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I’m plotting a review of Hair Fair 2008 — my first Hair Fair, it should be noted — for a future article.  For now, though, I’m looking at some pieces that I bought before I started slogging through the treacle fudge of the Rezzable sims (grin).

Specifically, this:

(There are three more pictures, including the entire outfit I created, at my Flickr stream.)

The story behind this:  I first spotted the wig on the head of Bettina Tizzy in her own stream.  If you haven’t learned how much I love spiraly, spiky, massive hair that’s bigger than a Baltimore B-52 and Not Possible in Real Life, read this old article (whose offer is no longer in effect, as Sinnocent’s dog is all better [grin]).  So you can guess that I just had to turn my nose up at this design (bigger laugh).

However, the hair is not a separate (unless we can bug the designer enough; then maybe he’ll consider!).  It comes as part of a post-apocalypse package called Survivor from AVZ, and this is what the rest of the costume looks like:

I especially like the breastplates made out of cogwheels (grin).  I’d actually have no problems wearing this if I was running around the Junkyard — very Tina Turner out of Mad Max:  Beyond Thunderdome — but I just didn’t feel like this at the moment.  So it became mashup time.  For more and better picturs of the final results, see my Flickr set; the details are:

  • Shape/skin:  Issigoni (Ayumi)
  • Hair, beads, and the bracer on the left wrist:  AVZ Survivor (from the full costume; not available as a separate)
  • Eyes:  Gaslights Emporium (jade green)
  • Corset:  Last Call (Milena) (no longer available)
  • Shorts:  DnG black leather
  • Boots:  DollyRock — the tallest boots I’ve found yet in the uppers!  (Not inside the main store; shoes are in an outlier storefront on the property)
  • Duster:  TorkTastic simple leather coat

Better running around in than a steel bikini, wouldn’t you say?

Frankly, as you can see from the last picture in the set — I finally found some good light for a closeup this morning — this is a hairstyle that you could study for an hour.  AVZ spent a lot of time (and prims) constructing this wig, and it has all sorts of goodies in it, from the network of steel rods to the little baubles that decorate it.

Eshi Otawara Dress Auctioned for L$460,000

In a bid that almost surely takes the second place as the highest auction bid for a virtual object, a pair of avatars pooled their money to win the last copy of a very limited-supply item.

According to New World Notes and  Kay Fairey and Clarabelle Cazalet, a pair of Second Life models, combined to purchase the last copy of Eshi Otawara’s famous “fishhook” gown.  The proceeds of the auction went to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, one of the Grid’s favorite charities.

More information available at Not Possible in Real Life — which this dress surely qualifies for!


A side note:  Eshi is also known for her ongoing battle with U. S. Immigration, which is attempting to deport her on a charge of “green-card marriage.”  The fight is continuing; while I take no sides in the question here, being unfamiliar with the matter, I link to her current status, and ask you to judge for yourselves.   If you support Eshi, please consider contacting Immigrations and Custom Enforcement, and your congresscritter or senator, to bring this to their attention.

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