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You Know You’ve Been in Retail Too Long….

Standing behind a cash register

Can I help you?

…when you see a cash register, and just have to jump behind it to ring a few sales.  (Remember, I’ve worked at a National Book Store Chain for 4 1/2 years by now.)

Waggling my head and neck

Of course, all that time poised ready for sales starts adding up in the shoulders after a while.

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Hairy Accident at booN

A minor hair disaster....

Maybe if I didn't wear the shawl...?

I saw this style (WAW635 from booN) on It’s Only Fashion, and decided to try it out.  It worked for the dress Cajsa was modeling, but I don’t think it quite works here, do you…?

(Yes, believe it or not; fashion can be funny!)

Ice Princess

The cold spell that ripped through my region of RL last week reminded me of things named Ice Princess that have been sitting in my Inventory for a while, and are no longer available for sale…because the stores are gone.  (Since these are impossible to obtain anymore, I’ll pass on giving my usual details list at the bottom.)

This dress, from Fornever, could be worn by itself, without the headdress, but I decided to go for it…and to add to it.  I had to adjust the skirt, and I’m not sure I got it completely “there,” but the ice blue color and the diamanté trim on the bodice above the bust give the look I’m seeking, of ice glittering on an arctic sea.

The hair is by Sinsation, and (sadly) is also no longer available.  The Japanese headdress belongs actually to the dress, but the stars are part of the hairstyle; I edited them to turn on light radiation (and promptly screwed up my studio lighting with the extra light sources).  Topping it is this luscious skin from Redgrave with the ice-blue makeup!

Then and Now

Me then, middle and now

My original avatar (post-startup version), my "middle period," and today

Sophia Harlow has challenged us fashion mavens to reveal what we used to look like, compared to the (supposedly) polished appearance we have now.  And so I’ve done so, but for me it seems to be more a matter of skin tone and makeup than changes to my face.

The first above is my “original” appearance.  (I don’t count the original Linden female avatar I started off with; I think few of us who joined Second Life before the “Great De-Ruth-ing” would.)  Both the shape and skin were called Wendy, and the vendor is no longer available as far as I can tell, unless the “store” is well hidden.  I was well satisfied with this look, but I ultimately moved on to an Alady skin named for Jane Seymour.  Since I haven’t been back to Alady in a long time, I don’t know if she still carries them or not.

When I finally decided that I wanted a more intense look, I went to Chai, whom I’d stopped into before, and I picked up the middle skin, from her old series.  This was her skin shade 04, and with a much heavier eyeshadow and lipstick.  Getting used to this one was a shock at first, it was so profound a change from the scrubbed-face Harper of before.

Eventually, though, about three months ago, I decided that, while the skin shade was the fairer appearance that a redhead should have, that makeup was too much, unless for nighttime.  So I plunged out again, and settled on Numbah 3 above, which is Lana Sunblush Siren Gloss 2 from Atomic Bambi.  As you can see, the eyes and lips are still made up more, but it isn’t quite as much “evening glam” as the old Chai skin.  This is what I wear from day to day now…and, frankly, I forget to take it off and put on the Chai when I go out to Frank’s Place at night!

If you’d like to see more, check the comments at Sophia’s article.  Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza have both done their own at It’s Only Fashion as well.

Virtual Olympia Fountain

Off to the east of the Temple of Zeus is this magnificent fountain.  (This isn’t the best angle for a shoot, but there’s a few things surrounding the area that I had to fight with.)

Teleport to nearby….

Sunset in Virtual Olympia

View toward the Temple of Zeus at sunset

Sunsets are wonderful subjects for photographs.  This is in Virtual Olympia, where I did one of my Hallowe’en costumes this year.  The large building on the left is the Temple of Zeus; there are various other monuments around the island, and a combat arena for serious fighters using the DCS 2 system.

Teleport to nearby….

Java Serenity region

Not many businesses operate in this plaza (hint:  there’s vacancies!), but you don’t need an active plaza to have a pleasant look around.  I enjoyed this fountain, especially with the tree on the island in the middle of the canal behind it.

Teleport nearby….

Nighttime in Beguile

Moonshine in the Ruins

One thing that will help me do the Project 365 goal is the Second Life Travels group on Flickr.  Beyond my own ideas and fashion work, this will give me plenty of places to check out and take pictures at.  For instance, this is the ruins in Beguile region at nighttime — with a little help from Torley Linden’s WindLight settings.

Teleport nearby….

Brunch in Manhattan with Paper Couture

Hundreds of lady-avatars across Second Life wait with baited breath whenever the word gets out that Paper Couture is about to release a new collection.  Ava and Cora Lu have attracted a devoted clientele in the time their house has been open, and deservedly so; their dresses are the highest of design, leaning in some cases toward the absurdly fantasial levels of upper haute couture.  At the same time, their dresses are wonderfully beautiful, and have graced many a party or ball.  I wore Paper to the get-together I invited my friends to on New Year’s Eve 2008/9.  (That’s me in the center, wearing Paper’s Magpie, with Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook to the right of the picture.)

That time has come again; the couturière and the jeweler have teamed again for what I feel is another smashing fall collection.  Some I’ve spoken with are not so impressed with the results this time around; but I struggled through the sim lag at Tableau region yesterday and gave a good examination of the displays, and promptly wished I had about L$10,000 to spare.  As it was, I found several items I couldn’t do without, and the Lus profited from my visit (grin).

My choice for this outing is Manhattan Brunch.  One look at the texturing of this dress will give you the reason why I chose it; after all, I live in a cottage I’ve decorated in an Art Deco theme.  I really don’t know if this is wearable to an actual brunch, as it seems a little showy for a midday function.  I went ahead and honored the name, though, by wearing a set of daytime leather gloves.

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Relaxing before the fire at Yarnation

Another great hangout for knitters:  Yarnation.  Home to the knitters’ group from Ravelry, the well-known fiber-arts site, Yarnation invites people to come in, pull out their needles and start stitchin’ and bitchin’.

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