10:00 a.m. SLT, if you’re interested); and I was modeling the Droxine costume I had just purchased from Hanalyn Ferrer, when Zoe, the host, welcomed someone in. We all quickly discovered that the new girl, Emarie, was a new girl — she had joined SL just the day before. She had shot through the Orientation tutorials, like most new Residents do. Even with time spent in depth on the Learning Isles, though, most of us still have questions about the world and its culture. Emarie certainly did, and I pulled up her Profile to IM her and offer some assistance.

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