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Where To Find Gift Cards In World?

Where do you find them?  Why at this list of places, of course!  If you’re planning on some Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, go down this list and see if there are any stores listed that they love.

And, if you have a Plurk account and know of one that hasn’t made it on the list, be sure to add it!

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Apparent Plagiarism of Virtual World Photo Work on Koinup

While cruising Plurk tonight before finishing up another article, I ran across a long conversation thread begun by Strawberry Singh, one of the excellent models to be found in Second Life, and well known as a public face for the couture house of Zaara Kohine for some time.  It took me by surprise, and was rather dismaying — an account holder on Koinup, the European photo site for exclusive virtual-world work, has been scarfing photos from others, posting them to their account, and claiming them for his/her own.

There was no reason to doubt the word of reputable Residents, but a good journalist checks, and I try to be a good journalist.  Following the link took me to an account named “15love,” and right on the front page were two photos skimmed off blogs, one by Berry and the other by Dailyn Holfe(Note:  in monitoring the account, Dailyn’s picture, which was cropped to remove her name, has disappeared; Berry’s is still up.) Other pictures were attributed to The Sims and IMVU, but the graphic style was clearly not from those worlds.  Some pictures appeared to have been simply slapped into the account without even taking the effort to rename them from the “hash”-style file name automatically assigned to the original by the Koinup system.  I clipped out screenshots, which I serve up below.  (My apologies for the peculiar formatting of the page when you see it; click through on the link.)

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Hey, Rocky!

(c) 2010 by Jenica Landar

Jenica Landar posted this photo of herself on Plurk yesterday, wearing an attached moose doll on top of her head.  Before you start thinking she’s plain strange, please take note that Jenica also added as the message part of the plurk, “Happy Canada Day!”  July 1 was the 143rd anniversary of Canadian confederation, the union of the then current provinces into the political entity I’m proud to call an international neighbor.  Normally, you’d see people sporting maple leaves; but Jenica chose another (perhaps clichéd, but…!) symbol of Canada; and so she was going around for a time yesterday with a moose on her head.

Of course, we can see the moose.  But where is Squirrel…???

Cajsa Lilliehook Launches Community Spirit Challenge for SL Bloggers

I will confess that I tend to miss many of the happenings, events and (thankfully) drama twists that take place in the many interactive social communities that make up Second Life.  One reason is because of the more important (yes, it is, as is yours) Real World — I have a husband and two children to look after and spend time with.  Another reason:  I have two children, one of them a teenage girl — ’nuff said (grin).  Third, I tend to hold aloof from virtual-world drama.  It’s an easy thing to do; find someplace else to roam, or turn off the group/page you’re reading where said drama is taking place.  It may make me seem a little superficial, but it keeps the peace.

Things do go on, though, such as rants and raves and, occasionally, the loss of some good person who gets burned by drama one too many times.  That has happened recently, according to my good friend Cajsa Lilliehook.  She points out in an excellent piece on her blog:

Disagreement is good, it’s how ideas are refined and improved. It’s how we make things better. We need disagreement to polish our thoughts, our ideas and our beliefs. The problem comes when people perceive disagreement as a character flaw. This is where the Michael Moore’s and Bill O’Reilly’s (sic) of the world fail us – because they daily demonstrate the falsehood that disagreement is a moral failing. It’s bad enough when these people who act so outrageous for money do it for the ratings, but it’s worse when we adopt their behavior when we interact with each other. It poisons the community….  Sadly, there’s been a few dramas pulling at the fabric lately – noisier and more widespread than my personal example. We have even lost one of my favorite bloggers to one of the dramas….

As an initiative to help emphasize the positive rather than the negative in the Grid and personal interactions thereon, Cajsa has issued a challenge to SL bloggers in her article:  write about a few avatars who you believe are making a positive contribution to the well-being of the Grid, “people who you believe make an effort to build community.”  Cajsa herself has already identified two in followup articles, specifically Stacie Pryor and Sasy Scarborough.  Cajsa’s co-blogger, Gidge Uriza, has also set out Winter Jefferson for us to consider.

I myself would suggest that Cajsa is one of those people, simply by her starting this initiative.  All communities need someone to remind us that we may disagree, but we can still do things together, and use that disagreement to build something greater, perhaps even a true synergy — something greater than the sum of its parts.  Therefore, my first pick for this challenge is Cajsa Lilliehook, for making the effort to help us find those who make the effort.

Harper Seeks Brutal Pupils (For an Online Game)

Like many of the Second Lifers who chat with each other in Plurk, I’ve become fascinated with the game called Brute.  Why does a peace-loving type like me enjoy seeing a tiny avatar of myself pound on opponents in an arena?  Don’t ask me; I just do!

If you’re curious, follow this link, join up (it’s free), and become a pupil in my dojo.  I am always open to new students, grasshopper….

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