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Holocaust Museum Plans Second Life Exhibit on Kristallnacht

A piece of virtual-world news linked to the Real World — and that should not be ignored by anyone….

The blog reports that the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum plans an in-world version of its exhibit on Kristallnacht, set to open next week.

The project was inspired by a separate effort from the summer of 2007 with Global Kids on the Teen Grid that asked a group of high school students to conceive of an interactive space around the event. The teens produced a design document that Involve has now interpreted and brought to life. Users take the role of a journalist investigating what happened on the Night of Broken Glass, listening to testimony from Holocaust survivors and examining artifacts in a ransacked section of a city.

Read their article for more information, please; but I can add this myself in a related commentary:  I have been to the Holocaust Museum in real life, the year before I moved to my current home in Alabama.  I have seen the exhibits and the evidence.  And I can state, with utter conviction, that any who insist the indignities, brutalities and atrocities committed upon 6 million Jews, and 4 million more people besides, did not happen, are either willfully blind, choosing to bury their heads in the sand against the screaming cry of blood and history — or viciously perverted in heart and nature, and trying to manipulate the historical record for their own ends.  The blood of those lost souls cries out from the ground against us, and compels us to remember these events, so that the evil shall never again be repeated.

If one person comes away from this exhibit with an understanding of what happened that night, and what that night led up to, then the quality of the Museum’s work will be good.  Please attend if you have any chance.

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