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Help for Fort McMurray, Alberta

From the Grey Havens, looking toward the Misty Mountains, Calas Galadhon

Calas Galadhon Park is one of the popular places to visit, wander and take photos in.  With a little imagination, you can see a fragment of the landscape of Canada compressed into this photo — though it’s missing the central plains of the provinces of Saskatchewan and eastern Alberta, as well as the colder reaches of Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.  But why is the sky so red?  Is it the End of the World?

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For some in Real Life, it is.  My photo was inspired by events taking place now in northeastern Alberta, around the town of Fort McMurray.  It’s a tinder-dry wildfire season, and this area has been burning for over two weeks as of this writing, forcing evacuations of the entire town and surrounding areas.  The destruction, and the disruption of life, is massive; and a small army of firefighters is working to contain the blazes, including additional forces from Saskatchewan to keep the fire from spreading into the neighboring province.

The Courage Event - Aid For Alberta 1

Second Life’s Models Giving Back has quickly organized a benefit sale to help Albertans, with all donation funds going to the Canadian Red Cross.  Being a Michigan native, with something of an affinity for our northern neighbors, I’m glad to give the event a helping hand here.  I hope you’ll drop in and purchase some of the yummies available.  (Landmark is below)

These two outfits are among the many available for purchase.  I’d show more closeups here to give you a look at the makeup, but the WindLight I chose for the red sky doesn’t allow for a good look.  You’ll get the full list below in the credits.

The Courage Event - Aid For Alberta 2

I’m wearing this lovely sundress from AlaFolie, appropriately in the Albertan colors of blue and gold…

The Courage Event - Aid For Alberta 3

…while Jem chose an even more casual look in a top and capris (the pants again in blue and gold by HUD choice) from Prism.  Once again, the WindLight setting doesn’t help the cause on the pale pink of her top, but you’ll see better in more natural light when you’re standing in front of the actual vendor.

Please stop by and shop, or contribute via the several donation kiosks scattered about the area.  If you prefer, you may also donate by credit or debit card directly to the Canadian Red Cross.


Harper wears:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors gold flakes eyes (sapphire)
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual) and Feet (Deluxe)
  • Dress: AlaFolie Baba Dress
  • Shoes: KC Shoes Sharon wedges
  • Jewelry: Kunglers Sile earrings (Fucsia)
  • Makeup (application order): Musa Glitter eyeliner (Dark Red); MUA All the Ways eyeliner (Pack 1 – 1); MUA Counturing Blush (Normal – Full); Oceane Body Design Jade Lips (Copper); Oceane Body Design Absulala mesh lashes

Jem wears:

  • Skin: Amacci Skin Tyne (Cream – 01 Natural)
  • Eyes: Avi-Glam Ada Eyes (Green – S)
  • Hair: rezology Mezzaluna
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual) and Feet (Deluxe)
  • Outfit: Prism Eloise top and capris (HUD controlled)
  • Shoes: Emporium Mabelly heels
  • Jewelry: Modern.Couture Tokyo Earrings (Gold)
  • Makeup (application order): Arte Glamorous Eyebrows (ash blonde); Sascha’s Designs Smokey Eyes (No. 3); Zibska Arca (07); MUA All the Ways eyeliner (Pack 1 – 1); Amacci Tattoo Eyelashes (3); Senzafine Color Theory: Shift Lipstick (Red to Green 01 (Vibrant))

Photographed at Calas Galadhon Park’s Grey Havens, looking toward Misty Mountains

signature 3

The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea

Prism Carolina 1

…The advantages go on and on
In the middle of the sea.
As the centuries have come, they’ve gone
In the middle of the sea.
Days arise to be replaced,
Lines are drawn and lines erased.
Life and death are but verses in a poem.
Out there blood flows …
Who knows?…

The lyrics, from Stephen Sondheim’s Pacific Overtures, tell of how Japan was in the years before Commodore Matthew Perry broke the ban against foreigners and trade with other countries in 1853. His “four black dragons” — American steam-powered warships — arrived in a land very much like the world you find in Taka no Sakura, a build of a classic Japanese village from the feudal period. Other things seem to float at times — like a beautiful strapless dress. Prism offers us the new Carolina dress, a lovely strapless cocktail gown in three different colors, with rich patterning on the overskirt and bustier, and a jewel-buckle belt.

