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Ridin’ with the King

The King

The King has gone home.  Riley B. King, better known to his millions of devotees as B. B. King, died today at age 89.  B. B. was respected by both contemporaries and by the many younger musicians in jazz, blues and rock that he inspired with his guitar playing and Delta blues. A multiple Grammy winner, he was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors in 1995.

Eric Clapton considered him a teacher, and recorded an album with him that I loved.  I’ve never collected blues music, but this one, and its title song, has stayed with me for years, including the spoken recitation near the end:

I stepped out of Mississippi when I was ten years old
With a suit cut sharp as a razor and a heart made of gold
I had a guitar hanging just about waist high
And I’m gonna play this thing until the day I die

Rest well, Your Majesty.  We’ll take care of Lucille for you.

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Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second Life

Thanks much to Daniel Voyager for this news.  Linden Lab will be rolling out some delicious changes to Second Life in the upcoming months.  Not all of them may be useful to everybody, but everyone should find something in this batch to like.  Read the article, and salivate!!

Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second Life.

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Heartbleed Concerns

It’s sad to do my 1,001st article on a thing that shouldn’t be happening in a rational society, where everyone obeys the law.  Unfortunately, the Real World isn’t that rational.  If you aren’t sick about reading about the Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL, keep going here, because this brief piece on Around the Grid concerns you.  If you are sick of reading about it, keep reading anyway; you probably have at least one account affected by the crisis.

Mashable has run a recent article on Heartbleed, and it identifies a number of sites that were running the flawed version of OpenSSL, which could render your passwords and personal data vulnerable.  This is really vital reading to everyone!!!  Most of us have a Facebook account; many of us use some service offered by Yahoo or Google, run a Tumblr blog, or do a mess of pinning on Pinterest.  And other services may be affected as well.  The Mashable article has a substantial list of businesses and whether or not they admit they were running a site with the bug.  Every one that you have an account on which is marked with a green check mark, get yourself there soon and change your password.  And make it a good one as well; there are references available to teach you how to construct memorable, reasonably safe passwords — longish phrases with a mix of cases, numbers and punctuation are excellent in my experience.  Record your new passwords in several different places that you can access easily to update them when needed — and then change them on a periodic basis, whether there’s a security crisis or not going on.  It’s just safer that way.  (I keep two separate password vaults:  one on my desktop and one on my phone.  Both are password locked themselves, and are mostly mirrors of each other.)

As for Second Life, it didn’t make the Mashable list, but I don’t know if anyone has checked with Linden Lab.  I’m taking no chances, and changing my password again with them in a few minutes as part of my overall upgrade to my security.  I’d encourage you to do the same, just as a reasoned precaution; I think the account servers can handle the strain.  I also have accounts on Flickr, Google and Tumblr, and I’ve changed the passwords there as well.  Other services I’m doing just as a precaution; I’ll probably throw in my financial accounts within 24 hours, just to really be on the safe side, although every bank claims to be safe.

Call it raving paranoia, if you wish.  I call it constructive paranoia at the worst, and sound precaution at the least.  Change your passwords!

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Dirk Talamasca memorial service in Second Life, 4pm SLT on Saturday 5th April 2014

Daniel says it all in his article. Dirk Talamasca will be missed, and I hope you’ll attend the memorial; it may be tricky for me to get there, but I’m going to make the attempt. Blessings on Dirk, and sympathy for his family

Daniel Voyager

As you have no doubt heard, Dirk Talamasca passed away in real life last Sunday 30th March 2014 which is really sad news for the grid and I received word today that there will be a special memorial service held in Second Life to remember him.

The plan is to gather at the Linden Memorial Park this Saturday, April 5 at 4:00 PM SLT to remember the wonderful times, help, and laughter that Dirk so freely gave to all who had the good fortune to meet him in his nine years in Second Life.

Please spread the word in SL and via social media. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Linden Memorial Park, Pinechapel Linden Memorial Park, Pinechapel

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Ebbe Linden visits 1920s Berlin and hints that Lindens will do more mingling

This is an excellent thing to see and hear about. I wish I hadn’t been at work today, else I might have dropped by the Project to meet our new välvillig magnat (benevolent overlord) myself. Let’s hope for more drop-ins by many more Lindens!

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Earlier today (still April 1st) Ebbe Linden aka Ebbe Altberg CEO of Linden Lab, posted this mysterious message on twitter;


A very exciting message although also a little mysterious.

Has an official decision been made about Lindens are going to be inworld more often?

Snapshot_005For some time now people started noticing that Lindens were becoming a rare sight, much to everyone’s dismay.
Most of us like seeing a Linden pop in during events or just wandering around.
Last year I heard rumours about there being some sort of restrictions about Lindens being allowed ‘out in the wild’ and it would be fantastic if that has now been overturned.

Being a rather demure and subtle lady, I immediately decided to try and test Ebbe’s post;


Schnaps and stroopwafels, an offer impossible to resist!

Snapshot_029Although I didn’t really expect him to pop up in 1920s Berlin within minutes of that post!


