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For Dani Plassitz




We at Around the Grid just picked up the news of Dani Plassitz’ sudden death on December 15.  While not a friend, I admired Dani’s dressmaking skill many times, and her abilities as a singer and performer are also well known to many in Second Life.  Her many friends will miss her, and I hope you will join us in praying for her and her family at this time — an especially hard time to lose a loved one.

Both dresses by Dani

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Waiting…. (Republished with revisions)

Publisher’s note:  As you may know, I originally published this poem, written by me, in September 2011.  Recently, though, I’ve wanted to polish it up a little and take new, less muddy photos to compliment it.  This is my new effort, and I offer it to you, along with a brand-new framing story, for your consideration.  More speech on the details and other aspects afterward….

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Hauling Out the Old — What a Morning!

What a morning 1

Yeesh1, what a morning this was!!!  It felt like it took me a century to find somewhere to pose; and, frankly, I found this location by fumbling my way to it.  The nice thing is that I haven’t been to the Cheeky Tiramisu Café since New Year’s a few years ago, so I haven’t done it very much.  But, once I pronounced it satisfactory for a second visit, I decided to flop down for a rest before getting to work.

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It’s Just Genealogy

“I trace my family history so I’ll know who to blame….”

Just Genealogy 1

In going with the theme of this article, I’m shooting these photos at the lot owned by the Second Life group, Just Genealogy, which assists members with suggestions and training on how to obtain needed information for their family history research.  This brand-new “romper” from Styles by Danielle is perfect for a hot summer day in Second Life. It comes in a selection of colors; I’m wearing the Prussian blue, fitting for someone of German descent (grin).

My husband comes from a long line of Southern professionals — accountants, engineers, physicians, even a very prominent pharmacist in a regional city.  As for me, it looks as if I come from a long line of — immigrant German farmers.  I believe they came in via Pennsylvania, and worked their way across that very large state — I used to live there — into Ohio, and from there up into Michigan.  (There’s no evidence yet that any of them fought on either side in the Toledo War; if so, I hope they fought on the Michigan side [grin].)

How do I know these things?  Through genealogy, the study of family history stretching back through the generations.  Almost everyone wonders at one point or another, “Where do I really come from?  Who was before me, and what kind of people were they like?”  Genealogy is the study that aids you in filling in the information, through rigorous science and technique.

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R is for — Rebel Hope

R is for Rebel Hope

Rebel Hope has been on the Grid as long as I can remember, and I’ve been stopping in more and more over the past year.  I picked up this gown, Lola, for the — intriguing — halter top covered with stars; and I match it here with similarly decorated pumps from Danielle.  (It’s red, too — another R!)

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Baja Sunset

Baja Sunset 1 blog

The OFPC might be over for another year, but I’m still scrambling to get back into stride here at Around the Grid, what with various RL things going on; I seem to be on the road quite a bit lately, so that my usual times for writing are getting eaten up.  So it was delightful to get a few minutes to jump over to Dani Plassitz’ store, Styles by Danielle, and pick up a few beautiful things to do a photo shoot. 

Another photo and the details follow the break.

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2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Acquires Sponsors

Danielle logo   Sascha's logo

Around the Grid is proud to announce that we are now partnered with two of the name clothing designers of Second Life, to provide additional prizes for this year’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest.

Sascha’s Designs, of course, is the brand created by Sascha Frangilli, and is well known for its dozens of gowns available in a myriad of configurations and skirt sizes.  You can find a dress from a mini to the largest of ball skirts at Sascha’s, and her creativity goes on and on.

Styles by Danielle, founded by designer and singer Dani Plassitz, has been growing in reputation since about 2009, with both formal and casual wear, and costumes that show a wonderful flair, daring design, and great imagination.  I’ve worn some of her costumes in past articles; my favorite is here:  “Lynxa, Daughter of La.”

With the addition of these sponsors, the prize pool now stands at:

  • 1st Place — L$2,500 cash + L$1,500 in gift certificates
  • 2nd Place — L2,000 cash + L$1,000 in gift certificates
  • 3rd Place — L$1,000 cash + L$1,000 in gift certificates
  • The 4 honorable mentions remain unchanged:  L$250 each.

Remember to read the rules at the original article, and enter soon!


New Year’s Gown 2013

New Year's Gown 1

I didn’t get out and about on New Year’s Eve as I’d planned; but, if I had, this gown named Christabel from Styles by Danielle would have been my choice.  A daring show of leg, frosted bodice and matching pumps make it a confection well worth the investment.

You can see more after the break

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