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Review: Linden Lab Second Life Viewer 1.21 (First Impression)

Updated below!!

Well, I was going to do my modeling shtick and show off some clothes, but a fresh event has altered this.  And it gives me an excuse to try something else:  the new polling function in!

Those who have created a new account in the past 12 hours or so, or went to log in during that time, will have noticed the advice for a download of the new 1.21.6 viewer.  The chief change here is the addition of support for scripting with Mono, which appears to be either an upgrade to or a replacement for the old, sometimes disparaged LSL (Linden Scripting Language for the new and unaware).  You can watch a video by Torley Linden explaining in more detail what Mono is, and the advantages it has over vanilla LSL, while you’re downloading the installation package.

I’m not sure how much Mono is tied in to the rest of the experience around the Grid, or whether developers took time to work over some more issues and add some bells; but my (currently brief) experience with the viewer has been positive so far.  In fact, I think this viewer is running smoother than past iterations, though I’m not sure what effect my new AO and HUD are having on it.  (I need to go up and down a particular set of escalators with the AO completely off to make sure.)  But I seem to be moving more smoothly, things may be rezzing a touch faster, and I like that my chat text is highlighted in blue suddenly, allowing me to see at a glance what insults and insipid banalities I’ve been uttering (grin).

A really good impression will require a longer use time, which won’t happen until Monday.  But the viewer hasn’t crashed on me yet, and I can’t find any noticeable problems.  So, what’s your thoughts?  Take the poll above, and then leave your deeper comments below, and let’s compare notes!

SUPPLEMENTAL — 11:00 a.m. local:

Well, I just found something very nice in the new viewer, and it’s vital to photographers like myself and several of my friends.  If you use the Snapshot button on the bottom toolbar, you now have the option to save in your choice of BMP, JPEG or PNG formats, and you can change the picture name for the session!  This gives photographers a lot more flexibility, as well as eliminates the need to convert a 2 MB bitmap down to a far smaller format.  A full-screen JPEG I shot today clicks in at 91.89 kB!  That’s a savings in disk space of over 95%, and reduces the need to go harvesting and archiving screenshots for a long time.  Who says Linden Lab isn’t helping out the experience?

Fashion Review — Jordanna Magic, WickedKisses (updated)

I was pleased to get my first request for a fashion review the other day from Jordanna Magic, owner of WickedKisses.  Jordanna is starting up her business, and she offered me a few things to take a look at.  (There was a set of sex straps also in the package that I don’t touch on here; but you should find them in Jordanna’s store.)

1.  First is a babydoll with flowered bodice and hem.  This is perhaps my favorite out of the batch; I like the patterning of the bodice and the crossover strap.  The skirt is flexiprims, and there might be a little problem with show-through that I noted in the back, but some adjustment should solve that quickly.

2.  This bikini is based on the babydoll, and it’s daring ; not for the top, which is a variation on the top for the dress, but because of the thong brief.  When I put this on, I was surprised.  But it wears well, and isn’t too bad to look at.  I don’t have a decent picture of the brief — the poses I chose didn’t give me a look at the front of my hips.  It’s a good look, though.

3 and 4.  WickedKisses also does skins, and Jordanna’s offering to me was Raina, in what she described as “light tan w/ heavy makeup.”  I’m not so sure about the tan here; it’s not as pale as some Asian or goth skins I’ve seen, which are almost grey to milk white.  But the tan is very light, as you can see if you compare it with my “normal” GemCorp skin.  For those looking for just a touch of tan, this might be your ticket.

I’ve visited Jordanna’s store, and she’s basically starting out, so contents at any given time may vary.  I’d say it’s worth a drop-in to see what’s available.  The stock may have changed since I was in there, and one side (plain vs. sex wear) may be emphasized instead of the other.  Good beginnings for a first collection!

Other items in this article:

  • Shoes:  Armidi Dhali Bow platforms (silver)
  • Gold earrings:  Anchor by yoona Mayo (available only on OnRez, from the looks)
  • Green paisley bikini by Relika
  • Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour
  • Skin and hair (normal):  GemCorp Wendy

You can see four additional photos of the bikini at my Flickr photo stream.

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