Prism Carolina 2

…Here we paint screens,
Plant the rice,
Arrange the flowers,
View the moon,
Exchange the gifts,
Plant the rice,
Arrange tomorrow like today to float,…

Simplicity seems to be called for here, and so I choose one of the simpler sets of jewelry from Lazuri — still chunky and substantial, but much less heavy than other of her collections.  It is HUD driven, like most of her pieces; each one can be controlled individually, or you can click on the necklace to change the metal and major gems on all pieces simultaneously.

Prism Carolina 3

…Slide the screens,
Exchange the poems,
Stir the tea,
Exchange the bows,
Plant the rice,
Arrange tomorrow to be like today,
To float….

The hair is from sYs, and is a lovely progressive style, while the makeup and nail polish goes along with the blue dress and gold jewelry.


The Details:

  • Skin: PXL Faith (no longer available)
  • Hands: SLink (various poses, mesh)
  • Feet: SLink High (mesh)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (brightblue)
  • Hair: [sYs] YIU (Red)
  • Nails: ZOZ Gold Dip Polish (SLink hands and feet)
  • Dress: Prism Carolina (Cobalt, mesh)
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey Mambo (mesh, SLink high feet)
  • Makeup: Glamorize Dirty Babe lipstick (Twilight); CCD MesmerEyez (BlueAmyth); Miamai XGen Makeup Vintage Liner B Black – No Hair; *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed, Yellow); Miamai Catwalk Lashes (Glitter 01)
  • Jewelry: Necklace and earrings from Lazuri Fall Romance suite

Midnight Dream is now a Lost Region

signature 3

SL Sartorialist At Baiastice

Louise-Cecile d'Amblise, Duchesse de Fraisac (also known as Blair Naverre), seen in Baiastice in an excellent ensemble that smacks of Prism knits to me.

Louise-Cecile d’Amblise, Duchesse de Fraisac (also known as Blair Naverre), seen in Baiastice in an excellent ensemble that smacks of Prism knits to me.


Bandana Day in Prism

Prism and Bandana at Hair Fair 2013 blog

With all the activity surrounding other events, we shouldn’t forget that the big event of the season is still running, and wrapping up today.  It’s the last day at Hair Fair 2013 — your last chance  until next year to gorge on tresses from the great designers while doing lots of good for kids with hair problems.  And, since it’s the last day of the Fair, that means it’s Bandana Day, when we shuck those delicious locks, one and all, in remembrance of what the Fair is truly about.  I’ve done so here, and am wearing my bandana from my good friend, Gidge Uriza.  You can pick up a bandana easily at the booths in the Fair sims.

I’m being stylish while I’m about it here.  The dress is from Prism, and is brand new.  Journey doesn’t do just knitwear, please note; this lovely bit of mesh jersey is decorated with a spray of hibiscus, and comes in several colors.  There are several other new (and lots of old) delightful things throughout Prism’s store, so I hope you’ll drop in there after finishing up at Hair Fair — but while still wearing your bandana, remember!


The details:

  • Skin:  [PXL] Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flakes (sapphire, m)
  • Hair:  Gidge’s Bandana Day 2013 Bandana
  • Nails:  Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails (green)
  • Outfit:  Prism Aruba Hibiscus (mesh; blue)
  • Shoes:  SSUS Stacked Wedges (blue) (no longer available)
  • Makeup:  *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed silver)
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady Emerald Wedding Ring Set (platinum), and Stage & Screen stud earrings; EarthStones Gemstone Palette Watch (Spectrum/Gold); DDL onyx/gold ring


Prism Poncho in Qoheleth Temple

Prism Poncho blog

A quick one today, as I’m juggling eggs.  But you should check out this new poncho outfit from Prism; a delight.  And I’m wearing my first skin from Curio since they re-opened!


