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NWN: Linden Lab’s Concurrency Map to Be Made Available to Residents in Future

Mercy, today seems to be a big day for news.  New World Notes reports that the lovely animated globe map Hamlet Au saw while visiting Linden Lab’s offices back in June, a map that reports concurrency of users, is being worked on for availability to Residents.  Rod Humble mentioned this to Daniel Voyager, according to Ham’s article.

Speculation on my part:  I wonder if this will replace the concurrency statistics that were originally on the viewer’s splash page, before the current change made to it in the most recent update, but are no longer there?

New World Notes: Linden Lab Announces New CEO: Electronic Arts Executive and Game Developer Rod Humble

New World Notes: Linden Lab Announces New CEO: Electronic Arts Executive and Game Developer Rod Humble

This is an interesting move on Linden Lab’s part, as well as one that may fan the flames on whether Second Life is a game world, a business tool, or an alternate universe for us to build and explore.  (The answer to that question is, of course, “Yes.”)  I don’t have much more to say about this for now, as we don’t even know which way development will go under Humble’s leadership.  We don’t even know what his in-world handle will be for sure, although it’s not difficult to make a few educated guesses.  Ham Au in his article above thinks that this is a good move, and that it signifies that SL is finally being seen as primarily a game by the Lindens.  Time will tell on this, of course.

What I can say is that, after l’affaire Kingdon last year, there will be a lot of people watching him very closely, and with very open mouths. I intend to give Rod the benefit of the doubt, as long as he doesn’t make such changes in the concept that force us to treat Second Life purely as a game.  That is not what I came into this world for over three years ago now.  I want the ability to just go my way, take my photos, write my articles, and not worry about needing to accumulate experience points.  If that was what I was after, I’d be playing Dungeons and Dragons or GURPS.


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