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Scripted SL Hair by Tekeli-li

When most Residents think of “scripted” prim hair, they probably have in mind wigs that they cannot move the prims on themselves, but can shift the fit using LSL and “blue box” control buttons.  Some content creators stand by these, because it makes the wig hard to copy and resell as your own piece; the Residents I’ve talked to, though, are not thrilled by this facet.  They prefer to copy the hair and make micro-adjustments themselves to the individual prims.

But there’s another kind of scripted hair, which allows changes to other aspects besides shaping; and that’s what Tekelili Tantalus, owner of the Tekeli-li role-playing costume stores, has come up with.  Tek carries a number of styles which are intricately coiffed, and contain scripts that change hair color, and the colors/textures/lights of the hardware you’re wearing in the hair as well.  And the combinations he has come up with are stunning.  The inspirations are mainly from fantasy, but with dashes of science fiction thrown in here and there.  Tek even adds in a few jewelry sets that echo the theme of the hairstyle — and they’re scripted, too, for the same versatility.

This article will be large, with lots of pictures, combining the hair with various dresses and costumes; so I’m breaking it here, aside from one teaser.  If you’re interested in seeing more, “turn the page” and check out the photos I’ve put in.  (You can also see them on my Flickr stream.)

So, here’s the teaser; see what you think….

Juno, just one of the styles available!

Juno, just one of the styles available!

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Pulling (Virtual) Hair

There’s been a hair sale happening at ETD’s main store, and I had a chance to get in and fill many of my hair needs for some time (at least for normal hair [grin]). Elika Tiramisu does a fantastic job with prim hair, and it’s easy to see why she’s so popular.

Oh, you want proof? Well, when I materialized at Elika’s landing site, the sim’s server was screaming for mercy. The only thing extra I wore that would add to lag was a walk AO, and I was still moving like I was immersed in hot, sludgy taffy. You couldn’t really tell it, due to the amounts of open space in the store; but that hair department was (virtually) packed.

I am, fortunately, used to “wading” through these situations now…. With patience and a bit of flying (and judicious use of a machete) to take in the large tri-tiered displays, I picked my way through and snapped up some real bargains on fatpacks. I ran into friends from Frank’s Place as well. (Indeed, it was Nanceee Sinatra who twigged me to the sale, while I was having my morning coffee at The Blarney Stone in Dublin.) I bumped into Laceminx Lane and her friend Jasper; and Jaidyn Hartsdale was beneath me on the ground one time. I want to say Mistress Howlett was there as well, but I can’t remember now. Of course, emerging from sales like that with your life is an accomplishment, so I’m not complaining about memory lapses.

I managed to snap some images during the visit, but it wasn’t easy since the lag was so beyond compare, and the resulting photos are small. However, for a brief taste of the manner of folk on hand this day:

Tuyuko Kamachi Tuyuko Kamachi, after some translator work, very kindly consented to having her photo taken. I like the combination of purple miniskirt and the tall boots!

Rumour Mills Rumour Mills demonstrates that love of beautiful hair crosses species boundaries (grin). Those wings are very nice; if I get an avatar for one of the fantasy sims sometime, I might send her a note as to where they come from.

Aun Darkstone And Aun Darkstone shows that it crosses reality boundaries as well! (That’s me to the left, but that’s not any of Elika’s hair; it comes from Sinsation in Hairspray.)

Semi Gray Semi Gray wears the nicest of futuristic “classic” lines, so to speak.

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