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Contact Sheet 50 — Skip Staheli / Carilynn OHare

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The Miss Virtual World Pageant has become a fixture of the Second Life scene — a series of events where some of the most beautiful avatars of the Grid get to show off their design “genes” in an opportunity for fame and very real (virtual) fortune.  Almost every national representative over the years has been a strong contender; but the women from Ireland have always ranked high, especially in the “national costume” category.  Variegated shades of green, and designs based on the rich traditions of Irish nature and culture, have been the basis of these costumes, which are often snapped up at designers following the competition for many thousands of lindens afterwards.

Carilynn OHare began the tradition of asking Enzo Champagne to design the costume for the Irish contestant in 2011, when her original choice of designer had difficulties in delivering on the concept she wanted to portray.  Enzo stepped up to the plate with a week to go before pageant night, and came through with one of the best pieces seen that year.  Saleena Hax called on Enzo in 2012, and Sessie Resident for the 2013 event’s Irish costume.  Enzo has met the challenge every year, and for other contestants as well.  To thank him for his efforts, Carilynn got together with Saleena and Sessie, and commissioned Skip Staheli to create a lovely gift photograph of the three together.

Copyright 2013 by Skip Staheli; all rights reserved.  Click through for the original, as well as size options.

Copyright 2013 by Skip Staheli; all rights reserved. Click through for the original, as well as size options.


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