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Guardian of the Glade

Summoned from the waters of the sacred spring, the Guardian watches over the Glade of the Goddess, fending off those who would profane the holy shrine with their violence ….

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SL Hallowe’en — Olympian Oracle

Far-seeing Sybil, forever hidden,
Come out of your cave at last
And speak to us in the poet’s voice
the voice of the fourth person singular
the voice of the inscrutable future
the voice of the people mixed
with a wild soft laughter–
And give us new dreams to dream,
Give us new myths to live by!

From “To the Oracle at Delphi”
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I Am Imix, Primal Mother.
Still, dark womb of the patterned potential of becoming,
sacred, interstellar genesis, I Am.
Nourishing, fertile abyss, I birth you.
Benevolent, my mighty cauldron of primal waters,
enveloping the living seed.
Eternal is my embrace.

From “Imix”
Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner


The details:

Standard shape/skin combo Type 5, except: SG Fashion Yarosh skin, coffee tone, Melon Jam makeup (Kauri Darkstone)

  • Nails: Skin Within (Gilded) (Ayesha Bisiani)
  • Gown: Aeclectic Goddess Sun Goddess costume (something that’s been sitting in the depths of my Inventory, unpacked, for maybe a year; I’m glad I found this!) (Elisandra Ree)
  • Shoes: House of Nyla Golden Empress mules (not available separately; purchase as part of the package with Nyla Cheeky’s Red Dragon corset gown)
  • Hair, jewelry, staff: Tekeli-li Inanna (all scripted; and be prepared for max lag if you dare to wear all of these!  You can mod the pieces, though, so you can shut off the scripts once you have the colors set as you wish.)  (Tekelili Tantalus)

Dark shots were made with Euphoria realm WindLight setting; this may be available standard on the current release of Emerald Viewer.  Face lit with FaceFX face light.

I photographed this spread at the Temple of Zeus in Virtual Olympia, a remarkable sim which is part of a complex of Periclean Greece sims set up for combat systems.  The temple, including its recreation of the famous statue of Zeus from the temple at RL Olympia, a work of art now lost to the world, was built by Qeux Serge over two months of work, according to Socrates Dionysus, my contact.  Be sure to stop by and look at the region; but remember to observe the rules of the sim, and keep in mind that these regions are combat enabled.  That may be forbidden in Olympia, but be aware of the possibility.

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Scripted SL Hair by Tekeli-li

When most Residents think of “scripted” prim hair, they probably have in mind wigs that they cannot move the prims on themselves, but can shift the fit using LSL and “blue box” control buttons.  Some content creators stand by these, because it makes the wig hard to copy and resell as your own piece; the Residents I’ve talked to, though, are not thrilled by this facet.  They prefer to copy the hair and make micro-adjustments themselves to the individual prims.

But there’s another kind of scripted hair, which allows changes to other aspects besides shaping; and that’s what Tekelili Tantalus, owner of the Tekeli-li role-playing costume stores, has come up with.  Tek carries a number of styles which are intricately coiffed, and contain scripts that change hair color, and the colors/textures/lights of the hardware you’re wearing in the hair as well.  And the combinations he has come up with are stunning.  The inspirations are mainly from fantasy, but with dashes of science fiction thrown in here and there.  Tek even adds in a few jewelry sets that echo the theme of the hairstyle — and they’re scripted, too, for the same versatility.

This article will be large, with lots of pictures, combining the hair with various dresses and costumes; so I’m breaking it here, aside from one teaser.  If you’re interested in seeing more, “turn the page” and check out the photos I’ve put in.  (You can also see them on my Flickr stream.)

So, here’s the teaser; see what you think….

Juno, just one of the styles available!

Juno, just one of the styles available!

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