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Mysterious October

Fall Firelight

October is with us again, and I’m willing to share some Hallowe’en hospitality with visitors.

This is the fire circle at my home, and it’s a pleasant place to hang out of a night.  Also, if you enjoy classic radio drama — especially detective shows and mystery/horror shows, it’s even nicer.  My soundtrack is the stream from Mystery Play Internet Radio — everything from Escape and Suspense to The Shadow and CBS Radio Mystery Theater.  For the foreseeable future, I’ll leave my security turned off, so visitors can hang out and have a seat at the fire, and listen to the mysterious sounds of the past.  Just remember to pick up behind yourselves is all I ask.


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The Night the Martians Invaded New Jersey

A monument erected in Grover's Mill, N. J. to the Mercury Theatre broadcast of October 30, 1938.  Background image in the public domain.

A monument erected in Grover’s Mill, N. J. to the Mercury Theatre broadcast of October 30, 1938. Background image in the public domain.

Today marks a historic anniversary.  It was 75 years ago, on October 30, 1938, that the planet Earth was invaded by troops from the planet Mars, who defeated the entire New Jersey militia, as well as inflicting large numbers of state police and civilian casualties, from their landing point in the Jersey hamlet of Grover’s Mill.  They went on to cut a swath of destruction (long since healed) all the way to the city of Princeton.  It was at about that point that the invaders themselves succumbed to superinfection from terrestrial bacteria, thus sparing the planet from further destruction.

The events in question transpired this way–

(Knock comes at front door) “Oh, excuse me….  Mmhmm?…  What??…  But–…  But–!…”  (Sigh)  “Oh, all right….”)

Well, actually, the planet wasn’t invaded.  But a whole lot of people thought it was; and that was the beauty — and the scary power — of the thing….

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