Skin:  Curio GP Sundust [Light] Candy-Pure 2
Eyes:  Poet Colors Classic – blue hour (m) bright
Hair:  Truth Portia (latte, w/ roots)
Nails:  Mandala HUD Nails (Medium)
Outfit:  Prism Abbey sweater, poncho, shorts and boots (green/pink)
Makeup:  Amacci – Eye Tattoo Divine – Bronze Lash; .:Glamorize:. Gentle Breeze Makeup – Eyes 1
Jewelry and Accessories:  Dahlinks Stage & Screen Diamond & Gold Stud Earrings; (Elate!) Square Stone Ring – Jade; Inspired Style – Hawk Sunglasses; U&R Dogs Traumerei Ring Gold (left hand)

Photographed in Qoheleth region.


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Sundress in Summer

Donna Flora’s Cinecittá is an interesting place to explore, never mind the Grid-famous atelier run by Squinternet Larnia that helps pay for the bills.  Besides the recreation of the famous Trevi Fountain (which I’ve used previously), there are other stretches of backlot and just plain good looking things to admire.  The inspiration, of course, comes from the famous movie studio just east of Rome.

And when you’re walking about Rome on a fine summer day, why not walk around in a fine sundress?  Prism and Journey McLaglen supply this quite nicely with the new Amanda mesh dress.  Journey’s taste in color and texture are at work again here; it’s hard, if not impossible, to find a boring design anywhere in the store.  This one comes in five different flavors, if I remember correctly; I chose this pattern, which is called “Tiger Lily.”  I went blonde for the purposes here, and also went with a relatively pale makeup palette (see below).

The other items new to my inventory are these wedge sandals from J’s.  Sculptie shoes still have a place, though mesh is starting to do away with the “shadow” problems caused by alpha textures around some sculpted shoes.  These sculpties have a control HUD to let you match the color of your toes (the only part of the “foot” in the shoe) to the rest of your skin color, and it wasn’t too difficult to use.

Care to join me for a cappuccino?


The details:

Skin:  PXL Candy (sunkissed, nude lips, light eyebrows)
Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (topaz)
Hair:  Pocket Mirrors Cynthia (golden blonde)
Dress:  Prism Amanda Balloon Dress (mesh; Tiger Lily)
Shoes:  J’s Real Toe Wrap Front Sandals (Sand)
Nails:  Mandala HUD nails (short)
Makeup:  Face Paint cat eyeshadow (brown); Glamorize Gentle Breeze lipstick 2; Blacklace Beauty Hi-Gloss lipstick as an overcoat (clear 50%)
Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring (platinum); EarthStones Tennis Bracelet and Dangle Stud Earrings (champagne diamonds/gold); J’s Watch (black, lady’s)

WindLight:  CalWL (available in Firestorm)

Photographed in Bonin region

3 Casual Mesh Dresses (Updated)

June 19:  updated to include SLurls; I was going to sleep when I originally started searching them out.

Today, you’re getting one massive mess of fashion — mesh dresses from some great designers.  You’ll see them in the slideshow below, in order of the description (if I’m lucky); you can pause the show and right-click, then select “View Image” (or equivalent) to see a larger view.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

coldLogic is a name that is earning lots of interest among Grid fashionistas with their mesh designs.  This dress, called Owens, fits quite nicely to your curves, though I had to tweak my shape somewhat to get the fit right.  Having never tweaked these settings before, it was probably time to do a little adjustment.  (I sometimes think I’m a little over-endowed in the boobs, anyway, so a bit of breast reduction was probably a good thing.)

