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Exploring Second Life (via It’s Only Fashion)

One reason many of us got into Second Life in the first place was for the chance to explore. It was only afterwards that we became contaminated with the tendency toward conspicuous consumption (grin).

Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion still does an occasional turn inside a photosphere; but these days, she’s more inclined to go on location to show her wardrobe choices.  And, for those looking for places to travel to, she has a goodie.  Read on….


Exploring Second Life Exploring Second Life® could land you with hundreds of landmarks – many of them with names that provide no clue to what the place if like. All those landmarks just take up space, so a back in 2007 I began organizing my landmarks in a notecard to save space in my inventory. Since I was going to the trouble of putting them in a notecard, I started to group t … Read More

via It’s Only Fashion

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