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Scammer Pulls “Invisi-vendor” Trick at Slink

Photo courtesy of Ulaa Coronet

Photo courtesy of Ulaa Coronet

While running through Plurk this morning, I discovered a replurk from Gidge Uriza that led me to an original message by Ulaa Coronet, warning of a rather nasty scammer pulling a trick at Slink, the line with the insanely popular line of mesh avatar body enhancements by Siddean Munro.  Study this photo taken by Ulaa.  Do you see the larger, invisiprim box surrounding the vendor?  That box is another vendor, which has been rezzed around Siddean’s own vendor, by an avatar identified as Kitten Dover.  When the unsuspecting Resident goes to purchase a set of feet (and hands as well, apparently) from Siddean, they’re actually paying Dover, and then getting a box filled with virtual air.  Dover was able to do this because Siddean kindly allowed people to rezz purchases inside her store.  Dover victimized Siddean thrice, first by stealing from her, then from her customers, and by abusing the trust Siddean put in her customers not to do anything like this.

According to comments to Ulaa’s plurk, Siddean has been reached and is correcting the problem.  Complaints have been filed as well, I believe, although what can be done may be problematic.  Other store owners should pay attention to this, however.  Sadly, this could happen again at any store that allows Residents to build within the store itself.  It’s a nice courtesy to allow purchasers to rezz their box and open it in the store, but it’s no longer really needed, as scripted, self-opening bags are becoming common at many designers across the Grid.  To protect themselves, their customers, and the goodwill they have built toward their brand, store owners should turn off public rezz/build within their store area, except for perhaps a small designated area, such as I’ve seen and used at some other stores.  Purchasers should perhaps check to see if building is enabled inside a store, and (if so) probe the vendor on any popular products.  If a prim similar to what you see in Ulaa’s picture pops up instead, or if the vendor is set to anyone other than the store’s owner or designated employee, do not purchase from that vendor!  Instead, take a photo like the above to document the fraud attempt, and notify the store owner as quickly as possible.  Filing an abuse report with Linden Lab against the fraudster is also recommended.  Remember that the store owner is not at fault in such cases; they’re being victimized as much as you, and stolen from when someone cannot purchase from them.

SUPPLEMENTAL, 12:33 p.m.:  As Roni notes below, Kitten Dover has done a screen-name change to Siddean Munro!  Unless you’re familiar with the real Siddean, be very wary and check the person’s profile.  Linden Lab, take note here!!


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It’s the end of the world as we know it….

Kiss Cassandra braid

…and I feel fine (grin).

(Just had to do this….)


Linden Lab Changing “Group Code”

Daniel Voyager reports that Linden Lab is changing the code for groups this week.  According to the official announcement:

Beginning tomorrow, Linden Labs will be rolling out some changes across the grid in the code for groups that will affect ALL viewers being used in SL right now – including the SL viewers. The rollout should be completed by Friday.

What it means is that you will be unable to access the member lists in any group with 10,000 or more in the group.  You will still be able to get group chat. You will be able to send group notices and invite people to join the group if your group role allows it.  You will be unable to assign a role and you will be unable to eject anyone from the group since you will not have access to that particular individual’s name. If you are a moderator in the group, you will be unable to exercise any mod abilities such as taking away chat privileges for the same reason.

The SL viewer should be updated soon. Firestorm will be updated but the timeline is unsure at this point (hopefully this weekend but that’s not a sure thing yet).

We have no information about any of the other viewers at this time.

As I’m reading Daniel, the loss of powers should be a temporary thing, until the viewers themselves are updated to handle the new code.  Daniel says, “The new code changes will fix groups using HTTP which makes it more reliable for loading and editing for 10k+ members in SL groups. This is a switch-over from the old UDP which is not that great for handling large groups with 10k+ members. Its slow loading and harder to edit things with additional issues within groups.”

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Real Life — Brief Thoughts on Aurora, Colorado

I’m back from my run up to the Midwest, and I was planning to write about some of the hairstyles I found at Hair Fair during the past week. But that can wait for now; something far more relevant to life is on my mind at the moment.

The news from Aurora, Colo., as well as Toronto, Ontario and even near me here in Tuscaloosa, Ala., isn’t something that’s easy to wrap your thoughts around. Madness, however, rarely is. And I don’t think you can ascribe this to anything but madness. Evil, as people see it – the deliberate desire for destruction and mayhem for no reason other than out of pure desire for it – is a rare thing in reality, for which we should all be thankful. Assuming, for the moment, that James Holmes is the killer – highly likely, considering all the evidence to date, but still to be proven in a court of law – his actions must be regarded as the impulses of a sick mind, one that could no longer accept the norms of society for some reason bizarre to the rest of us. It’s our duty as a society to find out why, learn from this, and use that knowledge in the future to prevent any more such events.

The most disturbing thing: that more shootings like this have taken place over the years. Columbine, Colo., for instance, is just across Denver from Aurora; and the events at Columbine High School in 1999 are still in the area’s horrified memory. This is something else we must learn about, and find ways to intercede on and prevent before a new outbreak of violence comes. Is part of it the glorification of violence, itself exemplified in the movie the theatergoers were watching Friday night, The Dark Knight Rises? Is it simply the pressures of our complex world building to a breaking point? Or just sick minds, suddenly breaking from reality and going crazy with murderous intent?

At this point, all we can do is what I’ve recited above, in addition to comforting the victims and their families as they need – and pray. I’m doing so this weekend in my thoughts, thanking God that my own children are safe and that they have been when out on their own in the past, and trusting that He will protect them in the future.

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RL Earthquake in Italy

Writing from Hoover, Alabama.

News comes through Reuters of a magnitude 6 earthquake in Italy today. I know at least one Italian Resident, Pier, the master of the Koinup photo hosting service; and there are many others. You might want to check your own contacts, and pray for their safety.

There will probably be a move to gather support for victims. Around the Grid will watch for news, and let you know what you can do to help.

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