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Batting 1,000 Avatars

I was happy to get a chance to do a little informal pose work today for a Resident who’s making a name for herself in our community.

Gracie Kendal at work

Gracie Kendal, making like Annie Liebowitz

Gracie Kendal (above) has taken a project that began as illustration for a thesis, and turned it into an exhibit of creative power both on her part and that of her models, as well as a celebration of the wonder and power behind these virtual creations we inhabit.  The 1000 Avatars Project, dedicated to the late Delinda Dyrssen, is Gracie’s quest to photograph at least 1,000 different Residents as they picture themselves.  Gracie’s kept busy so far; as of my last check, she had over 700 photos, and she gets more lining up whenever she is in world from the looks, costumed up as they envision their avatarish personality.

The results have been diverse, to say the least, and illustrate the amazing creativity behind Second Life avatars.  To see some of the work, drop in at 1000 Avatars and run down through the articles.  You can find out more about the Project, if you haven’t heard already, on the about page, and also learn how to offer yourself up to Gracie for 5-10 minutes of (backward facing) fame.  You should work out in advance what you want to appear as, and perhaps also choose an animation/pose that helps illustrate your SL personality.

Be prepared for all sorts of things.  For instance, this is how the studio looked tonight, when I went back to check things out:

Observe the royalty inside the translucent hemisphere, and the professional comedian in front.  And this is just a single time here; you can find more on the walls about you.

Also, after I’d posed this morning, and was hanging around to observe for a while, everyone started jumping up and down to pass the time while they waited their turn.  It got infectious (with a little help from a gifted jump animation):

In Memoriam Delinda Dyrssen

Photo of Delinda Dyrssen by Bliss Windlow, copyright 2010

In catching up with the Second Life news over a busy weekend, I was saddened to learn of the passing in Real Life of Denice Williams, known on the Grid as Delinda Dyrssen.  As Delinda, she was a noted Grid musician, and also a good friend to many avatars — witness the outpouring of support she received at a concert held this weekend to help her wake up from a coma.  She was showing signs of responding, but died of cardiac arrest on Saturday.  More information at New World Notes. Information on Denise’s real life.


UPDATE, November 22: Paisley Beebe has published an excellent and moving tribute to Delinda at the Tonight Live blog.


I had never met Delinda or attended one of her concerts, but she has clearly touched many lives.  And the fact that she was counts for something as well.  To quote an often-used passage, from John Donne (with modernized spelling):

“No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main. If a Clod be washed away by the Sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a Promontory were, as well as if a Manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were. Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee…”

My prayers and sympathy, for both Delinda/Denise, and for her family in and out of world.

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Weird Yahoo Indexing

Meditating on the needs of a friend; wearing Venus, by Sinsation

Can anybody tell me what this has to do with wedding hairstyles???  This is my most popular photograph on my Flickr stream, and I did it in 2008 to show that I was worried about Sinnocent Mirabeau, who had some financial problems at the time.  It’s taken off — over 1,200 hits — because Yahoo Images indexes it under “wedding hairstyles.”

(Shaking gloriously coiffed head….)

In Need Of A Little Help… (via Starlight Exposed)

Passing this on to help out. If you’ve got some loose lindens, why not spread a lil’ linden love this way?

In Need Of A Little Help... For the next several days ALL fat packs and couples poses @ Exposeur will be marked down to just $100L, including two brand new packs just released. Noir Boxes and the Blood Lust set is marked down 50% off as well. You can also get the same specials on XStreet: New Releases: Both sets have been sent to the Exposeur Pose-A-Da … Read More

via Starlight Exposed

Sinnocent Mirabeau Returns

Venus, by CallaLily Munster, back when she was Sinnocent Mirabeau of Sinsation

…but not as Sinnocent Mirabeau.  And thereby hangs a tale, for the creator of the wild, insane, over-the-top-beautiful prim hair I adore so much was having sixteen tons of trouble with Linden Lab, who for some reason did strange things to her stock and permissions.  She couldn’t edit her own creations, as I recall.  I’m not sure whether she left the Grid some time back, or the Grid threw her out at the end; but now she’s returning…under a new name, CallaLily Munster, and with a new business plan.

Gone are the prim creations, according to a comment she dropped today on an old article I wrote about her.  Instead, she’ll be displaying pictures of those hairstyles, as executed in the Real World!! Included will be information on how you can contact her for similar, or for custom work. I’ll keep in touch with Calla (I’ll still think of her as Sinnocent), and give you the word when her store opens. In the meantime, let’s think good thoughts, and maybe we can persuade her to start doing (supposedly) NPIRL hair in Second Life again!

