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Tutorial On Tattoo Makeup — Exotic/Glam/Fantasy

Last night (or early this morning), I went over for new avatars (and any old hands who are interested in a refresher) how to get a good casual/daytime look for your avatar, especially around the eyes, with tattoo makeup.  This time, I’m taking on something more intense…yet the concepts and techniques are essentially the same.

Tattoo-layer makeup and attachment “stacking” are as important a tool as a good outfit, mesh or flexi or system, in achieving what you want to look like for any situation; the glorious variety of eyeshadows and lipsticks now available from in-world designers allow a Resident to create thousands of different facial looks with a little work and shopping.  The quarterly Cosmetics Fair (going on now) offers a good place to start investing in your own makeup kit, and will give you as much versatility in your appearance as a shopping spree at a hairstylist.

(N. B., July 2015:  Remember, as I noted in the previous article, not everything I use here may be available now.  It’s up to you to know your “makeup table,” what you have on hand that can achieve the looks you desire.  There are usually other items out there that can fill in for something I use here that may no longer be out for sale, and they can be found with a little persistence or patience.) 

And so, down to it….

The tutorial continues after the break.

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Tutorial On Tattoo Makeup — Daytime

Time for a bit of a tutorial here.  “Old hands” may not particularly need a refresher; but I actually encountered an established Resident the other day who complimented me on my makeup choices, and then said that she could never figure out how to do eyeshadow the way she liked.  So some older Residents may want to take a look at this as well.  It’s also an appropriate time to take a glance at makeup, since this quarter’s MONS Cosmetic Fair is running.  I’ve taken a turn through — getting new eyeshadow tattoos and lipstick and nails for SLink hands is almost as much fun as extreme hair at Hair Fair — and it pays to know how to use those tattoos to the best effect.

I’m going to do two different looks:  a form for casual or semi-casual occasions, and another for something much more exotic, more like a costume event, or a Sixties-style modeling session with Veruschka or Edie Sedgwick in front of the lens.  In both cases, my skin is Faith (sunkissed, nude lips) by PXL’s Hart Larsson, which is my standard day-to-day skin.  The nude lips have the advantage of less interference with lipstick if you’ve picked up a lip tattoo that doesn’t cover the entire lip line; but sometimes having pre-dyed lips below a small tattoo can give an interesting grace note to the look.  Lipstick, though, can be left for the end of the session.

Keep in mind that the products I use may have been available in the past, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’re on hand now.  I like to use lots of old standbys that have worked for a long time, though I may juggle the palette around at times for different colors, depending on my hair and clothes.  Once you start building a makeup collection, you’ll probably accumulate a batch of goodies that become your “go-to” products as well.

The tutorial begins after the break.

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