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Berry’s Monday Meme — Then and Now

Writing from Orlando, Florida:

Meme Time again — fear and tremble, all ye mortals!

No, not really; Berry Singh actually comes up with some interesting things, and each one gives us blog fodder to keep these voracious pages filled.  This week’s Monday Meme gives us a chance to look back for a time, something we should do every once in a while to remember where we came from.  Simply take two pictures from your blog — one from the earliest articles you’ve written, and one from recently, and let’s see how much times have changed for you.  Preferably the first and most recent photo of you, it should be noted, but, as you’ll see below, I had to be a little more flexible.

Nadirra, by Ginny Talamasca

Milena by Ginny Talamasca

For me, finding a few early photos wasn’t difficult — it was choosing one I’d like to show you!  Lord, I was rough back then, still learning the craft (of which I am by no means a perfect mistress yet).  And also getting a decent face shot!  So I’m including two from the early days, both of me in Ginny Talamasca gowns that were favorites for a time.  I wasn’t taking closeups very often back then, until my first Hair Fair.  Knowing how far we’ve come since those early days of system shirts and flexi prims and “photo-realistic” skins, well, (shudder, grin).

My Oscar Gown 5

And so here we are today (from my OFPC “final update” gown).  It looked pretty good back then; but oh, how it looks today!  So many changes and improvements have come along, some of which everyone said Predicted the Imminent Death of Second Life.  And yet here we are, more than ten years down the road for the Grid and approaching eight for me personally.  Where’s it gonna go from here?

(Note to Berry and others:  I’ll do a proper side-by-side once I get home and get a few minutes.  Right now, I’m without all my tools, or the ability to use them well if I added them to this laptop.)

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Over 100,000 Views!

100,000 visits!!!

By what I’m figuring from my statistics, I passed 100,000 visits either Thursday or Friday.  That is good performance by this blog over over 4 1/4 years, and I thank everyone who’s stopped by to check me out, or to stay and read for a while.  I hope you’ll keep coming back.

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Around the Grid In Top 200 SL Blogs

Time for a little — this time deserved, I hope — horn-tooting.  I picked up a tweet a short time ago from Dusan Writer, retweeting a Gwyneth Llewelyn blog article on yet another article, this one written by ArminasX Saiman at Second Effects.  Armin embarked on a Project recently, which he has since revised:  to compile a list of the top blogs focusing on Second Life.

To create the list, he extracted the Technorati ranking of over 1,800 blogs, correcting for Technorati’s notoriously variable system.  Read Armin’s article for all the details; but at the bottom, he appended his ranked list of over 500 SL Blogs.  Many of the well-known blogs are on the list, of course:  the Big Blog, Massively, New World Notes, Torley Lives, Vint Falken, Gwyn’s Blog itself (yeh, Gwyn!), Designing Nicky Ree, It’s Only Fashion (yeh, Cajsa and Gidge!), etc., etc.

And among all these, Around the Grid is also on the list, at #103.

Armin himself admits that his list may still be full of errors, and that blogs come and go constantly.  But this makes me feel a whole lot better about the numbers I get from WordPress, aside from that silly belch of traffic the other day.  I’m both proud and humble that I’ve made it to this (apparant) level of readership, and it gives me fresh determination to give you factual, accurate news, intelligent and clear opinion where justified, and other pieces that entertain and inform you about the lifestyle we all share on the Grid.  Thanks to you all for reading me, and please keep coming back!

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Doing Some Guest-blogging

Gidge of Vicious Studios has asked me to do some guest-writing over there for a while while the Studio is busy with projects. I’ll be mainly doing cross-posts from Around the Grid, but their blog is still worth a visit. (How do I know? Easy; I’ve blogrolled them [grin].)

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Where Have All the Groupies Gone…?

…long time passing?  Where have all the groupies gone —

(Someone sneaks up behind me and slaps me with a large fish.)

Okay, I get the message….

I was scrolling through Google Groups this morning, looking for other groups with a Second Life theme to see if there were any interesting ones to join.  The interesting thing is, out of some 240 listed groups, most of them had less than 10 members.  Heck, most of them had less than five members, and a lot were lucky to have two members.  Only four or five groups had a substantial amount of members, including SL Bloggers, which I’m already a member of.

For a band of people devoted to social interaction and information sharing, we sure don’t seem to be joiners.  Or is it simply that other venues have absorbed all the interest, such as the Lindens’ own Forum, blogs, the in-world groups, or other locations like Yahoo Groups?  Can anyone offer enlightenment?

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Discovering the Diversity of Second Life Blogs

As I’m building this blog, and finding additional links to add to my blogroll, I’m discovering that certain areas and subjects have strong followings all their own. Fashion is one of these, not surprisingly; and a separate page might be devoted to SLURLs of stores and boutiques in the future.

Another popular subject for SL blogs: the themed role-playing zones. All of SL is a form of role-playing, of course (though it rarely feels like it!); but the themed zones are something special. The oldtimers, as well as anyone who’s done their research, will know of some of the most popular out of hand: the Gorean sims (which I have little or no intention of exploring), the Elven hames (which I have explored, and will report on in the future!), and the Avilion cluster. What takes me by surprise is the set of blogs devoted to the Independent State of Caledon — that set of regions that recreate Victorian England and Europe, with a strong steampunk flavor attached. I’ve discovered two blogs on my own by searching through Technorati tags, and their own blogrolls do nothing but offer more.

I’ll probably end up devoting another page just to Caledon, since the concept appeals to me greatly. And this brings to mind a concept I’ve worked on with another subgroup of bloggers: creating an interconnected, themed blog directory. I have yet to discover — at least to date — a directory or sticker devoted to Second Life bloggers (aside from the Google Group for SL blog writers, and that’s a discussion forum). Yet another static page on this blog may become devoted to creating such a directory. Watch this space for more information.

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