2010 SL Oscar Fashion Contest: And the Winners Are….

A bit of a cash windfall allowed me to do an unannounced increase in the prizes for my first SL Oscar Fashion Contest!  The first place will receive L$2,500; 2nd, L$2,000; and 3rd, L$1,500.  I’m also going to do four Honorable Mentions, and have decided after checking the bank account that each will receive L$250.

As these things always are, this was not an easy contest to judge.  I had around 50 entries by the time I closed my groups at Flickr and Koinup for the year, including one who entered by leaving a link in the comments to my original contest announcement (a legal form of entry).  Almost all of the entries were good, and many of them were excellent good.  I had to rework the cut three times before I started the judging in real earnest.  And, in the end, 2nd and 3rd place were tied — although any one of the three places might have been worthy of first.

And so my thanks to all, my congratulations to the winners, and I hope you’ll enjoy the shopping spree I’ve just financed for you.  The Accessory Fair is going right now, so there’s a chance to blow the cash in one spot (grin).

Onward to the winners!

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Relaxing After Insilico Series

I figured that, after all the work and struggle with lag I went through putting together the Insilico series, that it was time for some relaxation.  So I dropped in to Fibber Magee’s for the Tuesday night céilidh.  That’s me on the stool; but I got off me buns later and started rockin’ with the rest.  I even met a newbie — 2 days old — named Annie Ivylord, who I took some time to talk to and answer questions.  A good day and night all told.

It’s More Real Than You Think….

People look rather askance at many of us Residents when we say that Second Life is more than a game.  What they don’t realize is that we build friendships, community and joy into this virtual world.  When something happens to one of those we know — and, yes, even love at times — we feel; and when something happens to the far from solid place we enjoy, we feel that, too.  When the Opera Populaire in the old Intemptesta Nox region was taken down, as well as many other places, people gathered to say goodbye to an old friend.  Myself, though I don’t go as often as I did in my first six months, I can’t imagine Second Life without the Blarney Stone or Fibber Magee’s in the Dublin regions.

Not long ago, there was a group of friends who met on what appeared to be a rambling agglomeration of a boat floating in China region, a sort of “junky junk.”  It became something of a social club, especially with the comfortable seating areas and room for dancing, judging by the looks of the scenes in the machinima above.  But the boat did not belong to them.  The owner decided to take it down — no build is guaranteed to last forever in Second Life — and did the traditional thing for grand builds:  a burn-down.

To the people who gathered there, this place was real; they knew it was a simulation in a massive computer program, but they had joined together in this place, dammit, and it was their home in a sense.  So you can understand some of the melancholy that permeates this machinima.

Things like this are more than pixels on a screen and binary numbers in a data pool….

Thanks to Hamlet Au.

1920 Berlin Photo Series on Flickr

I’ve just put up a photo spread I took recently when I visited the 1920s Berlin Project:  13 black-and-white images around the area, in their Kellar Club, and a little bit of fashion.  (You’ll see some of these in my Flickr bar to the right of the articles.)  Go here for the entire set.

Teleport to The 1920s Berlin Project.

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Not an SL Furry, Not a Mermaid, But a Selkie

Some readers here may know that my good friend Cajsa Lilliehook, one of the partners of It’s Only Fashion and a partner in MDR Photography in world, decided to retire for a time from the firm for personal reasons in Real Life.  (For a look at what she and Gidge Uriza wore to her retirement party, see here and here.)

But Cajsa has not left SL; she still writes IOF with Gidge, and has opened a “blog office” in a small plot of land she owns.  She dropped a landmark to it on me today; and so, after finishing putting up some new Edward Steichen photographs in my store, I jumped over to take a look.

Quick background:  most of us have run into furries, of course, even without dropping in at Luskwood region.  Quite a number of us know or have been mer-people.  But how many of you know what a selkie is?  If you don’t, you can get a detailed discussion at Wikipedia; but in short, a selkie is a creature that is a seal in the sea, but a hominid on dry land.  The Celtic and Faeroese stories about the sluagh ron are often sad and tragic, as can be seen by a perusal of the article.  How good it is to know that in Second Life, selkies can live in harmony with humans, upright foxes, Powerpuff Girls et al.

Divergence Magic

The lady in question is Divergence Magic, and she turns out to be a neighbor to Cajsa here.  The shelf next door to Cajsa’s poseballs is her office or living room, I didn’t note which at the time.  What you should note is that, though her legs do somewhat resemble a mermaid’s, there are not the fish fins of the merfolk, but more like the hind flippers of the phocid.  Additionally, her facial markings are more like a seal than a human:


Selkies, according to Divergence, are rare in Second Life.  Foolishly, I didn’t ask her where she picked up the creature package; I’ll remedy that in future if possible, and place an update here for any who may be interested.

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