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Doing a Favor for a Friend

Does anyone need a good-sized store?  Not my store, Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs, but my neighbor’s store.  Attend….

My store’s landlord, Tegg Bode of Austech Rentals, has a large anchor store (8,892 m2) that he needs to get rented out soon.  The previous tenant appears to have decamped, and this store was Tegg’s main source of rental revenue in his shopping center (Desire region on the Mainland).  He hasn’t thrown out the old tenant’s stuff yet, but the rent box is open for the taking, and I’d like to see Tegg’s space filled; not just because that will keep my current store in place, but because Tegg has always helped me, rebuilt my older stores in the same mall, and is an all-around good egg (even if he goes around as a steel kangaroo).  If anyone’s interested, the rent box says it’s 2 weeks/L$15,000, with 3918 prims.

Posted August 2, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Business

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