Prism is a great favorite of mine, though I haven’t wrote much about Journey’s pieces lately.  I tend to think more of her knits than summer clothes.  However, the Emily mesh top and pants are shooting right up to a favorite spot for summer casual wear.

Of course, every woman who loves evening dresses has heard of Sascha’s Designs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have at least one of Sascha Frangilli’s famed “battleship-skirt” gowns in their closet.  But Sascha also does casual wear, and this, believe it or not, is her first mesh entry.  Fittingly, it’s named Mondriaan, and is as mod as it gets; but fits quite nicely into modern tastes as well.

Across the board, I’m wearing shoes from R2 Fashion, a fantastic shoe designer I discovered at Collarbor88.  I’ve been stocking up on shoes since, and am featuring her extremely stylish pumps, wedges and boots all through here.


The details:


coldlogic Owens:

  • Dress: coldLogic Owens (mesh, Earth)
  • Shoes: R2 Pauole boots (black)
  • Jewelry: Styles by Danielle Collana Gold Majestic necklace and “elegant” style earrings

Prism Emily:

  • Pants and top: Prism Emily (mesh)
  • Shoes: R2 Akamai wedges (white)
  • Jewelry: League Wanderer suite (golden oak); DDL ring (opal/gold)

Sascha Mondriaan:

  • Dress:  Sascha’s Designs Mondriaan (mesh, blue)
  • Shoes: R2 Aulii (black)
  • Jewelry: Gems & Kisses Exotic Dream earrings

Photographed at my Secret (Public) Photo Studio

Knits are Perfect for Virtual Ireland

Empress and Hierophant is one of several linked regions that simulate the Irish countryside.  That is, the Irish countryside as you might see it if a photography crew and one of those ethereal models they find in England — male and female — went to Ireland to pose for Rowan Yarn.  Those pictures are more unreal than even Second Life.  (That’s saying something.)

The great thing is that it’s really beautiful in E&H, which is run by Alchemy Immortalis along with the four other sims in this “mega-island.”

Of course, you noticed I invoked that magic word for a knitter — “yarn.”  What better to wear in cold or wet weather on an Irish moor farmland than knitted clothes?  Especially the beautiful stuff that Prism comes up with.  I’m turning into a Prism devotee, and not because I’ve been presented with several pieces by Journey McLaglen and her manager, Herradurra Baar.  It’s because of the cut of the clothes, the beauty of the design, and the brilliance of the texturing Journey comes up with in everything I can think of that she’s done.  I mean, take a look at that first shot.  It’s not one of my greatest photos, at least at this size.  But see the grain of the knit?  See how the sides V down and join together, like you would find in a RL sweater/jumper with good shaping?  The “sizing” of the texture is proper as well, aside from the usual stretch points on system garments; this looks to be hand drawn for the garment, and is in proportion for a sweater knit with bulky or chunky size yarn; it’s not a photo texture.  The same care goes into the belt and the “skirts” of the sweater, the fringe, and even the leggings I have on.  At most, I would need to slide the pant cuffs down slightly on each leg to look more natural.

Even the tie of the belt is beautifully done here, and the positioning at the waist disguises the join between system shirt and prim skirts quite nicely.  The tightness of the fitting means that leg movement may show through periodically, but this is not too unusual, and can be gotten away with in a casual piece, while you really don’t want to see prim ends in a formal gown.  Journey has done her work well here.

I’m really enchanted with this collar; it begs you to pull it snugger, just to see if you can.  (You can’t.)

Top this outfit off with Bax Coen boots — although a pair of Wellies would be better for tramping across the moors, instead of boots with needle-thin heels — and leather gloves; accessorize with a few pieces of jewelry; pull on my glasses, since the eyes are starting to drift a little with the years; and I’m ready to go.  Now if only the rain would stop out there….


The details — in this case, the stuff I haven’t featured before in recent articles:

  • Prism Elara knitted outfit (Winter Mist; gift from designer)
  • Nif Nif gloves by LeeZu Baxter (no longer available)

Photographed in Empress and Hierophant region.

