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Anybody Need a Place to Live in SL? Try My Old House

I just went by my old house on Pandora Island, where I lived before moving into the new penthouse, and it’s still empty.  So, why not do the landlord a nice turn, since they’ve been so nice to me, and give ’em a little free advertising?

Teleport location

You’ll find five rooms, a deck and balcony, and a decent sized yard with lots of pine trees, as well as a nice island location and good neighbors.  The room I used as a bedroom (on the upper right) has an excellent skylight to it.  Large and light, very airy.  I did some additional planting while I was there, and put in a cherry tree and some flowers, which I had to pull when I left the house, of course. The landlord, Nukunono Estates, holds occasional parties, and they have set up several clubbin’ locations around the two islands for your use.

The one defect I found was the stairway, which you have to do some odd twisting around on to hang a corner or two, but your mileage may vary.  I’d suggest dropping in and checking it out.  If you end up at the land office instead of directly in the yard, look for Cabin 4, up on the hill to the east of the office.  You should find a teleport inside the building to get you here.

Price:  L$1000/week/400 prims.

A Pandora Island Sunset

Sunset from my new apartment

I’ve moved again, folks — but this time it was of my own volition.  I wanted higher ceilings than my old house had, and so I went around Pandora Island to the new apartment block, and snaffled a nice pad.  A fireplace I can turn off and on, Venetian blinds, high ceilings, almost the same number of prims for maybe a Benjamin less — and dig the view up the coastline!

I’m hanging on to my old house for the moment, in case this doesn’t work out.  But, if it does, I know a pretty nice cabin with a great landlord you could rent:  L$1,000/week/450.  If anybody’s interested, check back with me in about two weeks, and I could tell the landlord to release the lease on it.

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