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Contact Sheet 66 — Teej

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Walk in love
Copyright 2019 by Teej — all rights reserved

The title of this photo is Walk in love, and Teej does a great job, with what she shows and what she implies here. Someone is coming, and we are left wondering who the person is. But Teej is certainly ready for them.

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All the poets I’ve ever read
say lovers, old or new, must meet
in fields of green grass or new-mown hay
places blowing with wildflowers
and warm with sunshine


But you don’t find places like that everywhere and when
You can’t meet your lover in a field of poppies and daisies
when you’re in Michigan in the winter
Two may plight their troth ‘neath an arch of roses
but never in December northlands

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Secrets Shared In the Dark (Updated)

Secrets Shared In the Dark

It must be the complete exotic beauty of Majalis al Jinn, a Mogul-themed adult region, that’s attracting me.  I’m still exploring it, and probably will be for a few days unless something really steals my attention away.  But it presents great possibilities for Conan and me to work together, wrapped around a concept crossing between science fiction and purest fantasy.

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Posted December 4, 2015 by Harper Ganesvoort in Arts, Photographs

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Filling In for the Absent…. (updated March 19, 2008)

(Originally posted March 5)

The other night, I was at Frank’s Place, and I was commiserating with one of the other habitués about how there was always a dearth of men on hand who were interested in dancing. Jaidyn, the manager of the club, overheard us, grinned at me, and then sent out a group message:

Harper Ganesvoort: If I wasn’t writing a blog article in the background here, I’d pull on a male skin and offer to take up the slack.

Gentlemen! If that’s not an invitation to come to Frank’s for the ladies, I don’t know what is! Please come and keep our beautiful ladies company with a dance and a laugh. You’ll find no more beauty anywhere on SL. ~smile~ See you soon!

That was a quote, incidentally (grin). And I do have a male avatar or two that I pull out when I’m in the mood to — just see toward the bottom of my About page.

But it does seem the case that the male avatars often aren’t interested in romantic dancing, even at clubs that are founded for just such a purpose. Why is that? Are men just not wired that way often, just not as interested in the romance of romance, if you understand what I mean? If nothing else, remember that dancing is a great way to meet people, fellas — and you might just meet someone that you’ll be truly interested in [1].

Until then, if it comes to it, I might yet consider filling in occasionally. But I’d rather be dancing in the avatar I consider me, and with a partner of the opposite affiliation.

UPDATE: March 19

Kit Meredith just put up a long post on a closely related topic — a surprising one, too, considering the reputation Second Life has as a den of iniquity in some circles. Very much worth the read. It’s got a giggle or two in it, but it’s also quite curious.


[1] Oh, dear, I just realized. That’s starting to approach quite close to the Word of Anathema — “commitment.”


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