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In the eternal quest for Domination of the Blogosphere, Around the Grid offers a variety of share buttons at the bottom of each article that will place the piece on some of the many social networks available, from Twitter to Google+, to That Which Shall Not Be Named (but it’s big and blue and people spend more time playing Farmville and Cafe World than reading entries).  And now, I’ve included a button for the new kid on the block, Pinterest.  Starting today, it’s easy to pin any of my articles up on one of your Pinterest boards, even if you don’t use the bookmarklet thoughtfully provided by the company itself.  You get to show off your interest in Around the Grid, and I get a little ego-boo and free publicity.

Pin away, people.  I’ll love you for it.  I’ll even kiss you for it.

Posted March 29, 2012 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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Harper Seeks Brutal Pupils (For an Online Game)

Like many of the Second Lifers who chat with each other in Plurk, I’ve become fascinated with the game called Brute.  Why does a peace-loving type like me enjoy seeing a tiny avatar of myself pound on opponents in an arena?  Don’t ask me; I just do!

If you’re curious, follow this link, join up (it’s free), and become a pupil in my dojo.  I am always open to new students, grasshopper….

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