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Chelsea Morning

Chatting at the Chelsea

Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning
And the first thing that I heard
Was a song outside my window
And the traffic wrote the words
It came reeling up like Christmas bells
Rapping up like pipes and drums

Oh, won’t you stay
We’ll put on the day
And we’ll wear it ’till the night comes

— “Chelsea Morning,” written and performed by Joni Mitchel, CC

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Journey to Alurel

Travel to the Kingdom, if these photos interest you.

Alurel 1

More following the break.

My Logic is Cold in Idaho

coldlogic at the University of Idaho 1

Most newcomers probably don’t know about the grand days when a lot of colleges were experimenting with Second Life as a teaching tool for various subjects (mostly computer oriented), and even as the first steps in a virtual form of distributed education.  After all, if you could get the classroom out to the students instead of the students coming to the classroom, so to speak, the options for teaching your subject could grow exponentially.1

Most of the colleges have left, sadly, except for perhaps an occasional computer-science class taught by a rebel, unreconstructed professor or two.  A few remain, though, such as the University of Western Australia, and, here in the United States, the University of Idaho.  Idaho’s campus actually covers five regions, and was designed with some care for looks in many areas.  Where I am here is near the center point of the complex, and I’m wearing a goodie that just came out from neve, the new label offered by coldlogic.  It’s perhaps not the perfect top to wear as the days go cold — which they’re doing with a vengeance here in RL Alabama right now —

Tingling with antici…pation? Turn the page.

One More Visit To the Mont

LaVian at Mont Saint Michel 6

The Archangel loved heights.  Standing on the summit of the tower that crowned his church, wings upspread, sword uplifted, the devil crawling beneath,…Saint Michael held a place of his own in heaven and on earth….  His place was where the danger was greatest; therefore you find him here.  For the same reason he was, while the pagan danger lasted, the patron saint of France.  So the Normans, when they were converted to Christianity, put themselves under his powerful protection.  So he stood for centures on his Mount in Peril of the Sea, watching across the tremor of the immense ocean — immensi tremor oceani — as Louis XI…inscribed on the collar of the Order of Saint Michael which he created.  So soldiers, nobles, and monarchs went on pilgrimage to his shrine; so the common people followed, and still follow, like ourselves….

Henry Adams
Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres, Chapter 1

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Quick Aerial Virtual London

Virtual London, looking north from Knightsbridge across Hyde Park

While shooting yesterday’s photo spread, I did take the time to roam around the Virtual London sims.  I hadn’t visited in a while, and there have been a lot of changes from what I call back in, say, 2012 during the Olympic Games.  If you’ve been gone for a time, you might want to make a visit yourself and see the new layout.  It’s intriguing enough, with enough traffic going through, that I’m tempted to open up my art store again after closing it earlier this year in Desire region on the Mainland.  For voice aficionados, Hyde Park has Speakers’ Corner, where voice is the preferred method of communication.

Virtual London, Mayfair

Teleport to Virtual London

Virtual London News

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Come Celebrate Berlin’s 6th Anniversary

Just a part of the city; you'll want to explore!

Just a part of the city; you’ll want to explore!

The 1920s Berlin Project, that is.  “Frau” Jo Yardley founded the Project back in 2009, and it’s done little but get bigger and better and richer ever since.  They even hold a riot once a year — a re-enactment of the May 1929 political riot that pretty much closed the streets of RL Berlin for three days.  Weekly tea dances and tango sessions, and even a very infamous cabaret offer entertainment, and classes are held on various topics at various times.

Jo and the “permanent” Residents of the Project are planning six days of celebration, and the public is invited.  You can find out the schedule, and get a SLurl, at Jo’s blog.  If you have not been there before, please note that this region operates under a set dress code:  1920s dress for both men and women, no Nazi uniforms or insignia allowed, and they do encourage a more realistically-sized avatar.  (I’d suggest you grab a free copy of the Realistically Proportioned Avatar near the entrance to the Project.)  Take the train to the Alexanderplatz Bahnhof, and after that join in the celebrations, or walk about and discover things at your leisure.  You may be interested in the afternoon coffee hour at Der Keller, which is a little hidey-hole of a bar and biergarten down in the “bad side of town.”  (It’s hard to find, so follow these directions:  from the Unter den Linden, facing the Brandenburg Gate, turn right onto the street running beside the Babylon Cinema and the Automaten.  Follow this until you get to the bakery, then go down the short alley to its left, and down the ramp to the next street.  Walk under the wooden frame; look right and down and you’ll find the door to Der Keller Tanzlokal.  The coffee hour, with streamed period music, starts around 2:00 SLT.)


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Morning Meditations

Morning Meditations (blog)

Photographed in Toyah region.

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Around the Fantasy Faire

Some pictures I took while running around this year’s Fantasy Faire — which, according to Daniel Voyager, has pulled in well over L$5.5 million for this year’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  You may want to check the SLurls and see if the regions are still up, if you didn’t take the time to tour them before; they were still open yesterday as I tried to finish my own tour.

(Larger versions of the photos can be found on Flickr and Koinup.)

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Second Life Churches — First United Church of Christ

First United Church of Christ and Conference Center, First UCC Island 125,199,25_001

Second in this year’s Advent visits is to the First United Church of Christ in Second Life.  First UCC is run by a RL UCC pastor, who is called Jerome Newstart in world.  This church is a formal “experimental ministry,” set up by the UCC’s Southern California Nevada Conference back in September 2013.

The United Church of Christ is an inclusive ministry, dating back formally to 1957, but having roots among many different denominations.  Their belief is that God still speaks to us in our daily lives, and that none are refused the opportunity to come to His table and partake in His grace.  LGBT people are welcome, as are other denominations, and the members of the church practice what they refer to as “extravagant welcome.”  (More information may be found at the sim, or in their websites [national, regional].)  You can also visit First UCC’s own site.

More pictures after the break.

Wandering About — Gayhaven Parish

Gayhaven Parish blog

I spotted this region while exploring about the other day, looking for interesting stuff to photograph.  The thing that tipped the scales for me is that microbus in the left center; for some reason, it just makes it look so real and logical, even when some of the trees wouldn’t rezz completely.  (The photo was shot from a neighboring region to the north, so be aware when you go looking for this view.)

Teleport to Gayhaven Parish


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