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Peace On Earth Hunt 5 Announced

Just in case you haven’t heard, one of the looked-for events of the year is coming in December to Second Life:  the fifth annual Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt.  This is a time when many of the Grid’s designers offer some very nice goodies to customers as a thank you for their patronage during the past year.

Shoppers:  the hunt begins on December 1, and will run through the close of Epiphany (January 6, 2013), the traditional end of the season of Christmas.  If it’s anything like past years, all you need to do is find the globe with a dove.  The goodies can be cunningly hidden, so pay attention to the clues.

Vendors:  participation, according to the blog, will be by invitation only this year.  The hunt organizers have created such a popular monster that requests to participate is strong.

Be sure to watch the hunt blog for information.  I’ll see you on the hunt!

Peace On Earth Hunt

Yes, this is me. I'm not always white and nerdy, you see....

Right at the moment, I’m cruising through the annual Peace on Earth Hunt.  With over 200 stores and venues, I think this is one of the largest hunts we have in Second Life.  I’ll say for sure that I’m discovering lots of interesting stores along the way, and I’m making notes for both fashion and decor as I go.

If you’re interested, here is the list of hints and landmarks.  Just start at number 001 and proceed through the list.  Look for the ball with a dove flying over the Earth and click on it; everything is free.  The hunt runs through January 3, so you have time before it shuts down.


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