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This Year’s Grid Knitwear

This is the time of year when knits really start coming out of the closets, even in the Grid, where you can consider it summer or winter as you choose.  I tend to pull on coats as we get deeper into November, and also go scouting for good-looking knitwear, in part because I knit in RL and enjoy the look and feel of good knitted clothing.

Since my purse, both in RL and SL, is not bottomless, here is a list of some items I have not yet bought, modeled by fashion bloggers I have read:

Nana Minuet:  Look #180

Harper Beresford:  Soup!, Olive Oil

Lourdes Denimore:  I Got Tagged

Briony Muircastle:  SG and the 10L Golden Fleece

Nadja Baxter:  Nadja’s Style Today

Cajsa Lilliehook:  The Five Oceans in a Bottle, Falling Leaves

Gala Caproni:  LOTD 11 06 11 — Autumn

For my contribution, my second of the season, I decided to visit the Aphrodite Coffee Shop.  (Yes, I know, I was at a coffeehouse just a while back.  Knits and coffee go together.  Besides, I’ve never been there before.)  This place is a beautiful build, Greek-themed and part of a larger complex of shops in the same architectural mode.  I took a pause while waiting for my order to arrive to shoot myself (which you can get by clicking on the table top)….

…and once afterwards as well.  This ensemble comes from Prism, is part of a selection of prints, and shows the same lovely sense of texture by Journey McLaglen that you’ll find in her other knits, such as in her Laura.  This dress also comes with knitted socks, but I decided to wear a set of Maitreya Gold heels, and so that would not have worked at all (unless maybe as leg warmers; hmmm…).


The details:

  • Skin:  Alto – Baroque Dewberry
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair:  Amacci Doris (deep copper)
  • Nails:  Candy Nail #P000 Basic (green10)
  • Outfit:  Prism Keira (Migration)
  • Shoes:  Maitreya Gold Shanti (black)
  • Makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe Silky Matte Eyeliner
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring; Elate! square stone ring with jade stone; DDL black onyx/silver ring; League Wanderer earrings (golden oak)

WindLight settings:  Torley Linden’s Midday: Nostalgika

Shot at the Aphrodite Coffee House


Naergilien Wunderlich suggests this video on YouTube on how to get authentic looking textures, especially in knitwear, for those of you working on perfecting your clothing-designing skills.

Warming Up Fall with Prism

I stopped by the Pixel Bean Coffee House this morning for a cup of joe, and found that the deck was deep in falling leaves.  There was a rake and wheelbarrow off to the side, but the maintenance man looked to be taking a break.  A definite nip in the air, too — fall is arriving for sure.  My legs cursed me for wearing a miniskirt this morning, but at least the rest of me was nice and warm in this outfit from Prism, given to me by the store’s Herradura Baar as a rezz day gift last week.

Don’t you just love that texture, created by Journey McLaglen?  You can see the individual knit rows here, and the colors are wonderful, a contrast to the reds and golds of the leaves around us.  (Although, if you have a taste for lots of orange, there’s a special Hallowe’en version available at the store right now.)  The prim collar and shoulders are very nice, as well, and don’t look to go shifting around into Strange Locations.  (There are stocking cuffs as well, but I left them off here.)  Lots of nice, snuggly warmth here for a chilly autumn morning.  I’d better enjoy it now, before the virtual snow starts to fly in many places.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy Sunkissed, SE, Red lips
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair: Leigh (Jealous Red)
  • Top, skirt, stockings:  Prism Laura (blue/sage) (gift from store)
  • Shoes:  Detour Supersprint sneakers
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks Stage & Screen diamond studs; DDL black onyx/silver ring
  • Lashes:  Adam n Eve Glamour prim lashes
  • Glasses:  Epoque Swan Shades (loud color, metal handle)

Thanks to Nero Yedmore and Lureila for consenting to appear in the background.

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