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Come Celebrate Berlin’s 6th Anniversary

Just a part of the city; you'll want to explore!

Just a part of the city; you’ll want to explore!

The 1920s Berlin Project, that is.  “Frau” Jo Yardley founded the Project back in 2009, and it’s done little but get bigger and better and richer ever since.  They even hold a riot once a year — a re-enactment of the May 1929 political riot that pretty much closed the streets of RL Berlin for three days.  Weekly tea dances and tango sessions, and even a very infamous cabaret offer entertainment, and classes are held on various topics at various times.

Jo and the “permanent” Residents of the Project are planning six days of celebration, and the public is invited.  You can find out the schedule, and get a SLurl, at Jo’s blog.  If you have not been there before, please note that this region operates under a set dress code:  1920s dress for both men and women, no Nazi uniforms or insignia allowed, and they do encourage a more realistically-sized avatar.  (I’d suggest you grab a free copy of the Realistically Proportioned Avatar near the entrance to the Project.)  Take the train to the Alexanderplatz Bahnhof, and after that join in the celebrations, or walk about and discover things at your leisure.  You may be interested in the afternoon coffee hour at Der Keller, which is a little hidey-hole of a bar and biergarten down in the “bad side of town.”  (It’s hard to find, so follow these directions:  from the Unter den Linden, facing the Brandenburg Gate, turn right onto the street running beside the Babylon Cinema and the Automaten.  Follow this until you get to the bakery, then go down the short alley to its left, and down the ramp to the next street.  Walk under the wooden frame; look right and down and you’ll find the door to Der Keller Tanzlokal.  The coffee hour, with streamed period music, starts around 2:00 SLT.)


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A German Machinima with a Christmas Theme

An excellent and seasonal piece to go with the season — I encourage you to read the whole article and watch the machinima’s first episode. As Jo says at the end of her piece, “Frohe Weihnachten!”

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Well known artist Ole Etzel, who was the subject of an excellent ‘Drax Files’ episode, moved in to a small dirty damp apartment in our 1920s Berlin sim and created a wonderful machinima in the dark streets and alleyways.

‘A German Tale’ tells us the story of an old man looking back at his childhood in Berlin.

I’m extremely excited with the end result and proud that Ole picked the city I build for this production.

In RL I’ve been to Filmschool, owned a tv/movie production company and have been a writer and director and I’m very impressed with this video, it makes me wish I had the time to start making machinima myself.

I started the 1920s Berlin Project because of my passion for history and saw in Second Life a way to share and even contaminate people from all over the world with this love for the past…

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CNN iReport Features Well-Known Second Life Region

Train to Alexanderplatz -- next stop, Berlin 1924. Please be dressed right for your arrival!

CNN’s Web site carried an iReport on September 24 with a good, in-depth tour of the 1920s Berlin Project, the recreation of Weimar Berlin in a sim.  The group has found the wherewithal to acquire their own sim now, which gives proprietress Jo Yardley much more room to work in.  If you haven’t experienced this loving recreation of a past world, I’d encourage you to hit the SLurl, pick up some walking clothes from the freebie vendors or the stores surrounding the Teleportplatz, and take the train into the city.  (It is also suggested that you reduce your avatar’s height to a more normal level than most avatars stand at, if you can edit your shape.)  As the story relates, among the high points of the build are the only full-size recreation of the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) in Second Life 1, correctly positioned at the end of the Unter den Linden; and, of course, Der Kellar, the Project’s fabulous nightclub.

1 The picture I published recently of me in Berlin (on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall) was in a different sim, not the Project.  The giveaway to that is that I’m wearing modern clothes in the picture.

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1920 Berlin Photo Series on Flickr

I’ve just put up a photo spread I took recently when I visited the 1920s Berlin Project:  13 black-and-white images around the area, in their Kellar Club, and a little bit of fashion.  (You’ll see some of these in my Flickr bar to the right of the articles.)  Go here for the entire set.

Teleport to The 1920s Berlin Project.

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